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VMA’s 2011: Very “Mis-led” Artists

HERE WE GO! MTV’S VMA 2011 gives us  a lot of celebs, celebrealities, and musicians. Basically, everything from: “alotta look”,… “really?”,…  and “who ARE you?”!

Beyonce in Lanvin. She can do no wrong. AND… she announced she is PREGNANT!!!!! CONGRATS Ms. B!!!!! Love this girl…. She ROCKED her performance, and expose her bump as the crowd cheered. SHE IS an ICON.

Jojo… I love this girl too… where has she been? I like the edgy black… BUT WHAT is THAT on her BUTT???? I know girls want nice butts, but this is a lil TOO BIG!!! She needs to be careful tho…. the longer I look at this photo, the more I think she’s starting to look like JWOW…. (and I don’t think thats a compliment…)

Speaking of JWOW, here she is with Snooki

This is what happens when you come from nowhere and get ALOT of money VERY quickly.  JWOW lost weight, went from (probably) size 4 to a size 2/0… and put it all back on with plastic surgery. the BOOBS! the LIPS! And her eyes: is it the makeup, or is she botoxed like crazy??? Also, she should have worn a basic Louboutin pump- those shoes DO NOT make this outfit look “classier”.  And YES, I’m admitting this right now…. Snooki has NEVER LOOKED BETTER!!!! Even though she has the streaks, (no) and the shoes (Steve Madden?!?!?) are too big, she looks better than most days. This just goes to show: you can’t take Jersey outta the girls!

Jersey castmate Deena Cortese….. like I said: JERSEY. Ladies, please don’t try this at home. Or anywhere else. Ever. Thanks.

Soo…. this is the first time I have EVER had to say, think, admit, feel this way: KIM’s GOT A FAT A**!!!! And she just got married…. WHICH MEANS she is at her THINNEST for that wedding dress…. Kris has MORE than a handful. DAMN!!

Nicki Minaj IS the NEW Lady Gaga…. WHERE IS THEIR DUET?!?!??!?! This girl is CRAZY! We all know she loves being a Barbie, and here, she is OFFICIALLY HARAJUKU BARBIE. I don’t even know where, what, how, or why…. but SHE is going to be my Halloween costume for this year!!!!!!!!! (not this outfit, but something cuckoo). Her outfit is by  Japanese designer Shojono Tomo. Also: LOVE that “SUPERBASS” WON best HIP HOP VIDEO!!!! I’M OBSESSED with that song!!!

We were ALLL WAITING FOR THIS MOMENT!!!!! THE BIG QUESTION OF THE NIGHT: WHAT WILL GAGA WEAR?!?!?!??!   She has been in an egg, she has worn meat…. what could be next??? MAN DRAG!!!!! Her gender bending identity turns heads, creates controversy, and brings attention to equality issues. Some say she’s annoying, some think she’s too much… She kept the ACT UP the WHOLE NIGHT! (c’mon- THAT’s TALENT!!!)

What is Miley Cyrus wearing? What is this? She looks FAT & BLOATED!!! Not a good choice…..she looks OLD.  Her stylist lied to her.

Katy Perry…. dressed asian style.  Um… I think she heard about Nicki’s outfit, and decided to do a “safe white girl version”. (Nicki won this one) I’m so TIRED of her TRYING!! STOP PRETENDING!!!!!!! And then she changed:

WTF??!?!?!?!?! WHY????? whay is that on your head??!?! IT’S NOT FASHION!!!!!! ITS’S SOOOO STUPID!!!!!

Britney Spears, in another boring black outfit. With those STUPID hooker-looking half bootie that MAKES HER LEGS LOOK SHORT AND STUMPY. She ALWAYS wears these!!! BORED!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s the VMA’s- LIVE A LITTLE!!!!! AND YOU RECEIVED THE VANGUARD AWARD!!!!

Taylor Lautner. He can wear anything. A blazer and a henley? Yup. He may be a young’n, but I’m all for going to see his upcoming film “Abducted”.

Kelly Rowland… wearing dress by Falguni and Shane Peacock.  I like this, Its cool, edgy, fun. I.m a sucker for great makeup, but sorry Kel- this is TOO MUCH makeup! It’s cakes on like a DRAG QUEEN! I have met this girl, and she is Gorgeous as is- she doesn’t need all of that covering her face!

Adele. I LOVE this girl!!! the VOICE!!!! (Her performance was chillingly amazing!)  NO ONE can EVER say I don’t love a girl with a lil weight, because here is my proof! 🙂 She’s nominated for 7 AWARDS, and she is 23.  She wears SAFE basic black, and she is ROCKIN’ some BIG A** HAIR… L.O.V.E. The only thing that creeped me out was her LONG nails… fine for GAGA, fine for Rihanna… but too much for her.

