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Kim Kardashian “Music Video” Leaked

So, I love the Kardashians. I do. I watch it every Sunday, and if I’m not home, my DVR is recording it. I’ve also watched the Miami, New York, and Khloe & Lamar spin-offs. Really. I think the show is like a modern day Brady Bunch, where every episode has a lesson to be learned that can relate to all other families out there. Sure their means of living are beyond most of America, but you know what I mean. Everyone “wants” their life.  Basically, I am the perfect audience Kris Jenner is looking for. In fact, I would LOVE to have her be my Mom-ager! Or at least hang out with her. She has more business savvy in her little finger than most people do in their entire family combined. Kris Jenner is BRILLIANT. She has created an EMPIRE.

And now, witness the first  mistake 😦

Not that she is ENTIRELY responsible for this. Kim’s singing is not going to take her anywhere- we all know that. If she’s doing it just for fun, great! But I feel she’s taking this a lil too far. She had the embarrassment and hurt of her sex tape, and now with this video clip, it shows nothing BUTT her A**!!! The images are ALL SEX!!

Who is this demographic you’re trying to reach? Men- you got them- They’re looking at her like meat. Women- they’re going to call her horrible names. Parents- going to think she’s a bad influence. Teens- going to be more “Sixteen & Pregnant” happening (we DON’T want that)!

Sure, we all know sex sells, but this is borderline PORN. Kris, isn’t this the WRONG message to be sending out about your daughter? And releasing it now that she’s married? Hmmm…….. (thanx to Perez for the leak)

Kim- you’re gorgeous, we all know that. I’ve written about you on here before, telling you so. I hope this is out of your system, because even though we all like looking at you, the LYRICS are HORRIBLE, and the video is PORN.  (Really, Somebody LIED to You!!)

Please, Kardashian Klan-  don’t let us down again. I feel bad about writing something negative against you guys, but that SONG and VIDEO is HORRIBLE! 😦

VMA’s 2011: Very “Mis-led” Artists

HERE WE GO! MTV’S VMA 2011 gives us  a lot of celebs, celebrealities, and musicians. Basically, everything from: “alotta look”,… “really?”,…  and “who ARE you?”!

Beyonce in Lanvin. She can do no wrong. AND… she announced she is PREGNANT!!!!! CONGRATS Ms. B!!!!! Love this girl…. She ROCKED her performance, and expose her bump as the crowd cheered. SHE IS an ICON.

Jojo… I love this girl too… where has she been? I like the edgy black… BUT WHAT is THAT on her BUTT???? I know girls want nice butts, but this is a lil TOO BIG!!! She needs to be careful tho…. the longer I look at this photo, the more I think she’s starting to look like JWOW…. (and I don’t think thats a compliment…)

Speaking of JWOW, here she is with Snooki

This is what happens when you come from nowhere and get ALOT of money VERY quickly.  JWOW lost weight, went from (probably) size 4 to a size 2/0… and put it all back on with plastic surgery. the BOOBS! the LIPS! And her eyes: is it the makeup, or is she botoxed like crazy??? Also, she should have worn a basic Louboutin pump- those shoes DO NOT make this outfit look “classier”.  And YES, I’m admitting this right now…. Snooki has NEVER LOOKED BETTER!!!! Even though she has the streaks, (no) and the shoes (Steve Madden?!?!?) are too big, she looks better than most days. This just goes to show: you can’t take Jersey outta the girls!

Jersey castmate Deena Cortese….. like I said: JERSEY. Ladies, please don’t try this at home. Or anywhere else. Ever. Thanks.

Soo…. this is the first time I have EVER had to say, think, admit, feel this way: KIM’s GOT A FAT A**!!!! And she just got married…. WHICH MEANS she is at her THINNEST for that wedding dress…. Kris has MORE than a handful. DAMN!!

Nicki Minaj IS the NEW Lady Gaga…. WHERE IS THEIR DUET?!?!??!?! This girl is CRAZY! We all know she loves being a Barbie, and here, she is OFFICIALLY HARAJUKU BARBIE. I don’t even know where, what, how, or why…. but SHE is going to be my Halloween costume for this year!!!!!!!!! (not this outfit, but something cuckoo). Her outfit is by  Japanese designer Shojono Tomo. Also: LOVE that “SUPERBASS” WON best HIP HOP VIDEO!!!! I’M OBSESSED with that song!!!

