“The VIEW” women need to SHUT the F*** UP

I was just researching something for an article, when I happened to come across a couple-month-old article on Bonnie Fuller’s Hollywoodlife.com (the site is GREAT!). It was a recap of what the women on “The View” thought of William & Kate’s Royal Wedding. These “ladies” need to learn some MANNERS and RESPECT. Especially about ROYALTY that has spanned CENTURIES.

First of all Sherri, she looked absolutely BEAUTIFUL. REGAL. ROYAL. Perhaps the only reason you don’t like it is out of jealousy- you’re SHORT, FAT ASS, and nowhere NEAR her caliber in the looks department. You could NEVER look like this if you tried. LOOK AT YOU:


Joy, was that supposed to be funny? Are you trying to be a comedienne again? “A bumblebee with a drinking problem?” I don’t even get it…. She’s not wearing BLACK and yellow, F***ING IDIOT. And when did you become an expert on what Queens wear? How would YOU know if they DO or DON’T wear yellow?? You don’t see queens because you’re not around royalty DUMBASS. You’re making comments just to make them. No one wants to hear that nasal-y whiny voice of yours anyway, so just shut up.

Oh, but she keeps on running her stupid mouth. “Shmata on her head”? “Nunlike”?? “Mother Teresa”??? All I hear is a WHINY New York (married into) Jew making Jewish references. First, here is a picture of Mother Teresa:

I don’t see a resemblance anywhere. Aside from the obvious (looks), a comparison to Mother Teresa should be a compliment- she did wonders in Humanitarian efforts. But instead, you use her as an INSULT.  Since YOU are the “resident Jew” here, YOU should A.)be proud of your fellow people, and B.) know the correct meaning of Shmata: “A yiddish term for a rag, towel, or washclothes”.

I Don’t know WHO you people think YOU ARE to compare RAGS to the MCQUEEN dress that Kate wore on her WEDDING DAY, the most SPECIAL of all days in a woman’s life??   You, Joy, need to learn some manners, and stop acting like you’re the “hot sh**” at the table. And Sherri, look in the mirror before you critique other’s looks.

When you’re dead and gone, no one’s going to remember you. But Kate and that dress will be in History books.

Joy: maybe we should put a SHMATA over YOUR FACE. Would sure help from the looks of it.


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