I love New York, and I LOVE New York Women. The “air-ness” of entitlement; the push & shove on the streets, the “no-time-for-anybody else” ????  Anyone who DOES NOT live in NYC thinks this.  However: to live in NYC, you have to have thick skin, a go-get-it mentality, and an “attitude to match”.  These woman are NOT “rude”… they just know what they want, and don’t have time to stand around and bullsh**.  The pic above: 4 women, all in black, coats, BLONDE, and shopping on the Upper East Side… just another Monday 🙂

The following pics are excerpts of my favorite NYC  moments. (Of course, this article would be incomplete without FASHION, where I will touch briefly on, but just wait for NYC, PART 2! 🙂

LOVE this woman. She was sitting behind me at The Plaza’s Todd English Food Hall with a friend, and just looked so chic, yet effortless. She was about 40, blonde, hair back, all in black, tight jodpher pants with tall boots…. wine, conversation…. just the way she held herself and laughed during their conversation: A SEXY WOMAN!

I LOVED seeing this! My mom would roll her eyes, but I think it’s “SOOO New York!” I was walking through Central Park on Monday, cutting through from Upper West to the Upper East, and saw this LINE UP of about 15 women ALL MOMS WITH STROLLERS, doing exercises! The lady in red was their instructor, and was yelling out,” left hand on stroller, right hand in air, stretch those arms”, and then, “now lunge with your left leg and squeeze your butt”…… HOW CRAZY and AMAZING IS THIS??? This is some New Age, waspy, white lady stuff!

This woman was sitting across from me, and she was gorgeous. Not only that, but SO WELL PUT TOGETHER! This bag alone: NEW MARNI! Look how it SHINES in the restaurants light!!!! Her jewelry, the monochromatic clothing,… as Rachel Zoe would say, “I Die”.

The last night of my trip, I met with a friend, and had dinner in this great little meat & cheese fondue place in Hell’s Kitchen.  Not only did it start snowing to make the night magical, but I witnessed seeing these 2 woman sitting at the bar in beautiful WHITE COATS!!  These NYC woman are ON IT! They may be wearing jeans and a sweater, and sitting at the bar; but you know DAMN WELL they’re going to wear their STUNNING white coats!!

Last, but DEFINITELY NOT LEAST: The New Home for Ralph Lauren Woman: 888 Madison Ave. This STORE , which houses Woman and Home is THE MOST BEAUTIFULLY STUNNING PLACE IN NEW YORK RIGHT NOW!!!!! I read it was a $40 million project, and IT SHOWS! Marble, sweeping staircases, 4 floors of OPULENCE, clothing, jewelry,… the VISION here is INCREDIBLE! I want EVERYONE who has read this to PUT THIS WOMAN’S HEAVEN on your next NYC trip list,  and TAKE IN something to WAKE UP and DRESS!!!!!!


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