Re- DICK -ulous T-Shirts

I have received some readers photos recently, and have found that there is a part of America who STILL thinks BATHROOM HUMOR is funny (didn’t we all grow out of that by 6th grade?) and some who think that their “‘anti society’/anti ‘the- norm'” views means something (didn’t we ALSO stop doing that in junior high school?) I am mystified and plagued by the thought process that went into both A) the idiots who MADE these shirts, and B) the freaks who WEAR them.

Basically- if you see someone wearing a shirt that would go in this category- run. Run the other way, do not talk to them, do not catch their eye. They CLEARLY have issues.

Is this supposed to be funny? a license plate with i ❤ sav-on? I don’t understand. Really. Except whoever wears it must also be a REEAAAAAL Cheap ass, so ladies- don’t consider this guy worthy of dating. The most expensive date you’ll go on is Taco Bell.

And speaking of cheap asses:

Look at this winner! REAAALY??? And let’s see, what could MY response be? “AND ONLY FREAK ASS LOSERS WOULD WEAR THAT SHIRT!” It’s not that you have to buy expensive shirts (it’s nice to),  but you DEFINITELY don’t buy this “shirt” either!!! The type of person who would wear this is someone I know, who is so… “anti- government/conspiracy 9/11” and lives in a small WT town in northern Cali. He also would love that is has a skull, since he is a “metal-head” (gross) and listens to that Metallica crap… (isn’t that from the 80’s/early 90’s?)

Clearly the people who wear these things are A**HOLES!!!

And speaking of butts, check this out- and ACTUAL butt HOLE on a t-shirt:

Wow…. some guy is actually wearing a REAL A-HOLE on his BODY…. WTF is WRONG with PEOPLE out there???? 

WHERE DID YOU GO, PICK UP THIS SHIRT, and think, “THIS IS SO COOL, I HAVE TO HAVE IT!!” Why are you allowed in public??????? 

The following t-shirt I couldn’t take a real live photo of, it was on a FATHER who was out with his (estimated age) 4 year old son. Lucky(?) for me, I was able to google this (unfortunately) very easily:

A FATHER was wearing this…. IN PUBLIC… WITH his YOUNG CHILD. I have a message for that man, and any man who is thinking of having children: IF YOU WEAR THIS SHIRT, YOU SHOULD NOT BE A PARENT. What kind of message are you telling your child about how to treat others in life? That child will obviously have BAD parenting skills, HORRIBLE manners, and probably end up a WT loser…. That is a HORRIBLE thought, but most likely- true. DON’T WEAR THIS CRAP!!!!!!

And on a brighter, humorous side, I saw this shirt in a store in NYC:

I almost died inside laughing!!! Someone after my OWN HEART!!!!!

Of course I did NOT buy this, (I mean, really?) Even though it’s message is EVERYTHING I stand for, and actually, WOULD be funny coming from me- I do NOT wear STUPID SLOGAN SHIRTS. If I really did see this on someone, I would think, “YEAH, the SALES ASSOCIATE  who SOLD that to YOU!!”

Either way, whoever wears these shirts- the jokes on them…. not us.



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