AMA Christina + VMA Britney = End of our Era

Let’s face it: the time has come….. our favorite pop princesses, who could dance, sing/(lipsynch), and wear scandalous outfits (because they ACTUALLY could) have officially crossed over to no-man’s-land… and not even a gay man’s land.

ALL I could think about this Sunday was “AMA’s! Christina Performing new Burlesque!”… why? BECAUSE IT WAS ANNOUNCED EVERYWHERE! Even during the awards show, “..and coming up later, Christina’s performance you’ve all been waiting for!”  I was so bored with the AMA’s waiting for her, that I started recording on my DVR, and caught up on my Chelsea Latelys (which I NEVER miss) in the meantime.

Then: the performance. OH GOD, NO!!!!!  I sat there with my mouth gaping wide in disbelief! That could not be Christina!!! That was Britney reprising her ’07 VMA “Gimme More” performance!  NOt only did they LOOK the same (BAD hair, Matching bodies SQUEEZED into outfits like sausages) but the “choreography” looked like it had been rehearsed 2 hours before! (now if the rumors are true, and Christina IS pregnant.. then there is NO excuse for being lazy on stage: we ALL JUST SAW P!NK Perform REALLY WELL!! NOO!!! Christina: I HAD HIGH HOPES FOR YOU! I’M ROOTING FOR YOU! I CAN’T WAIT TO GO SEE YOUR MOVIE! But you let me down, and all I though was, ” oh no…. she is Britney”. The ONE and ONLY strong point you had, was the only strong thing you had left: your voice…. THANK THE LORD FOR THAT!

Here are the 2 FORMER reigning pop queens now, and it’s just disappointing. XTINA: REMEMBER “DIRRTY?” THAT’S WHAT I WANT TO SEE!!!!!! I fell in love with “COME ON OVER”!!! There was ENERGY, there was ATTITUDE, there was a BODY! And BRITNEY: REMEMBER “SATISFACTION” at your FIRST VMA performance??? THAT was a STAR!

I know you’re both MOMS, but look at MADONNA: SHE is 50 something, a mom, and KICKS ASS ON STAGE. C’mon girls, PLEEEEEASE!!! You’re MY age, you’re what I grew up with, you’re supposed to STILL be MY IDOLS! BRITNEY: The WORLD loved you! XTINA: I bought EVERY magazine during your DIRRTY phase because of the photos, I watched all the MTV XTINA shows, I LIVED for you THEN! YOUR MAKEUP ARTIST FROM THE “STRIPPED” ERA GAVE ME YOUR MAKEUP SO I COULD RECREATE YOU FOR HALLOWEEN!

Please girls…. let me dress you, let me do your hair, let me be your friend… I would never lie to you, and I would turn your images RIGHT AROUND! I MISS YOU GIRLS! WHERE DID YOU GO?!?!?!!?


One response to “AMA Christina + VMA Britney = End of our Era

  1. It’s SO sad and true!! It was the golden days of pop!! I was a fan of both, but as a dancer at the time I always preferred Britney! For some reason Britney doesn’t want to dance with any effort anymore and Christina’s ego has taken over so bad she refuses to see that her act is outdated. I personally feel proud to have been a teenager/young 20’s at the time they were all around.
    Remember when the music industry was so strong that they’d spend like $1million on a video for Mandy Moore or Jess Simpson, even though it would only peak at number 20 or something!?? And no-one blinked an eye at it!
    Those were the days!! I’m still excited for the new Britney album, will always follow her, but I will NEVER pay to see her show again after ‘Circus Tour’. Not unless she starts to sing at least 2 songs live! Great Blog tho, made me all nostalgic 😉 x

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