So, I see this girl, young, about 20, every week.  And every time I see her, she is HEAD 2 TOE in Luxury Labels! (THERE IS A GOD)!!!!

Lets go thru the list: Hermes bangle, with matching Hermes belt. Fendi bag. Chanel pin on a cape sweater. Whats out of the shot? Chanel ballet flats.( YOU DO THE MATH) 🙂

The first time I saw her, she was in all black, tall high heeled boots, and the big Chanel Cabo quilted bag… Hermes bangles…. (sigh)… it’s my favorite word again: PERFECTION. The fact that she is also model thin, with perfect long hair, PORCELAIN SKIN, lived in Paris, and has a GORGEOUS French name (a Woman’s Couture design house has same name!)… I mean, just wait till 5 years from now, 10 years!!! THAT CLOSET is going to be like the VOUGE CLOSET IN NYC!!!!

THIS GIRL gives me something to LIVE for, and look foward to EVERY WEEK!


9 responses to “A REAL GIRL… Wearing LABELS! THANK YOU GOD!

  1. Hey, you know what? I’ve been reading your ridiculous comments about how people “should” look long enough. Who the hell are you to put up pictures of people, and then critique what they are wearing? You’re into fashion, and passionate about it…..great, nothing wrong with that. We all have our passions. But to make the comments that you’ve made time and time again, as if people that don’t wear what you think they should wear, don’t even deserve to be alive???? NEWSFLASH: The entire would doesn’t care about fashion, and Gucci, and all that. Plenty of people do…….fine. The rest of the world aren’t pieces of shit, the way you make them out to be. You don’t fucking decide how anyone “leaves the house”. No one does, except the person leaving the house. The average person doesn’t give a shit about “fashion”. It’s a free world, where we can all wear whatever the hell we want, so get over yourself, asshole!

  2. Sweetheart why dont you google, “Anna Wintour, Karl Lagerfeld, and Patrick Demarchelier” it’s never too late to learn something…even for people who are incapable of acquiring some sort of acceptable style.
    P.S. Since you’re probably from some rural state like North Dakota or Nebraska, you should know that the jean skirts currently infesting your pathetic state are the equivalent punishment of the death penalty in the so called “fashion world that you are so careless about.”

  3. Hate to disappoint you moron, but I’m from California. My entire point is (because you apparently missed it while trying to figure out where I live), that this asshole posts pictures of people, just to make fun of them. He has no right to do that. Fashion matters to this guy, and to you too…….that’s great! It doesn’t matter to the entire world. People that don’t wear designer clothes every day of their life aren’t pieces of shit, the was this asshole makes them out to be. Try re-reading my post sweetheart!

  4. Dear Anonymous ( rocker1201@yahoo.com )
    Thank you for reading my blog, even though I have no idea WHY. From now on, you can STOP reading it. Your ranting passionate anger against fashion (that you say you “don’t care about”) confuses me. THIS IS A FASHION BLOG/SITE. YOU DON’T LIKE FASHION.
    Clearly, this is not for you.
    Why are you coming to my site?
    This would be like me going to some site I don’t care about, (Hunting, let’s say), and writing about how I hate guns or deer, or something stupid like that. Well, since I DON’T CARE about it, I don’t go OUT OF MY WAY like you do to comment on something. If you don’t care about it, then don’t waste your time on it.
    To comment on some of your “comments”.
    “I’ve been reading your ridiculous comments about how people “should” look long enough.”
    If they’re ridiculous, WHY ARE YOU STILL READING THEM?

    “You’re into fashion, and passionate about it…..great, nothing wrong with that.” IF NOTHING’S WRONG WITH IT, THEN WHY DO YOU CARE??

    “The entire would doesn’t care about fashion, and Gucci, and all that. Plenty of people do…….fine.” YOU’RE RIGHT. PLENTY OF PEOPLE DO. LIKE MY READERS. CLEARLY, YOU’RE NOT IN THIS DEMOGRAPHIC.

    “Fashion matters to this guy, and to you too…….that’s great! It doesn’t matter to the entire world.” YOU’RE RIGHT AGAIN. Fashion DOES matter to me, AND to MY OTHER READERS. The reason for this site is for like minded people WHO DO CARE about FASHION to come together, and comment/post, etc. YOU’RE ALSO RIGHT in the fact that fashion DOESN’T matter to the whole world; which (…sigh…once again) CLEARLY: YOU ARE PART OF THE REST OF THAT “ENTIRE WORLD”.


  5. You have no right to ridicule people for what they are wearing, because you don’t approve of it. You are an asshole!

  6. Why do I come to your site?Out of curiosity…..as I do know you, or thought I did. I thought it was something worthwhile, but the ridicule of people for what they wear, and the fact that you are anti PETA, which means you support the killing of defenseless animals, for fur, for pathetic humans like yourself, is just despicable. You, are an angry human being, and you should take a look at that, because it’s disgusting.

  7. Dear rocker1201@yahoo.com
    Here’s YET ANOTHER version of you having a bout of TURRETS. 2 more comments within a 2 hour period. And calling me “asshole “… YET AGAIN. You say that you “know me, or thought u did”. Which means that supposedly, I know u too. Ok , so instead of hiding behind your “anonymous” status, how about YOU telling me who you are; or better yet, SEND ME A PHOTO. That way I can judge you personally, the way you need to be.
    Also, are you a vegan? Because that would be the ONLY way your convictions could hold some sort of “merit”. If not, and you eat meat, then the killing of animals for food: is the equivalent of killing for vanity. Do you own any leather belts? Handbags? shoes? Couch? Or drive a car with leather interior? If yes to ANY of those, then YOU are a contributor to the killing of animals for personal beauty, vanity, and lifestyle.

  8. Wow… you’re a real moron lol. The whole world does NOT care about fashion, or how amazing they look when they go out with a bunch of labels sewn into their shirts …or blouses…
    Yes ok, maybe you do care a whole lot about fashion but it doesn’t give you the right to critique people about how they look. Just like it doesn’t give me any right to say you look a little gay, your hair colour is too close to your skin tone and you’re out of touch with reality.
    Oh, and in case you’re going to ask, I am from Sydney, Australia, and I came upon your website whilst googling for pictures of “the garbage dress” worn by Kesha.

    • Dear Jess, I want to thank you for a couple of things. (1) I’m glad my audience has reached Australia, and (2) that googling “bad fashion” is leading you to my site.
      You say I don’t have the right to criticize anyone for their look, yet: all the gossip magazines have fashion pages (who wore it best), Perez Hilton rips on everyone ( and is a household name), and E! News has “Fashion Police”( where Joan Rivers and other hosts tear apart looks). THEY ARE ALL MAKING BANK. Which means, THAT PEOPLE ARE WATCHING and READING… WHICH MEANS there is a LARGE amount of people out there WHO DO CARE about FASHION: GOOD or BAD. This site of mine started as a fun blog between my friends and I, and (because of readers like you) has blossomed into a site where people from all over, (Hi Australia!) are now coming to! Hmm… guess its working!

      You can also say I look a little gay if you want, because guess what: I am! So sorry, not offended by that one. But again, Thank you for reading wholiedtoyou.com, and leaving a comment. 🙂

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