Remember my post not too long ago entitled “Perfection” where I showed the Gucci ad with the model and wrote that “THIS is what EVERY woman should look like!?” Here’s a reminder:

Well here it is in ALL its (real life) glory!!!  (I just want to say, OBVIOUSLY I was on to something, if the show’s stylist thought the same: that this ad IS THE definition of SEXY.)

Maggie Q stars in new CW show “Nikita”( just like the film).  ANY WOMAN WHO LOOKS LIKE THAT AND IS AN ASSASSIN IS HOT HOT HOT!!! I would watch this show everyday if they had it on. She is running around in heels, up and down stairs, shooting people, and in this dress!!!

So if she can do that ladies, then it’s NOTHING for u to be wearing this chasing toddlers or going to the grocery store , right?


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