Why do pants have belt loops? TO PUT UR BELT IN THEM!!!!

LISTEN UP! I’m all for styling, taking risks, expressing your “fashion style”.  BUT at least DO IT CORRECTLY!!!!!!

I see this all the time, girls, punk rockers, hipsters….  so I’m here to set you all straight. BELT LOOPS ARE FOR PUTTING YOUR BELT THRU THEM, AND HOLDING YOUR PANTS UP!

What’s the F****** point of having them slouched on your hips when there is NO PURPOSE!!!!!

Girls who wear flow-y dresses use wide belts to accentuate the waist… this is OK!!! people who wear JEANS  and have the belts just situated around their hips like a DEFLATED TIRE is NOT OK!

WHY??!?!?! this is a PERFECT “WHOLIEDTOYOU?” MOMENT!!! Who said this was ok???  ask yourself: WHATS THE F’ing point???


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