Toddlers & Tiaras is TRASH TV- TURN IT OFF!

I don’t understand why this shit, yes- SHIT, is still available to watch. This is garbage. Trash. The only people ON the shows are trash. Yes, I just called certain people TRASH. (I have a few haters out there, who always rant about how I think I’m better than everyone else), but I think I win this one. In fact, I know I’m right.

Exhibit A).

June Shannon- White Trash Mom aka Disgusting Pig

Alana Thompson, a "star".. (cough, cough)

Toddlers & Tiaras “star” Alana “Honey Boo Boo Child” Thompson”. And her disgusting trash mother, June Shannon. This “mother” feeds her 6 yr old “GO-GO JUICE” which is 2 parts Mountain Dew and 1 part Red Bull- which she claims “gives her the energy she needs to keep up with the long hours in pageantry”.

caffeinating your child- like pushing crack

First- sorry to say, but that little girl is far too ugly to be in a BEAUTY pageant. Second- you would think all that sugar and caffeine would keep that little girl’s weight down! Supposedly she “eats healthy the rest of the time”, but looking at that June woman… WOOF… I don’t think so!!!!

June says she made this drink because “pageant crack” (pixie sticks) weren’t working. And in defending her decision to feed her child this “Go-Go Juice”, she said, ““There are far worse things. I could be giving her alcohol.”


(side note- I think this mother should be the one downing this liquid crack- because her body is NOT a healthy example for her daughter)

This “woman” has also taught this poor girl to be as ass-backwards as possible, because she calls herself by the nickname, “Honey boo boo child”,  and says, “a dollar makes me holler.”… I guess that’s the going rate for her mother?

Regardless to say, this TV “show” needs to be taken off the air. I know how reality tv works- find the grossest displays of human behavior, and millions will be glued to the show- because for some reason, America is “fascinated” by it.

Not only is it an embarrassment to our country and society, it sets the wrong example to the rest of  America, by making them think they can do anything stupid for “fame”… and thinking they’re going to achieve it. It takes a lot more than a camera crew coming to your redneck town to achieve fame.

Actually, come to think of it- maybe this show is a good thing: it will help us find ABUSIVE PARENTS and help us put them behind bars. Because that’s what needs to happen to these kind of people.


13 responses to “Toddlers & Tiaras is TRASH TV- TURN IT OFF!

  1. While I’m in complete agreement with you on this show, you do think you’re better than most people, and you do rate and berate people constantly, by their looks, apparel, and material possessions.
    I’m one of the people you refer to as a “hater”…when the fact is, it’s just calling you on your bullshit. I made a comment on your completely improper use of English a couple posts back, and your improper use of English was used in a post where you were spewing about proper grammar and use of the English language.

    Didn’t see you reply because you know I’m right, and you can’t handle having your covers pulled.

    You’re just an arrogant, superficial punk.

  2. Nothing short of child abuse, a case of a fat ugly mother living her dream through her daughter. Poor child will end up pschologicaly scared, over weight, with ongoing physical and mental health problems, the child should have been removed from the mother a long time ago! As for the tv series should be banned, should have never been created, since when has child abuse been a popular tv genre

  3. Doesn’t change the fact that you’re an arrogant prick though. Don’t have anything to say about your improper use of English, while correcting everyone else, and worrying about how the rest of the world conducts themselves, do you?

    NEWSFLASH: It isn’t your job to rate and/or berate people like you do. You’re a joke.

  4. 100% in consort. The mother, fat, stupid, ugly June Shannon is enough to make anyone hurl. How on earth would she actually think that her very, very homely, fat, obnoxious kid could be in a BEAUTY pageant?
    Alana Thompson is an ugly child- inside and outside.
    These people are among the most disgusting examples of human beings ever seen. YEECH!

    • That is just awful. How dare you judge someone via the internet when you aren’t exposed or putting yourself out there. It is so easy for bloggers and people on the internet to comment on people and judge them when you don’t show yourselves but hide behind the computer. Who knows what you look like! The little girl is not homely… and everyone has their own idea of beauty. That little girl cleans up nice and pageants are not all about beauty. She has a little personality on her and she’s pretty sharp if you’ve watched the show and could make out her accent. I think it’s great that a family like theirs get the opportunity to do and have something. Knock it off and quit judging. I can’t believe I’m even commenting but I’m so annoyed with people like all of you. Always talking crap about others. I was totally looking at this from an entertainment value and learning about how other people live. I didn’t think there was one thing that this woman did wrong to her kids or family. They appear to be happier than a lot of families who are supposed to be perfect. So… their manners aren’t up to par and they aren’t the best looking clan. Hey! At the end of the day they appear to be happy and can laugh at themselves. Who are we to think we are better than anyone else.

  5. Wow……lets stick to the actual topic! June needs to take some damn pride in het own appearance and stop whoring her daughter out for ratings! Shes a disgusting role model, trash, trash! Her house is a prime example…..
    dont parents want their kids to have better than they did? A total disgrace……very disappointed that TLC even produces this ridiculous crap…..really!

