Round 2 for Mr. Ford….

He has debuted his second Women’s Collection, and THANK GOD, his aesthetic to making a woman look like a HOT SEXY DISCO 70’s FABULOUS RICH-BITCH is still going strong.  This is why in the fashion world: He IS God.

He recently launched a look-book video (watch below) showing glimpses of his collection, (the dresses are SICK!!!!!), and JUST RELEASED his ad campaigne (shot by Mert & Marcus) featuring one of my recent favorites, Victoria’s Secret girl, Candice Swanepoel – I can’t believe it’s HER!! 

WHEN you watch the video BELOW of the collection, there are ALOT of looks VERY REMINISCENT of his GUCCI/YSL days…..

Listen ladies, if you want to make THE statement when you leave the house, AND (you have the money)…. TOM FORD is what you wear. PERIOD.

At least take in some inspiration, please 🙂


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