We were ALLL WAITING FOR THIS MOMENT!!!!! THE BIG QUESTION OF THE NIGHT: WHAT WILL GAGA WEAR?!?!?!??!   She has been in an egg, she has worn meat…. what could be next??? MAN DRAG!!!!! Her gender bending identity turns heads, creates controversy, and brings attention to equality issues. Some say she’s annoying, some think she’s too much… She kept the ACT UP the WHOLE NIGHT! (c’mon- THAT’s TALENT!!!)

What is Miley Cyrus wearing? What is this? She looks FAT & BLOATED!!! Not a good choice…..she looks OLD.  Her stylist lied to her.

Katy Perry…. dressed asian style.  Um… I think she heard about Nicki’s outfit, and decided to do a “safe white girl version”. (Nicki won this one) I’m so TIRED of her TRYING!! STOP PRETENDING!!!!!!! And then she changed:

WTF??!?!?!?!?! WHY????? whay is that on your head??!?! IT’S NOT FASHION!!!!!! ITS’S SOOOO STUPID!!!!!

Britney Spears, in another boring black outfit. With those STUPID hooker-looking half bootie that MAKES HER LEGS LOOK SHORT AND STUMPY. She ALWAYS wears these!!! BORED!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s the VMA’s- LIVE A LITTLE!!!!! AND YOU RECEIVED THE VANGUARD AWARD!!!!

Taylor Lautner. He can wear anything. A blazer and a henley? Yup. He may be a young’n, but I’m all for going to see his upcoming film “Abducted”.

Kelly Rowland… wearing dress by Falguni and Shane Peacock.  I like this, Its cool, edgy, fun. I.m a sucker for great makeup, but sorry Kel- this is TOO MUCH makeup! It’s cakes on like a DRAG QUEEN! I have met this girl, and she is Gorgeous as is- she doesn’t need all of that covering her face!

Adele. I LOVE this girl!!! the VOICE!!!! (Her performance was chillingly amazing!)  NO ONE can EVER say I don’t love a girl with a lil weight, because here is my proof! 🙂 She’s nominated for 7 AWARDS, and she is 23.  She wears SAFE basic black, and she is ROCKIN’ some BIG A** HAIR… L.O.V.E. The only thing that creeped me out was her LONG nails… fine for GAGA, fine for Rihanna… but too much for her.

*****************MEN WHO LOOK LIKE SH%#************************

Jake Busey….. Yup,… don’t even have to guess… Gary’s son. Don’t even try to have a career Jake- you look EXACTLY like your dad, and people are going to make fun of you both for the rest of your life. GO HOME NOW

JC Chasez – wow…. life has been HARD on this guy. And no makeup. Time for a new image consultant. STAT.

Steven “Cojo” Cojocaru. Remember him. He was a “style” expert. He got very sick. He came back a woman. I mean, reeeallly?

Tyga. His “name” means “thank you God always”. (sigh). He is new to the scene. (wearing Versace (?!)) But the OVERALL LOOK…???? It’s “alotta look”. Too much look. Before your career starts- hire a stylist.

Tyler, The Creator. (BIIIIG SIIIIIGH)….. Yeah, that’s his “name”. What are these guys thinking? How are they helping IMPROVE our world??? He won for “Best New Artist”.  REALLY. His acceptance speech was so bleeped out, I had NO IDEA what he even said. He’s 20. With a start like that, he’s looking to be the next Kanye: a big F’ing D-Bag. And that’s WITHOUT me even talking about his F***ing choice of outfit.

************* THE MEN ARE WEARING DESIGNER********************

Busta Rhymes in… (Gucci?!) Well, at least it looks like it. The red & green striping… I just am not sure about Gucci making that collar…… Hmmmm….

Kevin Hart. YSL belt. Hmm… seeing a lot of YSL lately. Maybe since they just opened in Beverly Center. I loke this style (it’s a lil too “street” for me), but in general- I would ROCK everything from the belt up.

Ace Hood in Versace. Well, a Versace shirt anyway….. and belt (not in this pic). Versace IS making a comeback…. Lady Gaga, the H&M collab….. and now in the hip-hop community.  Hell Yeah.

Justin Beiber, wearing a YSL pin on his jacket lapel… hmm… more YSL.  He’s also wearing RED PANTS and LEOPARD PRINT SHOES (NOT CUTE). And to MAKE THIS WORSE-  he has a F***ING SNAKE IN HIS HAND!!!!! WTF?!?!?!?!? When Selena Gomez asked him about it, he said,” I brought my snake with me” (she asked it’s name), he said, “Johnson”….. REEEAALLLY??!?! On Television?!!?! We all know what that implies… so stupid. Beware moms’… he’s turning!

