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This photo, (if only a shot from the front), left me speechless. For about 2.5 minutes!

No, this was not a Tranny, this was a woman. But man, she was TALL and BIG.

We all know by now that I LOVE my “Barbies”: the blonde, tan, thin, gorgeous, legs, boobies kinda girl….. (my perfect Prototype: Paris Hilton…. L.O.V.E).This woman, however, took it WAAAY OVER THE TOP, AND WAAAY TO FAR!

WHAT IS THIS?!?! A TRUE WLTY moment: WHO told her she looked good, and let her leave the house like this?!?!?!?!?!  This is NOT BARBIE!!! This is Barbie’s House THROWN UP!!! This is PEPTO BISMAL! What you can’t see in the photo is a Pink bag, Pink nails, and Pink lipstick: ALL IN THE EXACT SAME SHADE.  This is Barbie’s WORST NIGHTMARE.

Men were STARING, (and NOT in the way she was hoping for). Women were STARING (looks of DISGUST). It was just a train-wreck! However, the PLOT THICKENS!!!!

Later that night, I was leaving a Gym Class in Beverly Hills (THANK YOU Physique 57!!) and there was a black Rolls Royce Phantom in front of me, with a license plate with the same pronunciation as  “Fatty” (name is changed for anonymity). My co-passenger says as we drive by,”Look at that blonde woman.” I look, and it’s HER!!!!! She is driving next to us, and the ONLY THING THAT CAME TO MY MIND was Countess Luanne’s song, “MONEY CAN’T BUY YOU CLA-ASS!!!”


So I was in Bev Hills having a wonderful brunch not too long ago, and what passes me by? This lovely ensemble…. RED LEOPARD PRINT PANTS with CLEAR PLASTIC HEELS. I think I dropped my fork…(thank GOD I didn’t spill my Mimosa!)  This girl had a Chanel bag, Chanel flower pin, and Chanel ring (OK, WE GET IT: YOU LOVE CHANEL)…. BUT HONEY: W(hy)TF are you wearing THAT OUTFIT??? You obviously have some $$, so USE IT and ditch those pants and heels!!!! (and while ur at it, buy a brush for you and ur friend, because that hair was HORRIBLE!)

SO: the red leopard pants- IF they were on a MODEL type body, in a night club, with a HOT backless top, and AMAZING heels/boots…. i would MAYBE let it slide…. BUT THOSE SHOES… (omg) are for strippers, hookers, drag queens (well, not high enough, so maybe beginners). WHO WEARS THOSE IN PUBLIC, ON THE STREETS, DURING DAYTIME, AND IN BEVERLY HILLS!?!?!?!?

Remember all the looks Julia Roberts character got while walking on Rodeo Dr in Pretty Woman?  THATS the kinda look I was giving this girl, and I’m sure so were all the other Fashionistas on that block!!!