This is NOT okay, this is UNHYGIENIC! I am in a bakery in the morning and in walks COUSIN IT from the ADDAMS FAMILY!!!! There is no reason to have your hair DOWN TO YOUR ASS… it is not ATTRACTIVE, you look CRAZY.
When the person next to me says, “eww, you know that hits the back of the toilet seat..” THAT DOES IT! I lost my appetite for a great coffee, and had to envision that hair during everyday situations…. eating, (imaging finding THAT strand in your food) a pool,( all wet, wrapping around your face), SEX! ( seriously, it would be like “The Ring” movie…. can you imagine seeing that coming at you in the dark?!?!?!?!? AUUUGHGH!!! God, the poor hairstylist ( if there even is one)…
You are not BLACK BEAUTY THE HORSE, u are a human!
The only thing i can say to be positive: CUT THAT OFF AND DONATE TO LOCKS OF LOVE!!!!


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