L.A. tries Hamptons Style: The 2nd Annual Veuve Cliquot Polo Classic

Yesterday was the 2nd Annual Veuve Cliquot Polo Classic, held at L.A.’s Will Rogers State Park. The combination of Polo and Champagne on a sunny day turned LA into the Hamptons. Or at least, the best attempt to be the Hamptons.

The dress code for this event was 1920’s-1930’2; “reminiscent of the original days of Polo”. The Hamptons have done this FOREVER, so the “old-money, old-world -style” know how to dress right. For the most part, this years attendees really made an effort, and got into the spirit of the event. I had a great time, and am DEFINITELY looking forward to next year!

For others- I hope they paid attention, and will come back next year and at least TRY. Here, I will show you CORRECT examples, and HORRIBLE attempts.

This girl ROCKED it. The bright and large hat, the light pleated full skirt, the vintage looking shoes, and small bag. PERFECTION. I loved her! (So did most guys, who couldn’t stop staring at her).

This girl also looked great. The oversized hat was perfect, small bag, and wedges. The sundress is a little “now”, but she gets an A for effort for sure!

Now take a look here. The 2 girls on the left: appropriate hats. The red Felt hat, the black with feathers…. and then this girl on the right: wearing a WOVEN STRAW CHINESE/VIETNAMESE HAT. How the hell does that make sense at a 1930’s themed Polo match??? NOPE, it DOESN’T.

This girl CLEARLY has no idea how to dress for Polo, let alone DAYTIME. Just because she threw on a hat doesn’t mean she’s “in” with the style. She was wearing a FULL ON SEE-THROUGH “dress” that looked like bedroom attire!!! Was she trying to go for the “VILLAGE SL*T” look? If so, then she nailed it.

These 2 women are also confused. The one on the left is dressed like a social- climber for a Beverly Hills “luncheon tea party” in a flowy maxi halter with crystals. Sure she may look “nice”, but how is this POLO wear?  This is, again, an example of Countess LuAnne’s song “Money can’t buy you class”. Look at her cheap-looking friend in a SKIN-TIGHT dress with a keyhole detail showing off her lower back tattoo! Wow, really classy… ps: they are about 40years old. NOT APPROPRIATE.

When it comes to correct footwear for the ladies, you SHOULD know, that when it comes to grass- you wear WEDGES, NOT HEELS. Look at this photo- THEY ARE ALL SUNK INTO THE DIRT! This is how your shoes get ruined! (not that these girls had to worry- they were definitely NOT Louboutins)! Clearly, they have never been to a daytime wedding, or an estate luncheon. NO HEELS IN THE GRASS!!!!!!

This guy had THE BEST outfit on BY FAR. The wingtip oxfords, with the high socks, cropped/tucked pants, fitted vest over his button-down, and a great argyle tie (unfortunately can’t be seen in this shot). He was even playing badminton. Perfect.

The Sweater Boys! I loved these guys who sat next to us- the all had on button downs, with collegiate-style sweaters tied over their shoulders. Their shirts were tucked in, and wore wingtips and loafers. This crew was VERY Hamptons.

Even this little kid was dressed up! So cute…(awwww). Apparently, his parents are ON TOP OF IT when it come to the “appropriateness” of themed dress. A gingham Ralph Lauren button down, (with sleeves cuffed!) and a bowtie?? Perfect!

Here are 2 jerks who didn’t care at all what they looked like for the event (and probably everyday as well, looking at this).  The guy on the left- JEANS??? The guy on the right- ill fitted polo, baggy shorts, and FLIP FLOPS??? Really guys- you couldn’t STEP IT UP for just ONE afternoon??? This is a Sunday Polo Match- not a football bbq. And not any Polo Match: The 2nd Annual Veuve Cliquot Polo Classic!!! Next year, the dress code should be more strict: I would DENY these 2 guys entry!

This guy missed the mark COMPLETELY!!!! He is dressed for a SAILING REGATTA! There is NO WATER here! Blue & white striped sweater with red shorts is NAUTICAL- NOT POLO!!! Get your themes straight before leaving the house next time…


These 3 “women”… I called them FAKES, pulled out cheap champagne from their backpacks and were drinking this, instead of the (always amazing) Veuve, which is PLENTIFUL at the event!!! Why may you ask? Because they didn’t want to pay for the expensive champagne…. We overheard these ladies BRAGGING that they “shoved it deep in their backpack, so it wouldn’t be found if searched, and [that they brought] a cheap bottle in case it was taken away.” SIGHHHH…….

There was a simple rule for this event- no outside liquor. Clearly, since the event is SPONSORED by VEUVE , the only alcohol available was Veuve (no problem with that!) Sure the prices were double what you could get in the grocery store (bottles: Yellow was $90, Rose was $110) but IF YOU CAN’T AFFORD IT, THEN YOU SHOULDN’T BE THERE!!!!  If you’re trying to live a lifestyle above your means, then STOP. You are just an EMBARRASSMENT to yourself!

I love that a woman next to me saw this happening and said, “that is SACRILEGE!”


One response to “L.A. tries Hamptons Style: The 2nd Annual Veuve Cliquot Polo Classic

  1. Thanks for the kind words Good Sir!
    -BEST DRESSED dude

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