******************NEW GENERATION GIRLS***************************

Bonnie McKee…. WHO????? (Ysl shoes…..)  She was born in 84… and is responsible for WRITING Britney’s “Hold it against me” and Katy’s “California girls” and “Teenage Dream”. I was gonna say that she looks more “hooker” than songwriter-  she dresses like the songs she writes. But you know what? She’s getting her bills paid. BIG TIME. At her age, she might as well dress like that while she can!

“Chanel”…. yes, her name is Chanel. I’m sure Coco is screaming in her grave. Nothing here says Chanel. Who is this???? She was an Australian Idol runner-up. She is in an Australian trip-hop group.

Jessie J. Recently hurt herself, so came out to sing covers of every song known during commercial breaks. I think she took something from Cee Lo Green’s closet! She is 23, and has written songs for Miley and Chris Brown.  Let’s see if her clothing matures  with her career.

Liz Lee…. WHO?!?!?!?!? the star of “My Life as Liz”. Am I too old? Guess so…. But I AM old enough to SCHOOL HER on APPROPRIATE DRESS for a carpet:


ugly…. gross…. sloppy. What a way to represent yourself, your show, and all the people trying to get your career going- I would either quit or fire her.

Shirley Manson from Garbage?? NOPE! Bjork?? NOPE. It’s new singer Skylar Grey. It’s a lil too “Beetle Juice” for me. Of all nights to dress up and look cool, for the world to see- this is it?? Not interested…………

Bebe Work Wear! But WHAT KIND of work are you in????

I love waking up and having such amazing material just appear for my posts. I mean, this was just handed to me- I didn’t even have to look for it! Oh, I’m taking a big breath, (because some of the following images were making me giggle); I can’t wait to share this with you.

Bebe is launching its “New Way to Work It” collection tomorrow, touting these looks as inspiration for “what to wear to work”. Now, I do want to tell you: I Love Bebe… It is my go-to store for “hooker-high” heels and little Mini dresses for dressing up my 20 yr old “projects” to go out to some Hollywood club. As you know by now, I LOVE ME A BARBIE- My favorite kind of girl! However, I HARDLY think of Bebe (or can wrap my mind around it) that their clothing is acceptable FOR THE WORKPLACE.  When you design, or style a girl, you have to ask yourself: “who is she?” and “Where is she going?”

I do think there are A COUPLE things I like, but the rest… (I would die to know what Anna Wintour would think). So please find their following “Mon-Fri” schedule, and tell me what you think! 🙂



Monday option #1

This is for the Store Manager of Bebe. Or a Hostess at a hip new lounge/restaurant.

Monday option #2

If you look like you’re wearing a (version of) Chanel boucle suit; you’re on the right track. She’s got on hosiery (fishnets though- sexing it up a lil too much?) The shoes are alright, and the skirt length is juuuuust pushing it. but over-all, I like.

Monday option #3

And just when you though she went executive, wearing a nice pantsuit, with some tuxedo style trim, you see her shoes… the TOO HIGH HOOKER platforms she left on from the night before!!! That just KILLED it… 😦



Tuesday option #1

Soooo……. Like I said before: “who is she? and where is she going?” … CLEARLY, this girl is NOT wearing this during the DAYTIME. This is a Bottle-Service girl at a nightclub…. Who would wear this in the daytime?!??!?! Can you imagine? If she had a secretary position, the only position she would be in is UNDER A DESK!

Tuesday option #2

This has me stumped… She’s wearing cut-off gloves. (When you style a shoot, it’s all about the accessories to give it some “pow”. But when you’re marketing a SPECIFIC campaign, IE: WORKWEAR, the stylist needs to EDIT and be REALISTIC!) The only place I can see this girl is modeling at a Car Show… with those gloves, all she can do is rev those guy’s engines.

Tuesday option #3

She’s cute, she looks fun. I think we can all agree that “leopard” is not directly correlated with “daytime work wear”, but overall this image is nice. How about she being a receptionist at a hair salon? GREAT! When she’s done, she can go out on the town right after with all her gays, without having to go home and change first!



