So…… this is a MAN. I see him every once in a while in this getup. He puts on a wig and this short skirt with just a white thong on underneath, then gets on a bicycle and peddles up and down the boulevard, exposing his big hairy a**.  And his man boobs. Its actually very frightening. This guy clearly has psychological issues, seeing as exposing himself like this is not a freedom of expression, but more likely a sexual kick. Children should not see this. This is not funny. It is disgusting and vulgar. And sad…. the police should arrest him for public indecency. And you know what he does when he’s done? He gets in a big white pickup truck, puts his bike in the back, and drives off to God knows where.

CLEARLY this is a WHO LIED TO YOU moment like no other. I think this will win the Pic of the Year.


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