Halloween 2010: Scary vs. Sexy

Halloween is BY FAR my favorite day of the year… you can be ANYONE YOU WANT TO BE! How fun and rare is that? So of course I delved full force into this years costume, and couldn’t wait to see what others came up with. Unfortunately, some people cross the line with their costume descisions…. Here are some highlights of the BEST and WORST… But be prepared for some NEAR NUDITY!

MY FAVORITE OF THE NIGHT!!!!!! An “Hermes Birkin Bag” and “Chanel Bag”… and look who they are with.. “ANNA WINTOUR” !!!!  I think this was not only the most fashionable costume, but definitly the most original… and PERFECT for my site!

Here’s an unfortunate site…. not only for this guy, but our eyes…. they are still burning. Not only from the lime green, but a body that needs to cover up! We all know he’s going as Borat, but even still- inappropriate!  Thank God he’s being arrested for public indecency, because this is not a “costume”… this is a CRIME!

Loved this one… from “The Hangover”. Why? Because he paid ATTENTION TO DETAIL, and got the look PERFECTLY COPIED! I love when people take the time to be perfectionists, and really, REALLY get the look right! Even the baby has a medical marijuana prescription attached to him! This outfit should be appreciated by the movie’s stylist.

Once again!!! ANOTHER guy going WAAY overboard!  I know that Halloween is usually known as the day “all girls can dress up like sluts and get away with it”,.. but apparently, the guys are thinking they can do the same thing. WLTY moment right here… was it a dare? was he wasted when he picked this out? Im all about showing off a body, but this “THING” holding on to his crotch for dear life is just SCARY and TACKY. Can u imagine if the string snapped?? HE HAS NO BACKUP! Plus, the obvious: doesn’t look like he’s packing very much, so definitly, SOMEONE LIED TO HIM!

This Tampon outfit, hoever brilliantly made… is DISGUSTING. REALLY? WITH BLOODY STRINGS? How trashy is this?????  NO CLASS, and for sure, will NOT BE TAKING HOME ANY WOMEN. Good luck to this tool for mating, I bet he’s as juvenile out of costume. Put your creativity to good use, this is just GROSS.

THIS IS THE WORST LADY GAGA EVER. REALLY??? Is that the best she could do? BOOOORING!!!! Out of all Lady Gaga outfits to choose, it’s this simple ugly thing? A) she would never wear that ugly braided belt. B) the wig would AT LEAST be brushed! I think this outfit is just an INSULT to Ms. Gaga.

THIS is a girl who got it RIGHT!!!! NOT ONLY does she show her inspiration, BUT is Dressing up as a Style Icon! This is Miss Rita, of www.LikeLola.ning.com, and she captured a youthful modern fun version of “Bianca Jagger at Studio54 on her 30th birthday”… how clever is that? With the pink riding horse?  Check out her site for amazing fashions, (as well as her infamous love of pink) 🙂 

And last, but not least… ME! haha…. since I got married this year, what better way to celebrate than being a version of one’s self? Take a note girls: THIS is how its done- skin: tan, smooth, and shimmery. Hair: blonde, long, beautiful curls, and full of shine. Jewelry- beautiful, timeless, and not overdone! And of course, feature ur best “asset”… (mine are the legs), so go ahead and show them!!!!! And to finish, the perfect red carpet pose and smile!! 🙂 Hope you all had a Happy Halloween!


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