I survived the MISSONI + Target = PANDAMONIUM!!!!!!!

Just survived the attack on LA in the West Hollywood branch of Target! Anyone who was anyone in the fashion world, who paid attention, who was on top of the debut of Missoni for Target, was waiting for the store opening!!  I called Target the night before to see if they were opening early, and they said “regular shopping hours”- which meant 8am. I set my alarm for 7, got Starbucks, and arrived at Target at 7:30….. this is what I saw:

The lines were SNAKING around the outside, with security keeping people in line. So unfortunately for us, that meant we were probably about #499 in line… While waiting, EVERYONE was buzzing about how this morning Target’s site CRASHED because of the frenzy… No one could buy anything online (that means YOU New York!! Ahead of the game!)  🙂 People were up at 5 AM buying!!!

Talked to the lady behind us with a little girl, who told us today was her “first day of school”, but this Missoni release was more important- L.O.V.E her!!!  We wished her luck (hope she got plenty of girl’s clothes!).  Then we got inside, and the CRAZINESS WAS EVERYWHERE!!!!!!

People were CRAZY! Basically FASHION ZOMBIES! The Clusterf*** of carts, running, and the fact that some boxes hadn’t yet been open- O.O.C!! (out of control). In the kitchen ware area, we MOBBED the Target employees opening a box of plates and glasses… it was empty within 60 seconds!

We were then running down an aisle and saw a deserted cart with plates- we looked around, saw no one, and grabbed them. Seconds later, a lady came down the aisle screaming, “Those are my plates!” We yelled back,” You shouldn’t desert your cart!” As we gave them back to her, she ALMOST STARTED CRYING, saying,”that’s all I could grab”. We told her,”Listen, you hold on to those, and don’t leave that cart out of your site”, and ran to find the bedding. Unfortunately, everything was WIPED OUT.

This was once the home of the Cosmetic Pouches ...

As we checked out with our small bundle, we saw some of the “first in line” shoppers items:

This lady SCORED!

The woman in front of us had the bicycle, pillows, platters… everything she wanted (lucky b****!!) I KNEW we should have been there at 6am!!!

Here’s what we got:

Not as much as we wanted, but glad we got something! 3 SETS of glasses,  3 serving plates, a media box, and matching desktop note-pad I found abandoned on a checkout shelf.

When we got outside, we took a deep breath, and decided to immediately check the website- IT WAS UP AND RUNNING!!!! We added MORE ITEMS we wanted to our “cart”, paid, and YAY- ORDERED!!!!!!!!!

There are a few things that are STILL SOLD OUT that we want, but I wil be checking that site and stores throughout the next couple days in HOPE of getting the rest. Good job Missoni- you just made HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS I’m sure!

Got home, and had to set the table with our pre-existing Missoni floral chargers… here’s a sneak peak!

Ps: I tweeted to Ms. Margherita (@mmmargherita) a link to this article and photo- and she loved it! 🙂


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