SHAME: Selling a “Gay Halloween Costume”

WTF is going on here?! is selling a “Men’s Gay Costume Wig” this Halloween, which shows this cheesy photo version of a guy dressed similar to “The Village People” Cop. The Marketing “genius” that thought this one up is about to get his ass handed to him.

First: Does anyone actually KNOW a gay guy who looks LIKE THIS??? (oh wait, I do… Dumb Straight guys trying to be funny at Halloween parties. We just call them “D-Bags”)

I have lived in LA and West Hollywood for 10 years, and before that, I lived in S.F.  I’ve NEVER seen a gay guy look like this. EVER. Looking at this photo, is this how the world thinks all gays look like? A mustache, glasses, disco shirt, big hair… and TOUCHING HIMSELF?? WHAT GENERATION ARE YOU LIVING IN???? ONLY THE “COP” FROM “THE VILLAGE PEOPLE” from the 70’S looked like this! THIS IS 2011!!!!

So tell me: would it be right that if AMAZON was to sell a “straight guy’s costume”; that it consists of the following???

“Baggy ill-fitting clothes with bbq stains, crocs with socks, oversized cargo shorts, cheap gas station sunglasses, greasy baseball cap to cover the receding hairline/balding combover that comes with a TV remote, six pack of beer, and an attachable “fat belly”???”


This outfit/wig is not GAY, It is UGLY.  And since we all know that gays wouldn’t be caught DEAD with bad hair, then AMAZON SHOULD KNOW that this is NOT GAY HAIR!!!!!!




2 responses to “ SHAME: Selling a “Gay Halloween Costume”

  1. I think it’s interesting that this is “appropriate” but the Anna Rexia one caused such an uproar!

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