EATING + SHOPPING = NO!!!!!!!!!!!!

WHO EATS AND SHOPS AT THE SAME TIME?!?! NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!! These 2 guys were spotted EATING FROZEN YOGURT WITH SPOONS while in a store TOUCHING MERCHANDISE WITH THEIR DISGUSTING STICKY FINGERS!!!!!! You don’t do that! EAT UR FOOD OUTSIDE!!! And who walks around eating anyway?!?!? THE ONLY TIME ITS ACCEPTABLE: AT A COUNTY FAIR (WITH ALL THE OTHER ANIMALS), AN ICE CREAM CONE, (OUTSIDE IN A PARK OR SOMETHING!) or a HOTDOG/PRETZEL IN NEW YORK CITY!!!! OTHERWISE, SIT DOWN!!!!! its disgusting, drips everywhere, a sticky mess, then it gets on clothes, wiping their hands on their clothing, then asking to throw it away in the stores garbage?? NO SLOBS: THROW IT AWAY OUTSIDE! WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMING TO? DOES ANYONE OUT THERE HAVE ANY MANNERS OR TACT LEFT?

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