BCBG = Bad Clothes (from) Better Garments !!!!!

I recently walked into the newly opened store in The Beverly Center, and was BLOWN AWAY!! Not from the store design (nice), not from the friendly staff (very nice), but from the MERCHANDISE THEY ARE SELLING AS DIRECT KNOCKOFFS OF OTHER DESIGNERS…. HARDCORE!!! This BCBG brand is no longer an originator in anything, whoever is “designing” (Max Azria?) is CLEARLY just copying things that SOMEONE ELSE HAS ALREADY MADE!

Just call the store “KNOCK OFF CENTRAL”! It’s one thing to copy YOUR OWN Herve Ledger dresses at a fraction of a cost for the aspiring coveters, but it’s quite another to SELL MERCHANDISE that are EXACT COPIES (and much cheaper looking) and call it YOUR DESIGNS!!! HOW EMBARRASSING…

Here are my EXACT EXAMPLES of BCBG’s FORGERY off DESIGNERS! (I’m going to start with accessories… wait till you see the clothes and shoes!)

First we have Louis Vuitton:

Louis Vuitton cuff




Next up: HERMES

THE FAMOUS Hermes cuff - the "Collier de chien"

BCBG Knockoff

Hermes Espionne Ring




Now onto YSL…

YSL Postcard collection... bags, clutches, wallets...

BCBG (way cheaper looking) KNOCKOFF



How about MISSONI??

A REAL Missoni

BCBG Knockoff in STORE!



Prada’s turn….

PRADA skirt, F/W 2010 - color-blocking trendstarter

BCBG KNOCKOFF - a season later, EXACT COLORS ... their S/S 2011




Prada Sequin Clutch

Prada Sequin Clutch

Prada Sequin Clutches




Shamefully…. Christian Louboutin

The Louboutin Spike that started it all....

Another Louboutin version....





And last, but not least…. Gianmarco Lorenzi. AMAZING shoes.

Gianmarco Lorenzi / Swarovski Crystal Snake shoe



So what did we learn here today? That YES, you can get the “look for less”…

But DIRECT COPYING is HORRIBLE. Imagine you’re at a party, and you’re wearing that “Missoni copy”, and everyone’s saying, “I LOVE your Missoni dress”. IMAGINE the GUILT you feel if you don’t correct them. Or the EMBARRASSMENT when you say, “No, It’s BCBG”, and they look at you like an IMPOSTOR. That Louis Vuitton cuff?? “Oh, no, it’s not really an LV…” So SAD!

The embarrassment…..


7 responses to “BCBG = Bad Clothes (from) Better Garments !!!!!

  1. Gotta say it looks nice though, cause hey- I cant afford such luxuries!!!!

  2. Those Highend lines start the trends and then the more affordable lines try to copy them to bring the highend style to a more affordable demographic. It’s been done for years! The only shame in them is their lack of creativity. I have to say although I’m a fan of all things luxurious, I’m quite happy being a working stylist and having the option to shop at these places like BCBG to bring a clients champagne tastes on beer budget money looks comes to life! 🙂

    • Hi Pia!
      First, I want to thank you for reading! 🙂
      Although I agree with u in the styling aspect (finding the look for less always feels great, especially on a budget!), BCBG has always known to be its own brand with THIER OWN DESIGNS. Trend following is necessary in fashion, as it keeps the masses looking uniform (to a degree). My case here is that the DIRECT COPYING is a big no-no. For example, that “Missoni” dress- If you pulled that for a client to wear to a party, all she would hear all night, “is that Missoni?” and when she says “no”,… it wouldn’t make her feel good, rather embarrassed, because she knows she’s wearing a “fake”. I’m all about follow the trends, and rocking the “look for less”, but I don’t believe in wearing a knockoff. This post was to show how I noticed BCBG putting their label in someone else’s clothes, taking the credit for the designs, and making profit.

      Again, thank you for coming to my site, and commenting! I welcome more of it!

  3. CoCo Chanel once said, imitation is the greatest form of flattery… Haha.. But then again, I won’t get the cheap knockoffs.

  4. I mean the high end fashion is beautiful no doubt, but I can’t afford an $800 pair of shoes. If I see something similar and just as beautiful for $1-200 then heck yes, I’m buying the copy and I can guarantee you that I would wear them proudly!

    • Dear ewalk-

      I agree with you, in the fact that not everyone can afford designer shoes…. nor am I asking you, or everyone out there to buy. We can all appreciate things outside of our budget, become inspired, and achieve the “look for less”- which I’m all for! (as long as it’s executed well).
      I feel you may have missed the entire point of this article however, because this is not aimed at the customer, this is aimed at the retailer. Like I have stated, “it is one thing to follow trends, it is quite another to DIRECTLY COPY another designers IDEAS!” If BCBG is passing off items SO SIMILAR TO ANOTHER DESIGNER’S CREATION THAT IT HAS TO BE QUESTIONED, then SHAME on BCBG.

      Thank you for reading WLTY.COM!! 🙂

  5. i just bought the elizabeth and james ava dress, which i absolutely adore! and then i was browsing bcbg (because i love them!) dresses and i saw almost the exact same dress! of course the elizabeth and james dress was cut a whole lot nicer! so sad that bcbg isn’t so original anymore. and who came up with the cardiwrap first? bcbg or dkny?

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