Welcome to the Holy Grail of Fashion: This Gucci ad is IT.

I know, I know,… you’re expecting crazy photos of ugly outfits… but hey, once in a while I see something SO AMAZING, that I have to post GOOD THINGS TOO!

SO THIS IS IT: THIS IS WHAT EVERY WOMAN SHOULD LOOK LIKE WHEN THEY LEAVE THE HOUSE: to go shopping, run errands, lunch with friends, dinner, date, movies…. WHEREVER!!!!!!!


This ad captures the lifestyle EVERY WOMAN SHOULD ASPIRE TO HAVE… because really: YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO BE HER!!!!!

So get to the gym, go to the tanning salon, go to ur hairdresser, and GO SHOPPING! Open up your wallet, and do some damage for yourself… YOU WILL THANK ME LATER!!!!! 🙂


2 responses to “PERFECTION…

  1. I totally agree that all women should look their best when going out but I 100% do not agree that all women need a tan. There is nothing wrong with being pale – being pale is much better then being RED or ORANGE and also much much better then getting skin cancer. What’s the point on having a closet full of amazing clothes and shoes and an amazing body if your stuck in the hospital loosing your hair due to the treatments for your skin cancer!

    Sorry but if I was on that yacht in the with Coco Chanel I would have handed her my bottle of 40 SPF and she would have arrived from her trip looking like her amazingly pale self and the TAN would still be considered a working mans colour! But other then that you’re very very very right! XO

  2. There’s always Mystic (spray!) 🙂

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