Wednesday option #1

Like I just said- The stylist is going OVERBOARD. Those earrings? Again? with THAT outfit? With a GOLD belt, and SILVER bag? Those SHOES are Tranny-Time!!! I don’t have a CLUE where this girl could work, because this is NOT a well done look…. The outfit looks cheap, and thrown together.

Wednesday option #2

The only thing she’s working, is this outfit,… going out at night! I can see her in NYC, with a hot guy, going on a date. The skirt is hot, (good length), and I like it with the bow belt. The style of shoes are on-trend with the “elf style” cut out, accessories are kept to a minimum (one arm). The clutch is rockin’, and the jacket keeps her warm as she walks down the block after her date.



Thursday option #1

Seriously?!? What is this? Who is this girl?? WHERE is she going? First: this is horrible. I don’t know 1 GIRL who would EVER wear this. Second: There is WAAAAAAAY too much going on here!! The LACE shirt UNDERNEATH a SWEETHEART dress, WITH a WIDE BLACK BELT, WITH GLOVES??? TELL ME: WHAT JOB COULD THIS GIRL GO TO WORK IN WEARING THIS????

Thursday option #2

“TRANSVESTITE THURSDAY”. C’mon, Bebe….really??? LACEUP HOOKER BOOTS, with LEOPARD PRINT TIGHTS, with a top that has BOTH MESH SLEEVES AND LACE??? OMG, This make me laugh!!!! If some girl wore this to a job interview, I would turn her AWAY!!!! The ONLY THING IN THIS PICTURE that is worth looking at is the skirt….



Friday option #1

So I guess Bebe took the whole “Casual Friday” to THE NEXT LEVEL…. or actually, a different level: A CHEAP LEVEL. These last Friday options materials are all really bad spandex outfits… observe. In this look: THOSE SHOES ARE FOR NIGHT-TIME. If you’re wearing them in the day, then you DO NOT have a normal 9-5 job. PAiring them with LYCRA/SPANDEX leggings and a PLAID CORSET are not appropriate either… WHAT JOB do you know of where a girl can WORK like this? I know… This can be uniform for the liquor girls who rep brands  and give sample drinks at different events!!

Friday option #2

Either she’s the coat-check girl at the revival of Studio 54 club in Vegas, or she’s the hostess at Rum Jungle in  Vegas. Basic black is great, but leopard belt AND LEOPARD WEDGES are a little much for your daytime law office gal!

Friday option #3

There’s that SPANDEX and MESH again!!!! And the SAME EARRINGS AGAIN. With this outfit, her job is a SPACE TRAVELLER. With all those shiny metal accessories, like that futuristic belt, cuffs, and metallic leggings, she can fight aliens, or work at Bebe Mars!



When all is said and done, these clearly are looks for younger girls, NOT PROFESSIONALS. Maybe their own staff wasn’t following their own dress code, gave them this new one, and decided to market it to the rest of the world in an attempt to make a little extra money! (BIG SIGH….) Either way, we all know that these outfits are for the girls who work IN the MALLS, not OUTSIDE the malls. I give Bebe an “A” for trying, a “C” for designs, and an “F” to the wardrobe stylist.

Abercrombie’s “Jersey Shore” financial “Fitchuation”

Wow, well this sounds like a stupid “Situation”. And it has to do with The Jersey Shore, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, and retailer Abercrombie & Fitch. (God help me).

Apparently, A&F doesn’t want to be associated with “The Jersey Shore” or its cast-mates, and has offered a “substantial” amount of money for them NOT to wear their clothing. I, of course, having never watched this show for obvious reasons, even knew he wore A&F (it’s really a brand for closeted gays, newly out gays, and too-old gym gays… and foreigners). I thought all the cast of “Jersey Shore” wore ED HARDY and CHRISTIAN AUDIGIER (which is WAY worse than gay A&F).

Abercrombie has just released a press announcement citing:

“We are deeply concerned that Mr. Sorrentino’s association with our brand could cause significant damage to our image. We understand that the show is for entertainment purposes, but believe this association is contrary to the aspirational nature of our brand, and may be distressing to many of our fans.”

“We have therefore offered a substantial payment to Michael ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino and the producers of MTV’s The Jersey Shore to have the character wear an alternate brand. We have also extended this offer to other members of the cast, and are urgently waiting a response.”


WHAT HAVE WE HERE?!?!?!?!? Only LAST YEAR, A&F released this shirt, and made LOTS of money off it.  (Really? WHO bought this? This shows where the next generation is headed… uh, so sad.)

