“Bev Hills House-Husband” commits suicide

UPDATE 8/17/2011: Rumors are flying like crazy only 1 day after Russell’s suicide. There are multiple news sources claiming they have knowledge of Russell being bisexual, and that he had fear of this knowledge coming forth in a “tell-all” book. It is also being reported that Taylor confided in a friend months ago that she found links to gay hookup sites, like adam4adam.com. Supposedly, this source is saying, “He was also spending a lot of time at the gym, but his body wasn’t changing, which she claims led her to believe he was meeting with men he’d met off the website and not spending time working out as he claimed.”

Listen, I’m all for investigating what happened, and reasons why, but this is ONE DAY LATER!!! How about some family privacy and time for loss for a week before digging up everything!!!! We all want to know why, but damn….


It was  just announced that last night, on Mon Aug 15, Russell Armstrong, the estranged husband of “Beverly Hills Real Housewife” Taylor Armstrong, committed suicide. He was pronounced dead at 8:15 pm. He was 47.

Now this is not something I would normally post, since it is not fashion/lifestyle related. It has to do with the well known fact that Taylor Armstrong came forward with allegations of physical and verbal abuse, and has suffered this throughout her life. In a very open interview with one of those weekly gossip mags, even Russell said, [“yeah, I get aggressive”].  It is also known that supposedly he has a history with being physical, even to ex-wife Barbara Fredrickson, as she said in court docs in 2004, “Russell threw me to the ground and slapped me across the face”… “The police were called to Russell’s and my residence during our marriage because Russell hit me, blackened my eyes, kicked me in the back, threw crystal drinking glasses at me, and spit on me.”

Having dealt with some issues of physical and verbal “abuse” from my past, both experiencing and witnessing; it is NO laughing matter, and NOT something to be taken light of. IF SOMEONE IS PHYSICALLY OR EMOTIONALLY HARMING YOU- YOU NEED TO TALK TO SOMEONE. IF YOU’RE SCARED, SOMEONE WILL BE THERE FOR YOU. YOU DON’T OWE YOUR LIFE TO SOMEONE WHO PUTS YOU DOWN. YOU WILL ALWAYS HAVE A PLACE TO GO!!

Is the show to blame? Is the pressure of being scrutinized by millions too much? No one can accept the responsibility for this, except Russell himself. (Ex Barbara is claiming (already) that “… that Taylor girl drove him to this”).

Taylor recently filed for divorce, the couple is being sued for $1.5 million by people they have done business with, and the second season of RHOBH is just about to start (we’re expecting a lot of footage of Taylor dealing with the separation, and a lot of crying from previous tapings – How will Bravo deal with this now?)  The combination of having to try to deal with financial issues, suffering a broken family (a second time), and being publicly humiliated on national tv and in publications can definitely be grounds behind his reasonings. Was he too weak to defend himself? Did he think he couldn’t escape this “abusive” image? Or were the pressures of his life just too much to want to deal with?

We as a public don’t know what really happened, if Taylor is “saved” now, due to no more violence from him, (ie: was he a monster who deserved this?) or if this another chapter that will haunt her, as her life gets publicly spotlighted. Living in the “spotlight” of media can RUIN a person, a family, an image…. it is not all fame and fortune.

The main thing here is that 3 children have lost their father.

( son Aiden, 13 with Barbara, son Griffin, 11 with former fiancée Milette Fields and daughter Kennedy, 5, with Taylor.)


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