First: Celine Dion…hairy legs. We know your Canadian/French, but not when you’re in the public spotlight. And not in a full on mini! AT A CONCERT!! YOU WANT WORLD DOMINATION?? NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! FIRST: Ladies, do not do this, you will not get record deals, this is NO inspiration! SECOND: many (girl)friends of mine have their “stubble days” which is fine: WITH JEANS OR FLOOR LENGTH SKIRT ONLY. This is not a revolution, this is not Woodstock 2….!
Men: Hairy backs… Its no ones fault, you didn’t ask for this, it was given to you as a (curse) blessing from (your parents) God. There are always some straggler hairs, some random place on your back… but no girl wants to run her hands thru your back hair, only your head hair! Many guys of certain ethnicities deal with this problem, BUT THEY HANDLE WITH: SHAVING! TRIMMING! WAXING! and above all for those who can afford: LASER AWAY !!!!!!! so that means: NO MORE EXCUSES!!!!


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