Thylane Loubry Blondeau: The GORGEOUS 10 year old Model

A LOT of controversy is going on about Thylane Loubry-Blondeau, the 10 year old model (who has been working for a while) and her recent FRENCH VOUGE editorial. Media and masses are saying she is “over-sexualized”, “subjected to perversion”, etc…..

Thylane wearing a $4.3 million necklace... with bunnies... FUN!

I FEEL SHE IS THE MOST GORGEOUS GIRL EVER! She is playing “dress-up” for a magazine SHOOT – NOT living like this everyday, NOT starring in an ad campaign… just a couple pages in French Vogue. What girl WOULDN’T want that??

Or course WE, as a public, all have opinions, and YES, she is (REALISTICALLY) too young to be wearing heels/ that much makeup/ evening gowns, etc. But this isn’t reality… It’s a P H O T O S H O O T!!!!! “For PRETEND”!!!!  How many of you women out there (and men) went into their parents closet and played dress-up??? Put on their mothers makeup, and perfume, and lookied into the mirror, pretending to be older??? ALL OF YOU DID!!!!! Only thing different here, is the girl got to have her photo taken!!!! Professionally at that (by David Sims)!!! And in one of Fashion’s BIBLES!! WEARING GUCCI, LOUIS VUITTON, and JIMMY CHOO!!!!!

"pretend you're playing with Mommy's lipstick.." SEE?? FUN!!

She is the daughter of soccer star Patrick Blondeau, and designer Veronika Loubry.  This is like if David Beckham and Victoria were to do a photo shoot with their daughter Harper Seven at 10. She’s already a mini-celeb, she’s in the public eye, and she’ll definitely be a beautiful girl involved in fashion!

This is TOTALLY what HARPER BECKHAM will be like!! BEAUTIFUL!!

THE PEOPLE WHO ARE SAYING IT’S OVER-SEXUALIZED ARE TAKING IT THERE BECAUSE THEY ARE OVER-SENSITIVE NON-FASHION PEOPLE!!! Why would I even think this as “sexual” unless I was a disgusting pervert? I wouldn’t! It’s art!!!

You have to look at this as FASHION. FRENCH FASHION. FRENCH VOGUE. STYLING. HAIR. MAKEUP. A COLLABORATE EFFORT TO ACHIEVE A BEAUTIFUL IMAGE! Every person who is bashing this is GUILTY of one thing: JEALOUSY! You KNOW you all wish you could have done this at her age, AND YOU WOULD HAVE given the chance!

7 responses to “Thylane Loubry Blondeau: The GORGEOUS 10 year old Model

  1. I think she is gorgeous! What makes this any worse than “Toddlers and Tiaras”? People don’t seem to have a problem with pageant children and I don’t think this is an issue either. Like you said, this probably isn’t how she looks in her daily life!

  2. Love your article Brian! She is gorgeous and I can’t believe people would even take it to the “over sexual” point. It’s art. I’m pretty sure that during the renaissance children were painted in the nude AND married off at about this age to men 4x their age. And what do we do with those photos? We hang them in museums and sell them for millions of dollars! Never have they been called “over sexual”! This little girl is beautiful and when I was 10, I wish I could have photos like this, playing dress up with Gucci, Louis and the like? Please?!

  3. Great article!!! She is lovelylovely lovelyyyy and if you had a daughter, um, well, this would be her. Blond, skinny and beautiful and chic. Great read. Great points. She has a kinda Leticia thing going on meets Bardot. Adorable and beautiful.

  4. Are you serious?! I would have hated to be in her spot at 10. This girl needs her parents in her life. I dont understand how dressing up a little girl in tiny dresses, heels, and tons of makeup is fashion… I’m 16 and i dont even wear as much make up as her! Shouldnt she be playing with barbie dolls or something? Or maybe in school? Yes she is a very beautiful girl but if this is what she is being grow into (make up and dressing this way) then i dont think her confidence levels are going to be very high. Why do you think all these disney stars are turning out to be trash? They dont need to be in the spot light and i find it so discusting that there are people out there who dont have any problem with this. She is 10 not 20! (I thought the picture with the burgandy lipstick was Adriana Lima!) I get that there is a fashion world but they fashion world doesnt belong to little girls they need to grow up before they can make their own decisions… :/

  5. Are you stupid or what ?
    This girl IS fucking oversexualised. The problem is not her, because she obviously likes it. The problem is perv who see these pics and go RAPE other childrens ! Nothing will happen to this bitch, nothing at all.
    Be realistic.
    This is not fashion omg, you obviously know nothing about fashion. People who support her tend to be complexed and jealous because they wish they could dress like her and stuffs so they envy her..

    You guys are so stupdid

    • Dear Lena,

      Thank u for such a well written and thoughtful comment which you clearly took time to think about.. And know nothing about. Lol

      Thanx for reading!

  6. anonymous:Why is my name important?

    I’m completely dumbfounded. How can you look at such a suductive image of a CHILD and call it “art”? I might as well sell a picture of a mermaid drawn by an infant for fifty bucks.

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