BET Awards… ( I’ll keep it brief )

Soooo… the BET awards were recently held, and the hip hop community stepped out in all its “Fashionable Glory”.

Seeing as there were too many things to cite, and my disappointment is outweighed by the fact that I DON’T CARE: I will spare you my rants- and keep it to the minimum. The following don’t deserve the attention anyway… sad, but true.

Here are the choice “highlights”:

Alicia Keys, in Dolce & Gabbana…

Now, look at her face-I think she’s confused.  But then again, I WOULD BE TOO if my DIZZY Louboutins matched the DIZZY graphics on the “step and repeat” wall!!! It’s ONE thing to dressACCORDINGLY to an event, but it’s ANOTHER to dress LIKE the event!


Busta Rhymes, in.. ????

The only thing I’m happy about is the YSL belt…. and that his AMAZING RAP is the ONLY thing that makes Chris Brown’s “Look at me now” worth listening to.

Willow Smith, in.. something fished out from the dumpsters?

Here’s what I’m MOST worried about: she’s so frigging young, that i’m giong to have to see YEARS OF THIS… JUST QUIT WHILE YOU’RE AHEAD!!! JUST GO AWAY!

Nicki Minaj, in…. ???

I actually wasted 15 min trying to find out what she wore, (and found nothing)….. which means HORRIBLE NEWS: HER P.R .PEOPLE ARE F***ING STUPID!!! She is probably THE HOTTEST rapper/hip-hop star out there RIGHT NOW, and NOWHERE on the internet has info on WHAT SHE’S WEARING???  SHE CAN GET ANY DESIGNER!!!! Dear Nicki- I love your STYLE, but not you STYLE-IST… she LIED TO YOU!!! FIRED!!!


Cee- Lo Green, trying to do an impersonation, (sorry, “TRIBUTE”) to Patti LaBelle.



Kerry Washington, in Michael Kors.

Daytime carpet (grass, at that), bright spring dress,… CHECK! Black pointy indoor office secretary pumps??? Really, with a GOWN??? GROSS. “Hey Kerry, FIRE your stylist- they LIED TO YOU!”

Mary J. Blige, in Herve Ledger….

I love Mary, we all do. She is the Queen of feeling “Superwoman Female Empowerment”. However, that “dress” doesn’t look like she’s gonna kick an abusive man’s ass- it looks like she broke free from him tying her up! Strappy dress, strappy shoes….  STRAP HER BACK UP! Also, side note: “Mary- you’re getting up there in age… time to start dressing a little more appropriate ( INCLUDING the hairstyles – you’re not 25 anymore)”.


Wiz Khalifa, and Amber Rose, wearing…. TRASH.

REALLY ??? For an AWARDS SHOW???? Her VERSACE shoes are THE ONLY THING I LIKE. Grow up people- you’ll never be respected for looking like SH*T.

Big Sean, in… a leftover, re-used carseat found in some junkyard with a belt from an 80’s pawnshop …. DID SOMEONE REALLY SAY, “Hey, you look great!” ??????????


Chris Brown,….

A Message for you: You’re not cool, you’re not a male version of Lady Gaga.. just because you try and dress “weird”  doesn’t make you “edgy”.  You look F***ING STUPID.

And then this outfit to take pics with the Press. A HOODIE, with JEAN SHORTS??????




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