Rooney Mara in Givenchy Oscars 2012

Rooney Mara wearing Givenchy. THANK GOD- She’s wearing WHITE!!!!! Finally, something other than BLACK! She says she chose it “just this morning”. Well, it looks like it- it looks wrinkled, and frumpy.  Like her stylist just took it out of the garment bag from the back of the trunk, and put it on the rolling rack. No jewelry, just red lipstick. And those BLUNT BANGS. She looks like a goth teenager. NEXT……….

Michelle Williams in Louis Vuitton Oscars 2012

Michelle Williams, in Loius Vuiiton. same hair, same whispy look. There is nothing here that I care about. Boring. I’ve seen it. I’m over it.

Octavia Spencer in Tadashi Shoji Oscars 2012

Octavia’s picking the same designer she’s been wearing to all award shows this past season. True, the rule is “if you know what fits you best, stick with it”, but since it’s Oscars… I just expected MORE. Step out of the comfort zone, you’re up for an Oscar, there are so many designers out there… I’m sure at least ONE of them would have made an amazing special dress for you…. SAFE…..

Stacy Keibler in Marchesa Oscars 2012

So, basically, if George Clooney doesn’t go home with an Oscar, his gf can substitute as the statue? There’s gold, and then there’s replica. The fact that the gold is so matte, makes it boring. Had this been shimmery with sequins, nude cutouts… anything… would have upped the ante here…

Melissa McCarthy in Marina Rinaldi Oscars 2012

This is horrible. Choosing a flesh/skin/rose colored dress on a VERY large figured women is bad bad bad….. She looks big, she looks bloated, nothing here is complimenting anything. Horrible choice. She needs to stick to dark colors for a long time. People are saying that they like it. Listen people: just because she’s big, doesn’t mean you have to fake that she looks good. If she’s skinny, tall, short, black whit- she still looks the worst.

Jessica Chastain in Alexander McQueen Oscars 2012

Jessica looks great, we like her, she’s cute… this dress though- not my favorite. I don’t think it’s “OSCAR”. Yeah, her body looks great in it, but the gold detail  getting larger on the hips just makes her look bigger- in the area NO woman wants to look bigger!!

Viola Davis in Vera Wang Oscars 2012

We all love her, and are rooting her for her amazing Role in “The Help”, however- The Oscars are not for making political statements about race. She decided to wear her hair “au naturale” – ie: not wearing a wig, because she’s trying to tell the world that being African American in Hollywood doesn’t mean you have to “hide who you are”, and not have to “be someone else”. WE GET IT. IT’S 2012. If anyone is judging you for that- THEY are the ignorant ones. White, asian, latina, every other race where extensions, hair pieces, etc…. You can too. I don’t need a public statement to appreciate who you are. Your acting is proof enough- don’t shove it down our throats.

Emma Stone in Jean-Baptiste Grenouille

Emma- why? I love you, and you’re adorable!!! But this dress looks JUST LIKE 2 other dresses we’ve ALREADY SEEN!! It looks Like Nicole Kidman in Balenciaga:

Nicole Kidman in Balenciaga...

Jennifer Lopez in Gucci at the Met

SEE EMMA??? PROVES MY POINT!!! Your Stylist isn’t doing her homework…. Fire her.

Shailene Woodley in Vera Wang Oscars 2012

Shailene Woodley in Vera Wang Oscars 2012

Shailene’s dress is WAY TOO MATURE for her here! She is too young! Have fun, look like a princess- not an old maid!! Valentino is beautiful and classic, but here- looks like aged and dowdy. This is a dress for Helen Mirren, or Meryl Streep….

Gwyneth Paltrow in Tom Ford

As much as we all know Tom Ford is God, I’m still not 100% sure of this. On one hand- Her body is AMAZING- The column part of this dress is a perfect fit. The cape I love…. but as an ENTRANCE piece.. I’m not sure if I like it as an all evening dress. Think of her having to sit down, go to the bathroom, etc…. I just feel like it could be a nuisance- not an accomplice. I’m on the fence here…

Angelina Jolie in Atelier Versace

Can she get any more perfect? Just a simple black dress, with high slit- PERFECTION. that smile, that face. All she has to do is wake up, and put on a dress. Amazing. And, as always….. Best Dressed.

Meryl Streep in Lanvin Oscars 2012

Meryl is golden- literally. The first Oscar she won, she was wearing gold, so is she wearing again for good luck? I HOPE SO! She can do no wrong (acting – wise) however, she is dressed a little dated- it looks like they dug through the costume dept of…. can you say “Death Becomes Her?” Also- bra is showing. 😦

Sandra Bullock in Marchesa Oscar 2012

Pretty and demure in front, backless in back…. we know she is not nominated, but as an A- list Oscar winning actress, …step it up a little. This dress is ill- fitting in the bust, and it looks like its worth of SAG awards. Or Emmys. Not OSCAR!

4 responses to “OSCAR 2012 FASHION!!!

  1. In the blog world, I’m sure you’re not the top of the bunch but I could not leave with making a comment. Natural black hair is beautiful. Why should beauty be defined on how Anglo your hair looks? I find your idea of putting a wig on it or wear extensions to be insulting and borderline racist.

    • Dear Tisha,

      Maybe if you read the article correctly, you would see I never insulted Viola, nor was I being close to racist. I never once said black hair was not beautiful. Nor did I say she has to look a certain way, or “anglo”. I simply stated that Viola is trying to make a race-card statement on the red carpet, and it is inappropriate. She should concentrate on her outstanding acting performance, and not trying to “send a message” to Hollywood about race. I also stated that no one cares (negatively) about race anymore, yet she herself is the one drawing attention to it.
      As for your “insult” about my status in the blog world, I am not someone on the top (and I know this). However, I got you to read and respond- so thank you for getting me up there 🙂

  2. Who the hell are you to say that someone is playing a race card, when you have no proof? It’s just something you’re assuming, not proven fact. You’re a nobody, yet you constantly rate and berate people as if you are. And, it isn’t up to you to deem anything “appropriate” or not. You’re so full of yourself that it’s appalling.

  3. Reading your utterly ridiculous comment about Viola again……I really don’t know where you get the crap that you spew……has to be out of your ass, because there’s no other logical explanation. It’s actually amazing how arrogant you are.

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