Kim Kardashian “Music Video” Leaked

So, I love the Kardashians. I do. I watch it every Sunday, and if I’m not home, my DVR is recording it. I’ve also watched the Miami, New York, and Khloe & Lamar spin-offs. Really. I think the show is like a modern day Brady Bunch, where every episode has a lesson to be learned that can relate to all other families out there. Sure their means of living are beyond most of America, but you know what I mean. Everyone “wants” their life.  Basically, I am the perfect audience Kris Jenner is looking for. In fact, I would LOVE to have her be my Mom-ager! Or at least hang out with her. She has more business savvy in her little finger than most people do in their entire family combined. Kris Jenner is BRILLIANT. She has created an EMPIRE.

And now, witness the first  mistake 😦

Not that she is ENTIRELY responsible for this. Kim’s singing is not going to take her anywhere- we all know that. If she’s doing it just for fun, great! But I feel she’s taking this a lil too far. She had the embarrassment and hurt of her sex tape, and now with this video clip, it shows nothing BUTT her A**!!! The images are ALL SEX!!

Who is this demographic you’re trying to reach? Men- you got them- They’re looking at her like meat. Women- they’re going to call her horrible names. Parents- going to think she’s a bad influence. Teens- going to be more “Sixteen & Pregnant” happening (we DON’T want that)!

Sure, we all know sex sells, but this is borderline PORN. Kris, isn’t this the WRONG message to be sending out about your daughter? And releasing it now that she’s married? Hmmm…….. (thanx to Perez for the leak)

Kim- you’re gorgeous, we all know that. I’ve written about you on here before, telling you so. I hope this is out of your system, because even though we all like looking at you, the LYRICS are HORRIBLE, and the video is PORN.  (Really, Somebody LIED to You!!)

Please, Kardashian Klan-  don’t let us down again. I feel bad about writing something negative against you guys, but that SONG and VIDEO is HORRIBLE! 😦


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