  6. As much as I dislike June, you show your own horrible personality in this “article.” I mean, think about it, because the woman is overweight, you refer to her as a “pig.” People are bashing Alana, who is still a very little girl. Although it it not the best parenting decision to give her daughter those drinks, it appears that she and her family are happy with what they are doing and they aren’t hurting anyone else. Who hasn’t given their kids something unhealthy? Let them watch too much TV or stay up too late? If you want to make an argument that has some depth, stop bashing people over their appearance and focus on some point you are trying to make. The only point coming across in your writing here is that you are arrogant, judgmental, and as shallow as the people you criticize.

    • Dear Joan Jett

      Thank you for taking the time to read and reply to this article. Yes, you are correct that I seem to “bash” people- and let me answer your questions, (may help you understand “why”).
      You say:”it appears that she and her family are happy with what they are doing and they aren’t hurting anyone else”. Whats scary is that ur assumption is correct- she THINKS she isn’t doing anything wrong- when in fact, she is setting a HORRIBLE example for other parents out there! What u may not know, is that here in LALA land, producers will do anything for ratings, numbers, headlines, etc…. the more shocking the show, the more the advertising $ comes in. Whats even more gross than that “pig” of a woman? The people behind the show who are exploiting these (VERY) simple minded (read: ignorant/uneducated) who are making fun/money off them. It’s actually very sick. I would never and have never watched an episode of that garbage- which is the the cast, crew, and fans alike.

      You use examples of “not the best parenting” by citing a) staying up late, or b) watching too much tv. This DISGUSTING person who is a “mother” is doing things FAR BEYOND WORSE than that to this child. She is exploiting her health, sanity, brain growth, intelligence (what’s left) to become a 15 min fame reject.

      Arrogant, judgmental, and shallow? That may be… but not in this article. Do you know there is now going to be a spin off reality show with just this family??? I would rather go back to school, get a law degree, and become some senator; so I can obtain power to put the child in a treatment center and put this woman in cell. I stand by everything I have said about this individual. PIG TRASH

      Thank you for reading!

  7. I came across your article when I was searching for info. online about this family. I happened upon them the other evening and it was very entertaining. I believe these people are real. It’s fresh. I’m tired of seeing all of these reality stars who are rich or made rich from their shows/endorsements & act so phony. Those reality stars act how they wish the public to perceive them. We watch shows about other cultures from Persians, Gypsies and Amish and others..This is our opportunity to get a look at the poor south. Quit bashing! Some people aren’t lucky to be born into money and not everyone is educated and lives in a mansian. I was very surprised at their home too but not like the other poster. They are clean and there house isn’t at all shabby. I was pretty impressed! I can’t believe how shallow people are. Watch, you’ll see. Just like Kate + 8 got made over and the Kardashians and the Housewives. Watch this family. They will be changed. The more popular and famous they get and the more money that is thrown at them & the more experiences they have. They will change. The girls had their first pedicures on this show. Now it will be something that is a “must” for them just like every teen in L.A./New York. It’s unformuntate because I like them how they are.

  8. It’s unfortunate because I like them how they are! I do know how to spell — just not type!

  9. Thank you. Thank you, thank you, fucking thank you. First off, I’d like to say that just in general the “haters” who spend their time posting to tell you what am arrogant prick you are for judging others are all hypocrites, and mostly pretty stupid. This is your website where you write *your* opinions, and not only do they not need to read it, but you’re not asking anyone to agree with you. You don’t need their validation, yet they waste their energy and time by posting, calling *you* names and thereby judging you AND contradicting themselves, and oh, right- no one fucking asked them. If they don’t like it, how about closing the web page and keeping their ineffectual whining to themselves. Most of the people you criticize are public figures; they put themselves out there in the public eye, and thus are subjecting themselves to any and all criticism, and they fucking well know it (and generally get paid VERY well for it.) Feeling that you’re better than certain people in one way or another is just a side effect of being somewhat MRE educated or intelligent than the masses- but the masses who might only be familiar with feeling inferior to people resent this and naturally get defensive. Well fuck them. Deal with it. So there’s that. On the topic at hand, I agree on all points. June is a disgusting pig, she’s uneducated and proud, and as far as “doing no harm”… I don’t call having your first child at 15, having 4 kids by 4 different men, and then supporting her 17 year old daughter in her teenage pregnancy (no shock there) doing “no harm.” This show is a debacle, a morbid and gauche exploitative display of everything that can be wrong with a dysfunctional family. They speak so horribly the show is ACTUALLY subtitled. They serve road kill to their children for dinner. They dig in dumpsters for “bargains” and nickname the local dump the “department store”- so you can spend money to take your whole family to a waterpark (as a “reward” for “losing weight” when June lost 1 lb, another daughter gained 6, and the show’s namesake gained 4 lbs AT 6 YEARS OF AGE), but you clothe your daughters from a dumpster? You have money to buy pageantry bullshit- which is expensive as hell- but you’re on WELFARE?! This should enrage every tax paying American. It’s disgusting… Truly horrifying. The shit that come out of the mouths of the members of this gang of white trash just builds a case, as far as I’m concerned, for sterilization of them and those like them.
    So like I said- thank you. If only natural selection were still a working force in human civilization… Then maybe we wouldn’t have to deal with these disgusting retards.

  10. Ugly begets ugly

    The mother is a disgusting pig and the kid is gonna look just like her in a couple of more years. What I don’t understand is how the Mother pig got pregnant 4 times??!! Was the guy blind or just desperate????????

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