Where it all started….

So readers, let me tell you why I’m posting this. It’s not like the usual bad photo/ragging on horrendous things I see, I know,… (I have plenty to come). This posting is more like a learning tool. This photo stands for something I’m against: CHEAP ASS PEOPLE! Recently, I saw a late 20 something year old guy looking at a Penguin short sleeve button down. He looked at the price tag, and I heard him say LOUDLY, “$69 for a shirt, and it doesn’t even have FULL SLEEVES?”… ….. …… (SIIIGH) … …. Readers, you have no idea how much disgust, grossness, embarrassment, and hatred I felt at that moment. No one needs to know your either a) broke like the rest of the world, b) a cheap ass, c) f**** loud and rude d) have no class, or e) ALL OF THE ABOVE.

So here’s the story behind this pic: This keychain was the first thing I bought from a Gucci store, and I was 18. I drove down to San Francisco, went in, looked around at that (magical place), and saw this. I said to myself, “I want THAT!” It was something small, in my teenage budget, something I’d use everyday, and a good start for a young guy like myself to start building a relationship with Gucci. Seeing as it was $75.00, I thought, “HELL YEAH!, What a steal! I mean, that cheap for something GUCCI??”  I left that store happier than a pig in s***!!

However, when I got home, my mom and dad were NOT too happy. Who in their right mind spends $75 on a keychain??? Yes, I was 18, so yes, I could spend my money on what I wanted. But they thought it was a frivolous and unnecessary item to own.



And the best part is, I still use it everyday. So, since I’m not a mathematical genius, bear with me: $75, divided by 11 years = $6.80 a year.

HMM. I THINK ITS DEF WORTH THE “INVESTMENT”, seeing as those          $15 “I went to Disneyland!”,  and $10 “Sunny Florida!” you bought every vacation seem to disappear or break after 5 months.

So people: Don’t skimp on the little things in life, and DON’T COMPLAIN ABOUT PRICES!!! IF YOU CAN’T AFFORD IT, YOU’RE IN THE WRONG PLACE: SO SHUT THE F*** UP!!!!

Thanks! 🙂


3 responses to “Where it all started….

  1. oh bryan i love you and your guccci keychain

  2. Jeez, that thing looks diseased and scruffy. Gucci or not, it’s clearly past it’s best. The only thing worse than a person who has no defined taste in aesthetic accessories, and yet is still desperate to own a tiny piece of ugly designer ANYTHING, is a person who spends a shit- load on it anyway and then holds onto it FOREVER even when it looks like they pulled it out of the garbage. Buy a new one, or accept that no-one likes the guy who owns high- end key- rings/ umbrellas/ pens. Wallets and sunglasses are the limit.

    • Dear Chloe,

      Judging by your comment, you did not read the article accompanying the photo. If you had, you would have gotten the message behind it. 1) It is about spending money, being 18, and discovering fashion. 2) $75 is not a (to quote you) “shit-load”.

      However, I don’t think this article (or website) is even for you- you clearly are one of these people who don’t REALLY understand, or live, in the fashion world. You say that “wallets and sunglasses are the limit”. In the fashion world, you would be called a “wannabe, cheap, label showoff”… the people who ONLY buy those 2 items to show off that they bought and own something “designer.”
      The difference between you and I is the fact that you want to show people what you have by buying the 2 cheapest things offered by a designer, and I LIVE my life in designer. Hermes plates, Missoni pillows, Philip Stark lighting…. the list goes on. But I am not saying that to brag or boast; I am merely saying it to tell you that you can live your everyday life surrounded by beautiful things because of an appreciation for a brand, it’s image of life, the quality behind the product, or the love for the designers- who are really, great artists of our time.

      Yet I think that was all too much for you… I don’t think you’re going to be making it to Harrod’s anytime soon.

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