Halloween is ALMOST here! Say hello to: “ANNA REXIA”!!!

The following image is the costume Anna Rexia.  (Dying…)


Since Halloween is BY FAR, my most FAVORITE HOLIDAY EVER, I’m going to start this wonderful month of October with an appropriate theme: COSTUMES!!

I just read about this year’s first (… already?) “offensive” outfit. She is Anna Rexia, and was offered at Ricky’s (www.rickyshalloween.com). It is a short “dress” with a silk-screen glittery skeleton print. It comes with a “tape measure belt” to put around your waist.

Now, there are certain OVERREACTING GROUPS ( William Walters, coordinator at the National Eating Disorders Association)
talking about how “this is damaging to people, and making light of people battling a disease”… So much so, that it is PULLED OFF the website, and no longer available to purchase!

First: I have no problem with this costume. This is GREAT! For all girls who are OVERWEIGHT- they can pretend that for one night- they are skinny!! For all those girls UNDERWEIGHT- they’ll see how skinny they are, and realize they need to eat. Both parties will have friends, family, or peers that will tell those girls they need to do something about their health- EITHER EAT MORE, OR, STOP EATING! This costume is like a little “kick in the ass” for those struggling with weight issues, right?

Secondly, as we all know, HALLOWEEN IS MEANT FOR GIRLS TO DRESS LIKE SLUTS/HOES, ETC!!! Even in the film “Mean Girls” they say “it’s the one day a girl can dress up like a slut and no girl can talk about it”. It’s true. Every costume for women is “SEXY nurse”, “SEXY pirate”, “SEXY officer”, etc, RIGHT??? So where have the  Woman’s Rights groups been??? Why are THEY not protesting against EVERY OTHER costume that’s out there?

They’re not, because THEY TOO want to dress up like a hooker, get drunk, and go to a party and meet someone.

The only person who has this problem is this “William Walters” guy- so i guess he’s either a chubby-chaser, a Republican from middle America,  or a crazy “born-again” Christian??? Maybe he’s a catholic priest, (but that shouldn’t matter anyway… he would like little boys).   The REALLY sad part of this story: I’ve already got my costume figured out!!!  Too bad, because if I had bought “Anna Rexia” I could have dressed up,  and sent William Walters a SCRAPBOOK of my Halloween night!! 🙂


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