The “C” in “CAMILLE” stands for…

This SORRY, SAD, AND DESPERATELY SEEKING SOMETHING excuse for a “classy woman” has me DISGUSTED to the point where I am hereby making an official statement with this posting.  In the press world, I believe the correct thing would be to say “quote me”. Also, the saying, “there’s no such thing as bad press?” I HOPE THIS IS THE BEGINNING OF THE WORST PRESS SHE WILL RECEIVE!!!Well, here ya go “C-word”, this article is ALLLLLL about you….

I watch the “Real Housewives”, it’s one of my guilty pleasures. The fact that the Bev Hills is basically a show in my backyard makes it even more fun. HOWEVER: this “CAMILLE” woman is a CONFUSED B****!!!! I researched her online: and she is 42, was a former Playmate, (15 times in 90’s- obviously desperate for attention) starred in Marilyn Chambers films, (hi, pornstar), was a “dancer” for MTV… then Kelsey Grammer married her in 97. My favorite: “(Camille) was diagnosed in 1996 with irritable bowl syndrome”.  The following are EXACT excerpts I took from “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”, which proves my point in that this woman is a real piece of S***.

Her intro line: “It’s time for me to come out of my husband’s shadow, and shine”. Oh you’re out of it now!  (PS:UPDATE: YESTERDAY DEC.6th 2010 – “Kelsey goes public with his engagement to Kayte Walsh!” )

She says she’s hurt by a statement Kyle (Richards) supposedly said: (“why would anybody be interested in you without Kelsey there?”) Camille complains, “am I that invisible? Is it all about Kelsey?” WELL SEEING THAT IN EVERY EPISODE, MULTIPLE TIMES, ALL SHE DOES IS TALK ABOUT “KELSEY”. So YEAH, It is, because SHE’S MAKING IT ALL ABOUT HIM! In NYC: “I enjoy going backstage after the show, ya know, I get to see Kelsey Grammer, ooh!” ABOUT YOUR OWN HUSBAND??? “My husband got nominated for a Tony, and of course I want to look amazing since it’s my husband’s big night, and mine too, as far as I’m concerned. ”

Her INSISTANT flirting with her “friend” Nick: makes her look like a WHORE. Over and over…. “let me sit next to (your husband) so i can flirt with him… if they only knew”.. “you got enough room to store all those balls?” ” I don’t know if it’s your sheer hotness, or I’m just out of breath”,  AND: “if Kelsey was here, we’d (be playing tennis), but he’s not, so (Nick ) has taken over that role in my life”.  REALLY??? WHORE!!

A LIAR: Saying she does’t drink: In Vegas, they are all eating dinner, Camille says,”I don’t drink, I’m not a big drinker.. I’ll nurse one drink all night, but I barely drink any of it”… BUT THEN SHE DOES! Poolside next day: “I’lld do a tequila shot!” Later episode: Drinking wine (and asking for more) when home and hearing of a death in Adrianne’s family. In NYC: “watch out, these drinks go down real easy!”.

A SNOB: When she goes to her NYC apartment: when asked, “how many bedrooms?”, her reply,” there’s only 3, it’s small… for us it’s small.. it’s about 3,500 sq ft… it sounds obnoxious, but for the staff, and the kids, and the nannies, i mean, I’m used to living in a substantial sized house… it is small for us… i don’t know if I can spend  (a year) in this confined space”.

HOW she treats her own MOTHER: while in NYC, states that her mom lives in jersey, and Camille “has been through 3 different time zones, and needs a manicure”, and tells her mom to come to the city and join her. Asks her mom how she’s doing, (battling cancer) and then turns the WHOLE conversation ABOUT HER: “well it’s hereditary, so I got tested (names the tests), I tested positive; I went to UCLA monday, had a battery of tests done, then I’m on a plane, then I’m working; I’m producing a show, I’m unpacking the kids, I’m on Hawaii time, I’m tired. And all this with Kelsey gone, thank God I have the staff and nannies”

The battle with Kyle: When they’re patching it up: “I’m shy.. Let’ put this in the past, let’s move on..” THEN she changes tune, all the other girls saw it, “i thought about it, and thought hmmm…”, “why you throwing digs at me?… I’m so above this”, “these are such mean things to say”… When acting hurt, and Kyle says, “that’s what friends do, they ask questions”, Camille says, “I don’t even know you that well”. (But well enough to FLY her to NYC to see your HUSBAND’S SHOW?)

THEN: “The more I stood up for myself,  she just kept getting madder and madder, I knew I was winning.. i mean c’mon, the person that remains in control is someone that wins. She lost her cool, sorry Kyle, you lose”.

She complains (to a gay makeup artist, who states he was gaybashed before) “I was attacked… I was abused…. those girls abused me.. I’m a survivor, we’re survivors” SHUT THE F*** UP! “She verbally assaulted me, it’s inappropriate, I will not accept that”.

“I think women should celebrate each other, I think women should empower each other, not tear each other down; ok, if Kyle is jealous, then move past it”

AND FINALLY, SHOWING HER TRUE “C-WORD” COLORS: “maybe it’s because her (Kyle’s) husband works for us; but in the terms of pecking order is concerned, my husband is higher on the list: my husband is an A-list celebrity, he’s in a successful play, he’s won Emmy’s, Golden Globes, he’s celebrated, he’s respected in his community. There’s a big difference between that and the local Beverly Hills realtor”. She then laughs.





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  1. GO YOU!!!! LMFAO. Needed to be said hahaha 😀

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