The man behind MrStyle is Brian Toth, who originally moved to LA in 2002 to model and act. While his love for walking the runway, being in front of the camera, and onscreen, (“Rolling”, “Dark Streets”, and Paris Hilton’s impersonator in “The Simple Life”) earned him public recognition, he wanted to be more hands-on and take charge from behind the scenes.

Wardrobe Stylist, Fashion Editor, Visual Merchandiser, Lifestyle Consultant, Style Critic… all titles that have followed this man’s name. From dressing some of Hollywood’s biggest names, to creating award-winning store window displays, Brian has finally found the perfect outlet to educate the world about fashion and lifestyle. With his extensive knowledge, brutal honesty, quick wit, and sharp tongue, whoLIEDtoyou.com has become a favorite among the fashion critics, and “victims” alike.