OK..REALLY? STILL??????? Is this Still happening? I remember the 90’s fashion of baggy pants, but LOOK AT THIS STILL GOING ON!!! This look is NOT “COOL”. IT IS UNCULTURED, UGLY, DISRESPECTFUL, & TACKY. This is EMBARRASSING. Now I’m going to touch on something that could be touchy, but it is not, so READ CAREFULLY: This look may be defined and accepted and considered “fashionable” by certain races, cultures, upbringings etc,… where it is normal for this to be the ongoing and current trend. THEREFORE, I am showing 2 PICTURES: BOTH INDIVIDUALS ARE DIFFERENT AGE, DIFFERENT RACE, AND DIFFERENT GEOGRAPHIC LOCATIONS.
THAT MEANS THIS IS A FASHION DON’T THAT IS STILL EXISTING ACROSS THE STATES!!!! AUUUUGGGGHH!!! I know fads come and go, that everything “comes full circle”, whether it be bell bottoms or skinnies, platforms or flats.. this is NOT FASHIONABLE, NOR IS IT COOL. SO PLEASE MY YOUNG KIDDIES: i know “imitation is the most sincere form of flattery”, but DON’T IMITATE THIS STYLE!!!!


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