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AMA’S 2010- the good, bad, & “WHY ARE U HERE?!”

So…. after watching the PAINFULLY slow and sad excuse for “Live on the Red Carpet at the AMA’s”, and even worse, ALLLL the commercial breaks; 20 min in: I DVR’ed it.  Thankfully, that led me to breeze on by with the touch of my fast forward (times 5) to get to the good stuff. Surprisingly happy, I found alot of GREAT  Red Carpet looks. Of course, there are the usual FUG’s, (like Ke$ha- God, I wish there was a “cent” symbol instead of a “$” symbol), but there were alot of RANDOM’S too…  Since there were TOO MANY to count, I will make my rantings brief…. ENJOY!

Avril…. tell me, how would I know if this “look” is from last night, or from 6 years ago? I WOULDN’T. The pink and black streaks, the black and white punk thing, her saying “amazeballs” on television.. DAMMIT, JUST GROW UP!

Christina Milian…. here she looks cute (usually HOT).. I always had a slight crush on her. “Say I” video? HOT! “Whatever You Want” video? FINE! But what are you doing here? Why aren’t you up there SINGING? I walked through the mall the other day, and saw her on a Disney Xmas tv movie poster… I WANT MUSIC!

Fergie… she can do NO wrong. She is HOT, has AMAZING LEGS, and no matter WHO tells me they think her face is all worked on, I still think she is FINE!


Heidi… face(hair/makeup) is beautiful. But you RUN a FASHION EMPIRE with clothing line, jewelry, and of course PROJECT RUNWAY. So WLTY and told you this was a good look?? in YOUR own words, ” I’m sorry, YOU’RE OUT!”

 Lance… the only way you’re still in the music scene is by being here on this carpet, so make a good impression, and MAKE SURE YOUR F******* TIE IS ON RIGHT!! WTF?

Willow… this is the most EMBARRASING THING I have EVER seen a child “star” (cough, cough) EVER wear in my ENTIRE LIFE. WLTY???? YOUR MOM LET YOU LEAVE THE HOUSE LIKE THIS??? Your 10 YEARS OLD!!!!! I see CAMELTOE! Those BOOTS?!?! from your mom’s closet?? AND THAT YELLOW STRAIGHTJACKET????!  This is WORSE THAN ANYTHING Ke$ha has EVER WORN, and she wears GARBAGE!!!

Ke$ha… what’s scary about this, is that (minus her face and “clutch”) she’s actually “decent”(dare I EVEN say that)! OKAY, we GET IT! You’re “Anti-Establishment”, “F the man”, “Rock, Man!” and all that crap. WHAT’S WITH THE HAIR and MAKEUP? REALLY…. and ALLLLLLLLLLL your songs sound the EXAAAAAAAAAAACT same. God, I’m so SICK of this person!

Katy… BEAUTIFUL!, NOT TACKY or KITSCHY! (But I would have preferred shortening the dress to above the knee). and then… your performance outfit:

 “Y” is “YAY” for CAMELTOE!


Nicki… I like her, cuz she’s cuckoo. Her performances, with her bug eyes, when she sings really fast: cuckoo… but I like it.  I GET that she wore something crazy, because that’s her “character”. But I thought that Green was a FUR collar for the longest time! My dissapointment came when she was announcing the winner, and she RUDELY yelled out a plug for her album release date… RIGHT BEFORE THE NAME OF THE WINNER. She might as well be Kanye 2.0…..

Justin… you’re not in my demographic, so there’s no reason for me to like you. But your performance last night: GOOD JOB! It was well done, and even a bit touching. Now lets get down to your outfit. You’re NOT Michael Jackson, so the black and white armband shirt?  Lose it.. you will never be of that caliber. We know Usher’s your mentor, but you’re white… lose the big necklaces and the big high tops. Be original, not a copycat. We’ve already seen you before, with Justin Timberlake, Nick Carter, Aaron Carter, and all those other teens before.

Miley: Love the Red Carpet look – you’re 18 now, so the shorter the better, and it looks great on you.

Performance outfit? I’ve already seen this, and I have 2 words for you: Stevie Nicks.

Rihanna… sexy, and looking like a WOMAN! You’re giving me a little Toni Braxton, a little Halle Berry. I think this is a GREAT LOOK! Now, about your performance look:

Uh, not so much… I know you were going for a more tribal, Caribbe feel, but this looks like you got the outfit from a thrift store. I JUST BOUGHT YOUR “R” BOOK! With all the FASHION I KNOW YOU FOR IN IT! What is THIS????

John Legend… love the voice, but WTF is with your SHOES!?!?!? Those are not ONLY the FILTHIEST I have ever seen ( U KNOW UR ON A RED CARPET, RIGHT??!?!?) but they are ALSO STEPPING ON YOUR DATE’S BEAUTIFUL DRESS!!!!! THANK GOD for her, because she toook ALLLLL the attention away from YOU!


Jenny… You look great, but what’s the point?

Jessica: you look ok. Boring actually, and you’re a pretty girl. Why were you here? Oh, because you presented (as a plug for your role in the upcoming “Little Fockers” movie). Unfortunately, when the ONE preview showed during a commercial break, you weren’t even in it. So I ask again: what’s the point?

Mandy… you’re a cute girl, and you’re even nice too! I like your films, (in SAVED, “I am FILLED with God’s love!” as you throw the bible… something I still reenact with friends). But Why are you here???? It’s been so long, I forgot you exist!

AMA Christina + VMA Britney = End of our Era

Let’s face it: the time has come….. our favorite pop princesses, who could dance, sing/(lipsynch), and wear scandalous outfits (because they ACTUALLY could) have officially crossed over to no-man’s-land… and not even a gay man’s land.

