So it seems that STARBUCKS is the place to go if ur a SLOB, a horrible dresser, have NO CLASS, and just plain DISGUST ME. It’s not Starbucks fault, it’s just that they’re so mainstream and affordable and on EVERY CORNER so that ANYONE can go. I prefer little neighborhood bakery/coffeehouse businesses: small, quaint, friendly; and it supports our community.

WHEN I GO INTO A COFFEE ESTABLISHMENT, AND I SEE GRANDPA LOUNGING LIKE A F******** SLOB ON THE CHAIR FIRST THING IN THE MORNING, it DISGUSTS ME. WTF is wrong with you?? WHERE R UR MANNERS??? (And think about any offspring this man has!! What do you think they behave like; or if they have manners and proper etiquette? Probably not, and if they exist, should be living in a ZOO!!) WHO LIED TO YOU MR, and told you it was ok to represent yourself like this??????? I would be embarrassed as all hell if this was my father or grandfather; newspapers on the floor, under the chair, one leg up, CROTCH SPREAD WIDE OPEN???? SICKENS ME…. CLOSE YOUR F******* LEGS and SIT UP OLD MAN! (and he was probably in 50’s). My dad is pushing 70, and he’s not sitting like an AMOEBA somewhere!!!!!

It took every sleepy fiber in my body to resist going over to him, and telling him what i just shared with you!! Thank GOD i don’t work there, i would have kicked his ass out: NO SLOBS!!


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