Real Housewives NY = Real Drama

Real Housewives of New York had their series Reunion last night, and HOLY SH**, it was OUT OF CONTROL. Because it was 90 min (which, I LOVED), it was full of SOOO much, that I can only give you a recap, and how I feel about some of these so-called “ladies”.

Alex McCord - "Skeletor"

Alex Mccord- "modeling?" GROSS

She thinks she’s worthy of being on this show??? that she has class???? NICE PHOTO….

She keeps talking about Luanne being a “thug in a cocktail dress”. How about you, Alex – a CRAZY, WANNABE, SOCIAL-CLIMBING, DESPERATE FREAK, who is DISGUSTING both IN & OUT of HER OWN DRESS!!!!! I have started calling her “SKELETOR“, for obvious reasons. She thinks she’s just as good as the other girls- WRONG!!! (she lives in Brooklyn- she keeps spewing that fact with pride. You’re nowhere near NY social status if you’re not living in Manhattan). She says she “found her voice” this season, and feels she can instigate and defend and run her mouth about things which don’t concern her- SHUT THE F*** UP already! No one cares or wants to hear your blubbering garbage coming out of that mouth.

"She-MAN" and "Skeletor" at the beach... BARF

Also her UGLY ASS FREAK HUSBAND SIMON VAN KEMPEN needs to be offed by the mob- he’s so gross, desperate, and WTF  is he always wearing????? SHOOT HIM ALREADY! PUT US OUT OF OUR MISERY!!!!!  And FINALLY, she thinks she’s a MODEL: YEAH RIGHT – I see ALOT of REAL models everday, and ALEX MCCORD IS NOT A MODEL. SHE IS AN UNNATTRACTIVE WOMAN. EVEN WITH ALOT OF MAKEUP? STILL UGLY. INSIDE and OUT. Alex- leave the show. You’re a desperate loser, and I can’t listen to you’re whiny voice anymore, or see that ugly SKELETOR face anymore. GROSS


Ramona Singer decided to spend the ENTIRE SEASON DRINKING, and it had to “always be HER Pinot Grigio”…. wherever she went, it HAD to be there WAITING for her. WHAT A MESS!!! She was ALWAYS with GLASS IN HAND, and sloppy, slurring words. Last season, I just thought she was “CRAZY EYES” but this time, she was “CRAZY CROSS-EYED DRUNK WORST MOTHER OF THE YEAR”.

Yup, I said it! She kept going ON and ON about how she needs to set the “perfect example for my daughter”, (by not being in Luanne’s music video?) but she CLEARLY THINKS that DOWNING BOTTLES of wine in EVERY EPISODE is a better example. THANK GOD Luanne said she “hopes she (Avery- Ramona’s daughter) turns out fine”. If I were Avery, I would be SO EMBARRASSED of my MOM. WHAT A DISAPOINTMENT!!!!!

Frick & Frack, and Skeletor - the 3 dumb blondes

I did feel sorry for Sonja Morgan this episode.. no one should have to go through terrible times like bankruptcy and court/financial problems. So I sympathize with her. Truly. I am ALSO on her side with the whole CINDY/PHONE-CALL/BREAKFAST scenario-

Cindy- in the Lion's Den of Sonja's Kitchen

you don’t take a business call in someone’s home when you’re invited over to EAT. If it doesn’t work in your schedule: RE-SCHEDULE!!!!! I also love Sonja for kicking out Skeletor from her party because she WON’T EVER SHUT UP!!!! Overall, I usually like Sonja- I think she got WAY TO INVOLVED with RAMONA this season, and became an (off camera) drinker. Instead of facing her issues, she disguised them by partying and playing. She needs to grow up a little bit; I hope these unfortunate events brought her back to reality.

Cindy Barshop - the New Girl

Poor Cindy. She had NO IDEA what was gonna hit her when she signed up for this show. THE FIGHTS, THE ‘PECKING ORDER”, THE GOSSIPING. If she thought this show would help platform her business, well, she got the short end of the stick! Barely any airtime, and when she was on, she could NEVER GET A WORD IN with all the other CRAZYS constantly fighting and bickering with her!!! Cindy, I like you- if you don’t come back, I understand- who would want to rehash all of that again??? But if you DO come back, PLEASE HAVE A STRONGER WILL TO STAND UP FOR YOURSELF, AND KICK THE BLONDES ASS’ (verbally, of course).

the NEW Kelly Bensimone

Look at her! SANE, HEALTHY, IN CONTROL, HAPPY, and of course, still GORGEOUS. Whatever she did this year made a world of difference- she has joined the ranks of Jill and Luanne,.. a woman… it was only last year she was a lil cuckoo on “Scary Island”, but I am THANKFUL she has turned herself around. Last year, she was my least favorite- I thought she was crazy!!! This year: I LOVE HER!!! She told Alex off, (thank you!) reasoned with Ramona (credit for trying!) and was peacemaker for Sonja/Cindy (brave, girl). I hope this Kelly keeps up the good work, she’s DOING GREAT!!!!!!! 🙂

Jill Zarin and Luanne DeSeppes - Queen Bees ❤

I didn’t have ANY PROBLEMS with these 2 AT ALL!!!! I LOVED THEM this season, they RULED the show, and were the ONLY ONES who actually kept it together!!!!!!!!!

Jill started off this season quietly, and stayed out of fighting, UNLESS PROVOKED. Last year I think the show got to her head, but after the Bethanny thing, she realized that all the drama wasn’t important- family, business, and REAL FRIENDS were. Jill was so humble and gracious, and only asked about the girls issues, she didn’t involve herself with them. She also gave people the time to explain themselves for their stupid behavior. But when she needed to get her point out, she did- and SHUT EM DOWN!!! Also, a BIG KUDOS for all the “looks” and “appearance” departments…. looking younger everyday!!! 🙂

And my dear Luanne – YOU can do no wrong!!!  There isn’t ONE SCENE from this whole season where she didn’t exude CONFIDENCE, CLASS, PERSONAL HAPPINESS, and SHINE thru all the others BULLSH**!! Luanne- THANK YOU FOR BEING A STRONG WOMAN WITH CLASS!!

(Come visit LA you two, and let’s have an amazing time!)


6 responses to “Real Housewives NY = Real Drama

  1. Wow. You are insane.

  2. Spot on about Alex Mc Cord – and her husband totally creeps me out, I mean WTH is he thinking. She is ugly inside and out IMO and everything about then seems totally fake. I like Jill too, Cindy seems ike a nice person but my favorite is actually Kelly. Maybe she has a case of the crazies but who wouldnt living in that world?

  3. HAHAHA this is the most pathetic review of Real Housewives NY of all time. Please find a real job, this blogging thing isn’t working for you.

    • Dear Fail,

      Hmm- this post was the most viewed of the year, so “most pathetic of ALL time?” Don’t think so…
      Also- blogging is, in fact, working for me- 29,000 people in 2011 is a pretty good number.

      The only thing u got right is ur “name”- FAIL

      Thanks for reading!


    Everything you said is correct, thanks for saying it on my behalf 😉

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