*****************MEN WHO LOOK LIKE SH%#************************

Jake Busey….. Yup,… don’t even have to guess… Gary’s son. Don’t even try to have a career Jake- you look EXACTLY like your dad, and people are going to make fun of you both for the rest of your life. GO HOME NOW

JC Chasez – wow…. life has been HARD on this guy. And no makeup. Time for a new image consultant. STAT.

Steven “Cojo” Cojocaru. Remember him. He was a “style” expert. He got very sick. He came back a woman. I mean, reeeallly?

Tyga. His “name” means “thank you God always”. (sigh). He is new to the scene. (wearing Versace (?!)) But the OVERALL LOOK…???? It’s “alotta look”. Too much look. Before your career starts- hire a stylist.

Tyler, The Creator. (BIIIIG SIIIIIGH)….. Yeah, that’s his “name”. What are these guys thinking? How are they helping IMPROVE our world??? He won for “Best New Artist”.  REALLY. His acceptance speech was so bleeped out, I had NO IDEA what he even said. He’s 20. With a start like that, he’s looking to be the next Kanye: a big F’ing D-Bag. And that’s WITHOUT me even talking about his F***ing choice of outfit.

************* THE MEN ARE WEARING DESIGNER********************

Busta Rhymes in… (Gucci?!) Well, at least it looks like it. The red & green striping… I just am not sure about Gucci making that collar…… Hmmmm….

Kevin Hart. YSL belt. Hmm… seeing a lot of YSL lately. Maybe since they just opened in Beverly Center. I loke this style (it’s a lil too “street” for me), but in general- I would ROCK everything from the belt up.

Ace Hood in Versace. Well, a Versace shirt anyway….. and belt (not in this pic). Versace IS making a comeback…. Lady Gaga, the H&M collab….. and now in the hip-hop community.  Hell Yeah.

Justin Beiber, wearing a YSL pin on his jacket lapel… hmm… more YSL.  He’s also wearing RED PANTS and LEOPARD PRINT SHOES (NOT CUTE). And to MAKE THIS WORSE-  he has a F***ING SNAKE IN HIS HAND!!!!! WTF?!?!?!?!? When Selena Gomez asked him about it, he said,” I brought my snake with me” (she asked it’s name), he said, “Johnson”….. REEEAALLLY??!?! On Television?!!?! We all know what that implies… so stupid. Beware moms’… he’s turning!

******************NEW GENERATION GIRLS***************************

Bonnie McKee…. WHO????? (Ysl shoes…..)  She was born in 84… and is responsible for WRITING Britney’s “Hold it against me” and Katy’s “California girls” and “Teenage Dream”. I was gonna say that she looks more “hooker” than songwriter-  she dresses like the songs she writes. But you know what? She’s getting her bills paid. BIG TIME. At her age, she might as well dress like that while she can!

“Chanel”…. yes, her name is Chanel. I’m sure Coco is screaming in her grave. Nothing here says Chanel. Who is this???? She was an Australian Idol runner-up. She is in an Australian trip-hop group.

Jessie J. Recently hurt herself, so came out to sing covers of every song known during commercial breaks. I think she took something from Cee Lo Green’s closet! She is 23, and has written songs for Miley and Chris Brown.  Let’s see if her clothing matures  with her career.

Liz Lee…. WHO?!?!?!?!? the star of “My Life as Liz”. Am I too old? Guess so…. But I AM old enough to SCHOOL HER on APPROPRIATE DRESS for a carpet:


ugly…. gross…. sloppy. What a way to represent yourself, your show, and all the people trying to get your career going- I would either quit or fire her.

Shirley Manson from Garbage?? NOPE! Bjork?? NOPE. It’s new singer Skylar Grey. It’s a lil too “Beetle Juice” for me. Of all nights to dress up and look cool, for the world to see- this is it?? Not interested…………

BCBG = Bad Clothes (from) Better Garments !!!!!

I recently walked into the newly opened store in The Beverly Center, and was BLOWN AWAY!! Not from the store design (nice), not from the friendly staff (very nice), but from the MERCHANDISE THEY ARE SELLING AS DIRECT KNOCKOFFS OF OTHER DESIGNERS…. HARDCORE!!! This BCBG brand is no longer an originator in anything, whoever is “designing” (Max Azria?) is CLEARLY just copying things that SOMEONE ELSE HAS ALREADY MADE!

