REAL MEN get PEDICURES… (beware the following pic!)

I went into a Chipotle the other day, was STARVING. Luckily, there wasn’t a long line. Only 2 guys in front of me.

Then I happened to look down…. and this is what I saw:

Of course it doesn’t do AS MUCH shock value here, but that SNAGGLE NAIL on the pinky toe was SO LONG it was CURVING, YELLOWED, and DISGUSTING.

It had probably not been clipped for at least a year!!!!!!!! The reason this closeup is so blurry is that I actually started GAGGING while looking at this… (God, I’m queasy just looking at this pic- I’m actually baking chicken now, and the smell of food and this picture are bringing horrid flashbacks)


GUYS: when you make the decision to wear sandals, CLIP UR F***ING TOENAILS!!!!! If you’re too “macho” (please..) to go get them taken care of professionally,  DO IT YOURSELF IN THE BATHROOM!!!!!

This guy had a Mercedes key clipped to his beltloop  (Hi, desperate for approval and attention anyone? Don’t clip ur keys to your belt lop unless you’re a janitor or security guard..thanks) So clearly he can afford EITHER nail clippers, or a $20 pedicure!

We’re in LA! The LAND of FLIP-FLOPS! Everyone knows to “clip the toes!” (my official new statement!)

Sorry readers, but I need to go throw up now…..


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