First off: what kind of parents did you not have?? Did you not clean your room? And even if you had a housekeeper everyday of your life; if you are old enough to shop, then you’re old enough to know better!!!!!!

Most people, for their first job, go 2 different directions: retail, or waiting (tables). After a couple months, and, if they stay, realize the hard work and tolerance you have to put up with in their job. Dealing with rude people and attitudes makes you realize that when YOU’RE on the other side of the picture, to me a little more mindful.  Being in the clothing industry myself, and 13 years of it, makes me understand the importance of an educated and mindful shopper.

When I bring clothing into a fitting room, I try on one thing at a time, unless its a complete outfit choosing. When I’m finished trying on a piece, I PUT IT BACK ON THE HANGER. I don’t want to be in the presence of sloppiness, stepping on clothes as I’m trying them on…. would I want to buy a shirt I knew had been on the ground, stepped on by shoes and dirty, smelly feet by some SLOB who doesn’t have a respect for the garment, or other people? NO!!! When I am finished trying on what I bring IN the fitting room, I bring OUT of the fitting room, and hand back to the salesperson, or “go-back rack” that is OH SO CLEVERLY LEFT THERE FOR A PURPOSE!! Now, if you ARE being helped one-on-one with a sales associate, and they’re bringing you things to try, options, etc…. then it is OKAY to leave them in the fitting room when done.

Just DON’T leave NEW clothes that aren’t yours on the FLOOR…  have some respect for the product, (what if those were YOUR designs?), have some respect for the salesperson (what if YOU had to clean up after people all day?), and most importantly: HAVE RESPECT FOR YOURSELF… I mean: Do YOU like knowing you’re a DISRESPECTFUL SLOB??


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