The above image was captured in the Beverly Center, at a HIGH-FASHION DESIGNER BOUTIQUE.  When you go to the Beverly Center; it is a planned trip. You don’t just STUMBLE into this mall because you see something in a window. It is an EXCURSION. The 5 floors of parking, the 3 levels of shopping, …. it can be an ordeal. So when some lady is seen here INSIDE the Beverly Center, IN a SPORTS-BRA, POST-WORKOUT, it describes one thing about her: NO CLASS!!

I can see this being ok if she was post Yoga class on Melrose, saw something in a window, and made a quick dash inside. ( I CAN TRY TO FATHOM THIS…)

Not ONLY does she have NO CLASS, she started TRYING ON CLOTHES! STUPID B****! YOU’RE SWEATY!!! After she saw (and tried on) a jacket, she said to her much-older-man-counterpart, “Oh look, it matches the interior of your Bentley!” STUPID HOE. If you are living this “life of leisure”, driving around with some sugar daddy, then TAKE THE TIME TO GO HOME, SHOWER, and CHANGE!!!!

NO REAL WOMAN WITH CLASS, DIGNITY, and MORALS would leave the house and GO TO THE MALL in a SPORTS-BRA!!!!



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