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October is BREAST CANCER AWARNESS Month: A Personal Story

So October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and in honor of kicking Breast Cancer in the ASS, I want to share a stylish cancer-kicker someone with you! Her name is Emily, and calls Kansas City home.

She is a fellow member of a fashion site I belong too, www.Lookville.com . She has caught my attention because of her posts with GREAT STYLE, and a POSITIVE ATTITUDE. She told me a little bit about herself, and how learning you have breast cancer is scary. But having the support of loved ones, family, and friends can help u out: not to mention adding accessories like beautiful headscarves to everday outfits! 

How she found out: Yoga. While coming out of a pose, she felt a pain in her chest, close to her cleavage. She felt a lump, but thought it was a knotted up muscle. She continued her yoga. No pain the next few days, and then… pain again.  A month later, she and her husband went to the doctor. They believed it was probably scar tissue from a reduction she had from before. However, after mammograms and sonograms, they found an odd shaped lump, with blood flow… which means tumor. They performed the surgery to take out, and found out that in fact, Emily’s diagnosis was “Triple Negative Infiltrating Ductal Carcinoma Stage 1C”. Unfriendly words, thats for sure!

She states that she actually calmed during the chemo phase, and the traumatic part was losing her hair. In her words, “The shaving part was really hard but I kept the champagne going and it was all good 🙂 Thank goodness I have a nicely shaped head;)”

So readers, here is the perfect example of POWER, STYLE, AND PERSEVERANCE. Anyone finding out they have cancer has got to feel an incredible sadness, lack of hope, scaryness, or alone. Well not this lady! She wears some AMAZINGLY CHIC outfits, is ALWAYS POLISHED, and she’s making NO EXCUSE to leave the house feeling unstylish!

Heels, skirts, makup, earrings,… nothing is stopping her from letting me know that Kansas is a Cancer Kickin’ State!  I want to thank Emily for sharing her story with me, and allowing me to help spread positive word about checking yourself, informing yourself, and keeping your spirits UP! Emily has found a way to share her feelings, stories, and updates on her blog: http://stoutspontaneousevolution.blogspot.com/  Feel free to visit her site and follow Emily’s journey!  THANK YOU EMILY!