Why the change of tune A&F? You were just making money off him, and now you want nothing to do with him?? Hmm… did Mike turn down posing for their homo-erotic catalog….?

Since A&F made money using that all-too-familiar tagline, maybe Mike should go after them for earnings??? I can smell a lawsuit…..but wait, would I have to then wear a cheesy shirt saying “Team Situation” ??

“Bev Hills House-Husband” commits suicide

UPDATE 8/17/2011: Rumors are flying like crazy only 1 day after Russell’s suicide. There are multiple news sources claiming they have knowledge of Russell being bisexual, and that he had fear of this knowledge coming forth in a “tell-all” book. It is also being reported that Taylor confided in a friend months ago that she found links to gay hookup sites, like Supposedly, this source is saying, “He was also spending a lot of time at the gym, but his body wasn’t changing, which she claims led her to believe he was meeting with men he’d met off the website and not spending time working out as he claimed.”

Listen, I’m all for investigating what happened, and reasons why, but this is ONE DAY LATER!!! How about some family privacy and time for loss for a week before digging up everything!!!! We all want to know why, but damn….


It was  just announced that last night, on Mon Aug 15, Russell Armstrong, the estranged husband of “Beverly Hills Real Housewife” Taylor Armstrong, committed suicide. He was pronounced dead at 8:15 pm. He was 47.

Now this is not something I would normally post, since it is not fashion/lifestyle related. It has to do with the well known fact that Taylor Armstrong came forward with allegations of physical and verbal abuse, and has suffered this throughout her life. In a very open interview with one of those weekly gossip mags, even Russell said, [“yeah, I get aggressive”].  It is also known that supposedly he has a history with being physical, even to ex-wife Barbara Fredrickson, as she said in court docs in 2004, “Russell threw me to the ground and slapped me across the face”… “The police were called to Russell’s and my residence during our marriage because Russell hit me, blackened my eyes, kicked me in the back, threw crystal drinking glasses at me, and spit on me.”

Having dealt with some issues of physical and verbal “abuse” from my past, both experiencing and witnessing; it is NO laughing matter, and NOT something to be taken light of. IF SOMEONE IS PHYSICALLY OR EMOTIONALLY HARMING YOU- YOU NEED TO TALK TO SOMEONE. IF YOU’RE SCARED, SOMEONE WILL BE THERE FOR YOU. YOU DON’T OWE YOUR LIFE TO SOMEONE WHO PUTS YOU DOWN. YOU WILL ALWAYS HAVE A PLACE TO GO!!

Is the show to blame? Is the pressure of being scrutinized by millions too much? No one can accept the responsibility for this, except Russell himself. (Ex Barbara is claiming (already) that “… that Taylor girl drove him to this”).

Taylor recently filed for divorce, the couple is being sued for $1.5 million by people they have done business with, and the second season of RHOBH is just about to start (we’re expecting a lot of footage of Taylor dealing with the separation, and a lot of crying from previous tapings – How will Bravo deal with this now?)  The combination of having to try to deal with financial issues, suffering a broken family (a second time), and being publicly humiliated on national tv and in publications can definitely be grounds behind his reasonings. Was he too weak to defend himself? Did he think he couldn’t escape this “abusive” image? Or were the pressures of his life just too much to want to deal with?

We as a public don’t know what really happened, if Taylor is “saved” now, due to no more violence from him, (ie: was he a monster who deserved this?) or if this another chapter that will haunt her, as her life gets publicly spotlighted. Living in the “spotlight” of media can RUIN a person, a family, an image…. it is not all fame and fortune.

The main thing here is that 3 children have lost their father.

( son Aiden, 13 with Barbara, son Griffin, 11 with former fiancée Milette Fields and daughter Kennedy, 5, with Taylor.)

BCBG = Bad Clothes (from) Better Garments !!!!!

I recently walked into the newly opened store in The Beverly Center, and was BLOWN AWAY!! Not from the store design (nice), not from the friendly staff (very nice), but from the MERCHANDISE THEY ARE SELLING AS DIRECT KNOCKOFFS OF OTHER DESIGNERS…. HARDCORE!!! This BCBG brand is no longer an originator in anything, whoever is “designing” (Max Azria?) is CLEARLY just copying things that SOMEONE ELSE HAS ALREADY MADE!