ALL I could think about this Sunday was “AMA’s! Christina Performing new Burlesque!”… why? BECAUSE IT WAS ANNOUNCED EVERYWHERE! Even during the awards show, “..and coming up later, Christina’s performance you’ve all been waiting for!”  I was so bored with the AMA’s waiting for her, that I started recording on my DVR, and caught up on my Chelsea Latelys (which I NEVER miss) in the meantime.

Then: the performance. OH GOD, NO!!!!!  I sat there with my mouth gaping wide in disbelief! That could not be Christina!!! That was Britney reprising her ’07 VMA “Gimme More” performance!  NOt only did they LOOK the same (BAD hair, Matching bodies SQUEEZED into outfits like sausages) but the “choreography” looked like it had been rehearsed 2 hours before! (now if the rumors are true, and Christina IS pregnant.. then there is NO excuse for being lazy on stage: we ALL JUST SAW P!NK Perform REALLY WELL!! NOO!!! Christina: I HAD HIGH HOPES FOR YOU! I’M ROOTING FOR YOU! I CAN’T WAIT TO GO SEE YOUR MOVIE! But you let me down, and all I though was, ” oh no…. she is Britney”. The ONE and ONLY strong point you had, was the only strong thing you had left: your voice…. THANK THE LORD FOR THAT!

Here are the 2 FORMER reigning pop queens now, and it’s just disappointing. XTINA: REMEMBER “DIRRTY?” THAT’S WHAT I WANT TO SEE!!!!!! I fell in love with “COME ON OVER”!!! There was ENERGY, there was ATTITUDE, there was a BODY! And BRITNEY: REMEMBER “SATISFACTION” at your FIRST VMA performance??? THAT was a STAR!

I know you’re both MOMS, but look at MADONNA: SHE is 50 something, a mom, and KICKS ASS ON STAGE. C’mon girls, PLEEEEEASE!!! You’re MY age, you’re what I grew up with, you’re supposed to STILL be MY IDOLS! BRITNEY: The WORLD loved you! XTINA: I bought EVERY magazine during your DIRRTY phase because of the photos, I watched all the MTV XTINA shows, I LIVED for you THEN! YOUR MAKEUP ARTIST FROM THE “STRIPPED” ERA GAVE ME YOUR MAKEUP SO I COULD RECREATE YOU FOR HALLOWEEN!

Please girls…. let me dress you, let me do your hair, let me be your friend… I would never lie to you, and I would turn your images RIGHT AROUND! I MISS YOU GIRLS! WHERE DID YOU GO?!?!?!!?

Halloween 2010: Scary vs. Sexy

Halloween is BY FAR my favorite day of the year… you can be ANYONE YOU WANT TO BE! How fun and rare is that? So of course I delved full force into this years costume, and couldn’t wait to see what others came up with. Unfortunately, some people cross the line with their costume descisions…. Here are some highlights of the BEST and WORST… But be prepared for some NEAR NUDITY!

MY FAVORITE OF THE NIGHT!!!!!! An “Hermes Birkin Bag” and “Chanel Bag”… and look who they are with.. “ANNA WINTOUR” !!!!  I think this was not only the most fashionable costume, but definitly the most original… and PERFECT for my site!

Here’s an unfortunate site…. not only for this guy, but our eyes…. they are still burning. Not only from the lime green, but a body that needs to cover up! We all know he’s going as Borat, but even still- inappropriate!  Thank God he’s being arrested for public indecency, because this is not a “costume”… this is a CRIME!

Loved this one… from “The Hangover”. Why? Because he paid ATTENTION TO DETAIL, and got the look PERFECTLY COPIED! I love when people take the time to be perfectionists, and really, REALLY get the look right! Even the baby has a medical marijuana prescription attached to him! This outfit should be appreciated by the movie’s stylist.

Once again!!! ANOTHER guy going WAAY overboard!  I know that Halloween is usually known as the day “all girls can dress up like sluts and get away with it”,.. but apparently, the guys are thinking they can do the same thing. WLTY moment right here… was it a dare? was he wasted when he picked this out? Im all about showing off a body, but this “THING” holding on to his crotch for dear life is just SCARY and TACKY. Can u imagine if the string snapped?? HE HAS NO BACKUP! Plus, the obvious: doesn’t look like he’s packing very much, so definitly, SOMEONE LIED TO HIM!

This Tampon outfit, hoever brilliantly made… is DISGUSTING. REALLY? WITH BLOODY STRINGS? How trashy is this?????  NO CLASS, and for sure, will NOT BE TAKING HOME ANY WOMEN. Good luck to this tool for mating, I bet he’s as juvenile out of costume. Put your creativity to good use, this is just GROSS.

THIS IS THE WORST LADY GAGA EVER. REALLY??? Is that the best she could do? BOOOORING!!!! Out of all Lady Gaga outfits to choose, it’s this simple ugly thing? A) she would never wear that ugly braided belt. B) the wig would AT LEAST be brushed! I think this outfit is just an INSULT to Ms. Gaga.

THIS is a girl who got it RIGHT!!!! NOT ONLY does she show her inspiration, BUT is Dressing up as a Style Icon! This is Miss Rita, of, and she captured a youthful modern fun version of “Bianca Jagger at Studio54 on her 30th birthday”… how clever is that? With the pink riding horse?  Check out her site for amazing fashions, (as well as her infamous love of pink) 🙂 

And last, but not least… ME! haha…. since I got married this year, what better way to celebrate than being a version of one’s self? Take a note girls: THIS is how its done- skin: tan, smooth, and shimmery. Hair: blonde, long, beautiful curls, and full of shine. Jewelry- beautiful, timeless, and not overdone! And of course, feature ur best “asset”… (mine are the legs), so go ahead and show them!!!!! And to finish, the perfect red carpet pose and smile!! 🙂 Hope you all had a Happy Halloween!