6 degrees of Celebrity Halloween!

As you know, Halloween is just around the corner- and everyone’s excited to be somebody else. Recently, at the Michael Jackson Tribute Concert in Wales, Christina Aguilera made headlines- and not in a good way. GONE were the days of “sexy”, “xtina”, “stripped” or “Lady Marmalade”.  She disappointed my entire generation (and repelled our current one) with this HORRIBLE outfit:

This is the reason my site is named what it is… WHO LIED TO YOU? Her Stylist, Manager, Boyfriend, Agent, Hair/Makeup team? NO ONE SAID ANYTHING, and let her go up on stage like this?????

Which got me to thinking- MAYBE Christina is such a HUGE fan of Halloween, that she was dressed up early- as a BLONDE SNOOKI!!!! The body is right- a lil, round meatball!


And then I found this pic of Snooki on the beach, and I know that she is going as LIL KIM for Halloween:

I mean, Snooki nails it! The same family of prints, cutouts, sunglasses, body type….

Which got me to thinking about Lil Kim, and what happened to her. And no, not her image battle between Nicki Minaj:

(Kim, you gotta let it go…there is no need to battle. Yes, Nicki took some risks and imitated you, but u gotta remember- you WERE first! I L.O.V.E.D you in the 90’s, and you will not be forgotten, but it’s time. Where have you been?? Nicki is younger, new, fresh, and… it’s a new era. Just remember: “Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery”.)

So back to Kim, and wondering where she went, I found her and her PSF (plastic surgery face):

Which THEN got me to thinking….. she wants to be Joceyln Wildenstein/The Catwoman for Halloween!

Joceyln must REALLY love Halloween, because her costume is (unfortunately) permanent. She must have LOVED that 80’s CBS show “Beauty & the Beast”… Because Ron Perlman was HER Inspiration!




One response to “6 degrees of Celebrity Halloween!

  1. Highly entertaining! Nothing like Jocelyn Wildenstein to cure a case of the Mondays!

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