This is NOT appropriate. This reminds me of a Jeff Foxworthy joke i heard a long time ago: “you might be a redneck if… you see a sign that says SAY NO TO CRACK and it reminds you to PULL UP YOUR PANTS”!
Well, this guy is no redneck, seeing as he is in Los Angeles, but once again, where do i see these atrocities? In a STARBUCKS!!!

So about this guy: i don’t care if its your day off, way to early for you to be up, or u just don’t care, but lemme say: WE CARE.
When this is the first thing i see in the morning, haven’t had my coffee, and am forced to see this…. it starts my day off with my stomach curdling… blugh!

Now this goes for EVERYONE! you can be skinny, tall, short, fat, any race or gender: showing your ass crack is not sexy, not cool,
and not attractive. BECAUSE this guy is overweight AND hairy, his points against him have doubled.
PLEASE people, when you feel a coolness on your back, or a slight breeze down there, REALIZE YOUR SHIRT IS NOT COVERING YOUR LOWER BACK, AND YOUR ASS IS HANGING OUT, AND PULL UP YOUR PANTS. GROSS!!! CRACK IS WHACK!!!! (thanx Whitney)


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