I JUST CANT. DEAL . EVER… This lovely invention STILL horrifies me from, what year now, 94??? Kids used to rock these on the playground, in “cool” colors and patterns, and i just HAD to have them too… i think i did for a year or 2… i was also IN 6th and 7th GRADE!!!!!!! WHY HAVENT THEY DIED YET???!?!?!!?!? ARENT FADS SUPPOSED TO GO AWAY!!!!!??? This is like BIRKENSTOCKS: GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!!

I spotted these 2 ladies in a Hawaii coffee/ice creme store, and literally lost any and all appetite i was feeling…. GROSS. As u know, i already HATE FEET. TEVAS SHOW OFF FEET! (If they were Jimmy Choo Pumps, then i like feet).

Yes, i KNOW these ladies are on vacation, and they probably ARE going hiking…. BUT WEAR HIKING SHOES!!!!! Sandals, flip flops are for the beach, pool, running errands, etc… BUT THERE R NOOOO EXCUSES FOR TEVAS! THEY ARE NOT EVEN ATTRACTIVE!!!! They make your feet look like Dinosaur claws!!!!!! YOUR EAGLE TALONS!!!! WHERE IS THE FEMININITY HERE?!?!?!?



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