Ladies (and gents).. don’t let this happen to you. I know there are many jobs and lifestyle choices, daily routines etc that prevent u from looking perfect at all times, it IS normal. HOWEVER…. if you are going to be wearing open-toe ANYTHING, you MUST HAVE A PEDICURE!!!! (cuz there’s nothing like looking at a pair of ugly nails at the dinner table on a date, or perched up on the couch with that “special someone”, and seeing them in ur face!) If you choose a color, please be classy: french, pinks and creams, red; my favorite on girls: black or blood-red/almost-black, like Demi Moore here:

…or even for summer, something fun; like white, or gold! (For metallics: check out MINX nails).

May I ALSO RECOMMEND you get the proper length: NO EAGLE TALONS!!! CUT YOUR DAMN TOES!! Sometimes I SWEAR i see girls with ACRYLICS on their toes…. (WTF).


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