Happy Merry Christmahanukkwanza? BAH-HUMBUG!!!

DISCLAIMER: The following article is written BY me, FROM me, with MY beliefs. (as are all my articles). However- do not get crazy, do not get pissy- everyone is entitled to their own holiday, based on their own religion. I am not saying any is better, greater, equal, or worse- just my opinion. See??  Look at the holidays- and how being “P.C.” (politically correct) has ruined CHRISTMAS.

PS: I grew up non denominational, no religious background. I went to church a couple times with a classmate’s family, and it wasn’t for me. But that’s a WHOLE other story.

Here are a few examples of how people being “PC” have done so:

Here is an “info pop-up” on the OnDemand Holiday Hits Music Channel I caught. MALL SANTAS CAN’T SAY “HO, HO, HO???” That’s what Santa’s SUPPOSED TO SAY!!!! Is there anything else he even says???? Whatever Women’s Right’s Group came up with this needs to remove the Giant Coal from their ASS and shove it down their throat!!! (either that, or the women who did complain were hoe’s… and it’s their inner guilt… I mean, have you SEEN what girls wear to the malls these days anyway? HOOKERS!)

And this one….  REALLY??!?!? WTF is WRONG with PEOPLE???? WHO CARES- It’s a cartoon drawing of Santa- (who DOESNT REALLY EXIST ANYWAY!!! (sorry kids- adult website)). The fact that Coca Cola received letter(S) – meaning MULTIPLE- over this is SO STUPID, it makes me want to find these SAD, INSECURE, P.C. HYPER FREAKS, and WRING their necks!!!!

And then this crap. That we all need to say “HAPPY HOLIDAYS” now, or wear merchandise that covers all bases so that we “don’t OFFEND anyone, or their religion.” JESUS CHRIST!

We live in AMERICA, a country founded on Christianity. And even though the US is a “welcoming melting pot” of all cultures, races, religions, and beliefs- American traditions should be respected. If I am in another country, it is appropriate for me to respect another country’s traditions, no? For example, if I say “Merry Christmas” to someone, and their response is, “I’m Jewish”, then  I’M the insensitive one?????  Be grateful I’m wishing you something nice! Just Smile at least! I have many Jewish friends, (I often feel that sometimes I am even Jewish regarding certain matters 🙂 ) Sometimes I say “Happy Hanakkuh” to them, because I respect them, But if I don’t know your faith, for example Jewish, I just say “Happy Holidays”.  The fact that we are all running around saying “HAPPY HOLIDAYS” just to not “OFFEND” anyone is ridiculous. I GREW up saying “Merry Christmas”, so that’s what I say. It is a RECOGNIZED AMERICAN NATIONAL HOLIDAY.  God forbid I say anything to a Jehova’s Witness.

All I can hope for, is something like this photo a reader sent to me:

YES! Just acknowledgment of fellow man (and to be PC- women), and remember that the Holidays, and CHRISTMAS is about love, and kindness to others.

See this? Forgiveness, and Christmas Spirit.

And this? LOVE and COMPASSION.

Regardless of religion, from me… MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!


2 responses to “Happy Merry Christmahanukkwanza? BAH-HUMBUG!!!

  1. Hi, my name’s Sarah, I’m from Maine. We’re not so style-conscious over here-flannel and camo, ugh. But I wanted to tell you that I love your blog! Every post makes me laugh, I love that you’re not afraid to speak your mind about ANYTHING, especially the holidays! I totally agree. My roommate at school is Jewish. Before break, I told her “Merry Christmas” and she told me “Happy Hanukkah” and we were both fine! Enough of this “PC” crap.

    SO anyway, I love your blog. It’s made me care a little bit more about how I dress and how I carry myself, and now whenever I see a huge fashion mistake, I think to myself “Who lied to you?”

    • Thank you for reading Sarah- glad u love it!! The whole point is to enjoy life, and laugh at the crazy stuff!
      And that one extra moment to make sure u look good b4 leaving the house is ALWAYS the right thing to do- first impression is the BEST impression- and u will always look great! Happy new year, and if u ever see a WLTY moment: snap a photo and send! I will post on my blog 🙂

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