No Shoes, No Shirt, NO SERVICE!!!!!!!!

I’m gonna make this plain an’ simple, just like the title of this posting: NO SHOES, NO SHIRT, NO SERVICE!!!

WTF?!?!?!? i would use So many swear words right now because this DISGUSTS me to no end! WHO F****** does this?? Its one thing to be trying things on in a fitting room, and  if no mirrors provided in that fitting room, to step out and “observe” your outfit/get opinions from your friends. IT’S ANOTHER TO BE SHOPPING SHIRTLESS!!

Taking OFF your shirt in the middle of sales floor?? THATS WHY THERE ARE FITTING ROOMS STUPID!!!!! NO ONE WANTS TO SEE YOUR NAKED A** UGLY BODY!  GOD, this upsets me!!!!

I have seen this more frequently here in LA… for one, it’s not that hot… NO REASON FOR BEING SHIRTLESS. and two: WHO GOES IN A STORE SHIRTLESS, and SHOPS?!?!?!? WWWTTTTFFFFFFFFFFFFF??????

Put UR F******** clothes on, and get The F*** out!

and Ps: WHAT KIND OF STORES ALLOW THIS????? If.. no, WHEN I own my store, a shirtless person won’t even be ALLOWED TO STEP ONE FOOT in my doorway…. and if they’re IN my store shirtless, its because its BY APPOINTMENT ONLY, and I’m doing a FITTING… WITH an A-List PERSON!!!


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