Just call the store “KNOCK OFF CENTRAL”! It’s one thing to copy YOUR OWN Herve Ledger dresses at a fraction of a cost for the aspiring coveters, but it’s quite another to SELL MERCHANDISE that are EXACT COPIES (and much cheaper looking) and call it YOUR DESIGNS!!! HOW EMBARRASSING…

Here are my EXACT EXAMPLES of BCBG’s FORGERY off DESIGNERS! (I’m going to start with accessories… wait till you see the clothes and shoes!)

First we have Louis Vuitton:

Louis Vuitton cuff




Next up: HERMES

THE FAMOUS Hermes cuff - the "Collier de chien"

BCBG Knockoff

Hermes Espionne Ring




Now onto YSL…

YSL Postcard collection... bags, clutches, wallets...

BCBG (way cheaper looking) KNOCKOFF



How about MISSONI??

A REAL Missoni

BCBG Knockoff in STORE!



Prada’s turn….

PRADA skirt, F/W 2010 - color-blocking trendstarter

BCBG KNOCKOFF - a season later, EXACT COLORS ... their S/S 2011




Prada Sequin Clutch

Prada Sequin Clutch

Prada Sequin Clutches




Shamefully…. Christian Louboutin

The Louboutin Spike that started it all....

Another Louboutin version....





And last, but not least…. Gianmarco Lorenzi. AMAZING shoes.

Gianmarco Lorenzi / Swarovski Crystal Snake shoe



So what did we learn here today? That YES, you can get the “look for less”…

But DIRECT COPYING is HORRIBLE. Imagine you’re at a party, and you’re wearing that “Missoni copy”, and everyone’s saying, “I LOVE your Missoni dress”. IMAGINE the GUILT you feel if you don’t correct them. Or the EMBARRASSMENT when you say, “No, It’s BCBG”, and they look at you like an IMPOSTOR. That Louis Vuitton cuff?? “Oh, no, it’s not really an LV…” So SAD!

The embarrassment…..

Thylane Loubry Blondeau: The GORGEOUS 10 year old Model

A LOT of controversy is going on about Thylane Loubry-Blondeau, the 10 year old model (who has been working for a while) and her recent FRENCH VOUGE editorial. Media and masses are saying she is “over-sexualized”, “subjected to perversion”, etc…..

Thylane wearing a $4.3 million necklace... with bunnies... FUN!

I FEEL SHE IS THE MOST GORGEOUS GIRL EVER! She is playing “dress-up” for a magazine SHOOT – NOT living like this everyday, NOT starring in an ad campaign… just a couple pages in French Vogue. What girl WOULDN’T want that??

Or course WE, as a public, all have opinions, and YES, she is (REALISTICALLY) too young to be wearing heels/ that much makeup/ evening gowns, etc. But this isn’t reality… It’s a P H O T O S H O O T!!!!! “For PRETEND”!!!!  How many of you women out there (and men) went into their parents closet and played dress-up??? Put on their mothers makeup, and perfume, and lookied into the mirror, pretending to be older??? ALL OF YOU DID!!!!! Only thing different here, is the girl got to have her photo taken!!!! Professionally at that (by David Sims)!!! And in one of Fashion’s BIBLES!! WEARING GUCCI, LOUIS VUITTON, and JIMMY CHOO!!!!!

"pretend you're playing with Mommy's lipstick.." SEE?? FUN!!

She is the daughter of soccer star Patrick Blondeau, and designer Veronika Loubry.  This is like if David Beckham and Victoria were to do a photo shoot with their daughter Harper Seven at 10. She’s already a mini-celeb, she’s in the public eye, and she’ll definitely be a beautiful girl involved in fashion!

This is TOTALLY what HARPER BECKHAM will be like!! BEAUTIFUL!!

THE PEOPLE WHO ARE SAYING IT’S OVER-SEXUALIZED ARE TAKING IT THERE BECAUSE THEY ARE OVER-SENSITIVE NON-FASHION PEOPLE!!! Why would I even think this as “sexual” unless I was a disgusting pervert? I wouldn’t! It’s art!!!

You have to look at this as FASHION. FRENCH FASHION. FRENCH VOGUE. STYLING. HAIR. MAKEUP. A COLLABORATE EFFORT TO ACHIEVE A BEAUTIFUL IMAGE! Every person who is bashing this is GUILTY of one thing: JEALOUSY! You KNOW you all wish you could have done this at her age, AND YOU WOULD HAVE given the chance!