LEGGINGS & SKIRTS…A Prairie Home Companion??

Alright Ladies… I wanna know why… If your going to wear a long skirt, why wear leggings? If your legs are cold, WEAR PANTS! Leggings alone are iffy… (on long slim legs with a little top, cropped jacket, high heels: GREAT). Even the new “jeggings” (jean leggings) are hot…but NOT on LARGER BODY TYPES. PLEASE. THANK YOU. I get that you want to be comfy, but pick one or the other; u look stupid. “like omg, i dont know what to wear, so i’m gonna throw all these things on!” and don’t say either, “well, its colder in the morning, and i can take leggings off later when its warm”. That is dumb. Guys dont wear shorts over jeans!!
Remember when Jennifer Aniston wore Babydoll dresses over jeans? it was cool for a Hot Minute… but then it was GONE IN SIXTY SECONDS!! So, I beg of you…unless you’re a 2 yr old in ballet class, no legging/prairie skirt combos..(and no prairie skirts either! This isn’t Lillith Fair!)
Oh, and ps: if ur gonna do flats (ugh) do FLATS: not these CHUNKY UGLIES.


One response to “LEGGINGS & SKIRTS…A Prairie Home Companion??

  1. Leggings are not pants or jeans!! So don’t compare apples to oranges.

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