Just call the store “KNOCK OFF CENTRAL”! It’s one thing to copy YOUR OWN Herve Ledger dresses at a fraction of a cost for the aspiring coveters, but it’s quite another to SELL MERCHANDISE that are EXACT COPIES (and much cheaper looking) and call it YOUR DESIGNS!!! HOW EMBARRASSING…

Here are my EXACT EXAMPLES of BCBG’s FORGERY off DESIGNERS! (I’m going to start with accessories… wait till you see the clothes and shoes!)

First we have Louis Vuitton:

Louis Vuitton cuff




Next up: HERMES

THE FAMOUS Hermes cuff - the "Collier de chien"

BCBG Knockoff

Hermes Espionne Ring




Now onto YSL…

YSL Postcard collection... bags, clutches, wallets...

BCBG (way cheaper looking) KNOCKOFF



How about MISSONI??

A REAL Missoni

BCBG Knockoff in STORE!



Prada’s turn….

PRADA skirt, F/W 2010 - color-blocking trendstarter

BCBG KNOCKOFF - a season later, EXACT COLORS ... their S/S 2011




Prada Sequin Clutch

Prada Sequin Clutch

Prada Sequin Clutches




Shamefully…. Christian Louboutin

The Louboutin Spike that started it all....

Another Louboutin version....





And last, but not least…. Gianmarco Lorenzi. AMAZING shoes.

Gianmarco Lorenzi / Swarovski Crystal Snake shoe



So what did we learn here today? That YES, you can get the “look for less”…

But DIRECT COPYING is HORRIBLE. Imagine you’re at a party, and you’re wearing that “Missoni copy”, and everyone’s saying, “I LOVE your Missoni dress”. IMAGINE the GUILT you feel if you don’t correct them. Or the EMBARRASSMENT when you say, “No, It’s BCBG”, and they look at you like an IMPOSTOR. That Louis Vuitton cuff?? “Oh, no, it’s not really an LV…” So SAD!

The embarrassment…..

“O, say can you see….”


O, I SEE alright….. I see YOUR F***ING G**DAMN UNDERWEAR!!!!


THIS IS NOT what are FOREFATHERS of AMERICA meant when the created the BILL OF RIGHTS in our country: BECAUSE THIS IS NOT RIGHT!!!!  THIS IS PUBLIC INDECENCY!!!! YOU’RE IN A MALL,  (the Beverly Center, of course) IN PUBLIC!!!!

These shorts were SOOOO LOW, that he had one hand on the belt (he clearly doesn’t know how to use) permanently holding his shorts as he walked…. W..T..F????????????  

And I DON’T want to hear that STUPID F***ING phrase : “It’s his SWAG..”



F*** SWAG! THAT’S NOT “SWAG”….. Swag is a Christmas decoration!


Here’s another one:

Is this supposed to be ATTRACTIVE???? Are girls/women/men supposed to be IMPRESSED????  



I DO WANT TO KNOW: WHAT GOES THROUGH THOSE BRAINS when they lo0k in the mirror when they’re getting (“dressed”) and say, “Yeah, I look good”… I WANT TO KNOW THIS!!!!


So, in closing: I hope everyone else got to enjoy sunshine, bbq, and fireworks on their 4th of July, while I enjoyed, seeing someone else’s WEDGIED, GHETTO-“SWAG” UNDERWEAR SAGGY-ASS  parading around.

Wow…what a way to show pride in yourself and country.


The above image was captured in the Beverly Center, at a HIGH-FASHION DESIGNER BOUTIQUE.  When you go to the Beverly Center; it is a planned trip. You don’t just STUMBLE into this mall because you see something in a window. It is an EXCURSION. The 5 floors of parking, the 3 levels of shopping, …. it can be an ordeal. So when some lady is seen here INSIDE the Beverly Center, IN a SPORTS-BRA, POST-WORKOUT, it describes one thing about her: NO CLASS!!

I can see this being ok if she was post Yoga class on Melrose, saw something in a window, and made a quick dash inside. ( I CAN TRY TO FATHOM THIS…)

Not ONLY does she have NO CLASS, she started TRYING ON CLOTHES! STUPID B****! YOU’RE SWEATY!!! After she saw (and tried on) a jacket, she said to her much-older-man-counterpart, “Oh look, it matches the interior of your Bentley!” STUPID HOE. If you are living this “life of leisure”, driving around with some sugar daddy, then TAKE THE TIME TO GO HOME, SHOWER, and CHANGE!!!!

NO REAL WOMAN WITH CLASS, DIGNITY, and MORALS would leave the house and GO TO THE MALL in a SPORTS-BRA!!!!