Is my dream, a Woman’s nightmare?

***UPDATE!!!!***  HOURS after writing this article, I came across on Huffington Post, a lil blurb: “KATE HUDSON: PREGNANT IN HEELS”.  It linked me to a TMZ pap shot… and there, in all it’s glory, was ANOTHER PREGNANT WOMAN IN SKY-HIGH HEELS (Louboutins, of course :))!! Of course this filled me 2 kinds of emotion: 1) (SEE READERS, I TOLD YOU SO!) and 2) Why is everyone copying my Blog posts!?!!?!

Here is the photo of our Dear Ms. Hudson:

I love women in heels. Even better, I love PREGNANT women in heels. In fact, I believe “women should be in heels from the moment they leave their house, till the moment they come home”. Now, with that statement right there- I see a lot of women hating me. But let me give you some examples:

1) A quote from Tom Ford, an excerpt from his book:

“Shoes are always the most important thing for me because they are who you are. They change the way you walk, the way you move.”

2) Rachel Zoe Pregnant – just running errands in LA – looking AMAZING IN ALL BLACK AND OVER-THE-KNEE HIGH HEELED BOOTS!

3) VICTORIA BECKHAM PREGNANT @ THE ROYAL WEDDING – IN 7 INCH LOUBOUTINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is famous for wearing the highest and craziest heels, and was quoted, “I would die before ever wearing a pair of ballerina pumps (flats)”. She was my Patron Saint. (She was, unfortunately, 6 months later photographed running around in flats. Thankfully, that was the LAST and ONLY time it happened).

4) The new Bravo TV series, “Pregnant in Heels”. Even though it may be more about pampered clueless women learning “what to do” while due, the significance in the title means something: You can still be Pregnant and Fashionable. Don’t let yourself GO!!!!

5) I don’t want to hear complaints from girls,”oh you don’t know what it’s like, you’re a guy”. Yes I am, and I DO KNOW what it’s like!!! I HAVE worn a pair of heels! Halloween 2010: (check out my blog entry for it- pic in post) I went as a Bride, and wore 6 inch heels. I walked about a mile to the party, hosted it for 6 hours, then walked back home. Yes, my feet killed me at the end, but did I EVER take them OFF? HELL NO! Walk around barefoot like these skanky Hollywood girls do at 2am? HELL NO! You keep your composure, and you present yourself in the best form possible!!!!

If these ladies can do it, then you girls can do it. Pregnant or not, heels on a woman arch your foot, and it drives a man wild. It tightens and leans out your calf when you walk, which makes you look slimmer, taller, and all around: DAMN SEXY. Hence, my opening statement. The only time it’s acceptable to be out of heels: sneakers for the gym,  and flats for ballet class (after all, they are called “ballet flats”…. not “running-around-all-over-town-doing-errands-and-getting-gross-stinky-sweaty-feet flats”. You’re not gonna get a man SHUFFLING YOUR FEET like a slob! MAKE THE EFFORT!!!!

Thanks for listening ladies, and see you out there looking YOUR BEST! 🙂


2 responses to “Is my dream, a Woman’s nightmare?

  1. Oooops. Guess your a little disappointed in your sister….

    • To my dear little sis: There ARE loopholes, DEPENDING on your situation. Since our readers do not know your reasons for wearing sandals, AND being FORCED to wear flats, I will explain.

      1) you live in Hawaii- you would look stupid wearing heels everywhere you go, since it is mostly beach and sand. Also, it is impractical. You are on a small island. But i do know that you own a couple of cute espadrille style wedges, so technically, u are “elevated”. HOWEVER- if you were on Oahu, I would say its definitely time for heel wearing- that island is a CITY!

      2)You work in a luxury Hotel, hosting (and managing…) their Jean-George restaurant. The “uniform” u are given requires flats, since you are running around, and have to be quick on your feet. The REAL crime with your job uniform, is the actual uniform itself….. That “dress/smock/shift/thing” that I KNOW guests have shuddered at should be the first thing to go! 🙂

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