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Olympic’s 2012 FASHION GOLD


For all us fashion folk and Gen Xers: As if the all-awaited rumors of the Spice Girls reunion wasn’t enough- we got all the fashion/supermodel bonus!

It was as if the Gods of Fashion, Gays, And Girl Power all came and united- Who doesn’t love Models at a Party???

First- George Michael sings, “FREEDOM”, the 90’s anthem to EVERYONE- just watch the music video- every supermodel from the 90’s was in it!

As the different English bands were featured, all of a sudden, David Bowie’s “FASHION” song came on while HUGE trucks featuring large photos of some of Britain’s iconic models. Then… when all trucks were entered- the photos dropped to reveal the actual models inside, dripping in gold designs!!! Oh LORD- it was AMAZING! First Naomi, then Kate, Stella… it was brilliant.

A Fashionable Olympic Closing Ceremony

Kate Moss of course being my ALL TIME FAVE EVER looked SO F’ING AMAZING, and with her, Naomi Campbell- who (look below- WORKED that walk!!!) ¬†Lily Donaldson, Stella Tenant, Karen Elson, Jourdan Dunn, and the always handsome David Gandy.

The different designers worn were: Alexander McQueen, Vivienne Westwood, Erdem, Burburry, Christopher Kane, and of course our lovely newbie; Victoria Beckham. ūüôā

And now… lets hear it for the Spice Girls!


This moment was THE one I had been waiting for- to see all 5 girls back up there, and of course, KNEW they would sing “Spice up your life”… Brilliant Fun. Of course they all looked great, but because I’m obsessed with Posh, I had to throw in an extra shot of her…


As for the breakdown of who/wore/what:

Posh- Giles Deacon black (duh) dress showing LOTSA LEG!

Ginger- Suzanne Neville red bustier dress (w/ Union Jack of course!)

Baby- Maggie Cooke pink dress with crystal shoulders

Scary- Zuhair Murad sequined bodysuit

Sporty- (unknown sporty jumper)

Needless to say- Best part of the night!!!!



to finish the evening, my ALL TIME FAVE Victoria’s Secret Model ALESSANDRA AMBROSIO stepped out dancing to honor/participate in the passing of the torch to next games city of RIO!!!!!

Has Luxury shopping LOST its LUXury?

I recently sat down with friends for lunch, most of whom are in luxury retail. We got on the subject of this past holiday season, and what it was like- busy, good customers, making money, etc. But what dominated the conversation was actually the topic of the “customers”. Now to clarify, there are “Clients”: (those who are repeat shoppers who work one-on-one with their Sales Associate, and generally spend more money than the average shopper- THEY ARE GOOD!). The “customers” are the “one-time-buyer”, who is NOT (yet, or ever will be) a client, and usually shopping in a place CLEARLY out of their league. ¬†Some of these stories I heard made me realize that: A) there are some REALLY stupid people out there, B) the English language & grammar is finished (as we know it); C) LuAnn De Lesseps song sings true: “Money Can’t Buy You Class”.


A woman came into a Luxury store, looked at some men’s loafers, and asked the Salesperson, “it says (brand) here, but it doesn’t say “made-in-Italy” anywhere”. The Salesperson replied, “yes, you’re right. Actually none of the Men’s shoes say that.” She replied, “But some of the Women’s do?”. The salesperson responded, “correct, some of the Women’s Collection Shoes do say it.” She takes a moment to think about it, then says,” well…. are these… copies?” (REALLY LADY??!?!?!?!!? You’re IN the ACTUAL STORE and you’re asking if they are REAL?!?!?!?!) ¬†The Salesperson said, “Excuse me, you are in a (brand) store- we don’t sell copies.” DAMN GOOD ANSWER! Tell her to GET OUT!) Another friend said that if it were him, he would have loved to mock her, and say, “oh yes, these are copies. We have such a high demand, that we can’t make enough; so we get copies made in China and sell them under our own roof.” (GOD, ¬†I WISH I COULD HAVE SEEN THAT HAPPEN).

Story 1.5 (more stupidity)

A woman comes into a Luxury store’s shoe department. She asks,”are you having sale?” Salesperson says, “yes, all sale shoes are in this section here.” The customer walks over to a completely different shoe section and asks, “are these on sale?” Sales associate, “No, only these shoes here.” (pointing back to the sale section just shown). Customer asks, “So these aren’t on sale then?” ( NO !!!! THOSE AREN’T ON SALE!!! OTHERWISE THEY’D BE IN THE SALE AREA!!!!!)

PART 2- THE END OF PROPER GRAMMAR (… and more Stupidity)

A woman walks in to a luxury store, and says,” you don’t got any red bags?” ¬† ¬† THE CORRECT QUESTION WOULD BE, “Do you have any red bags?”.

Person walks into a luxury store. Salesperson greets with a smile and says, “Hello!” Customer responds with, “I’m just looking.” ¬†My favorite Salesperson response to that? Salesperson, “and I’m just saying hello…”

A man picks up a black display shoe and asks,”what color is this?” The salesperson responds, “It’s Black”. The customer says, “Is it? It looks Navy. Are you sure it’s not Navy?” The Sales Associate (WHO KNOWS WHAT COLOR IT IS- HI, THEY WORK THERE) responds, “Yes, I’m sure. It only comes in Black”. The Customer: “Oh yeah, it is. ¬†I’m looking for black, just wanted to make sure.” Then a pause, “You don’t have this in Navy?” (NO THEY DON’T HAVE IT IN NAVY!!!!!) ¬†Salesperson says, “no, like I said, it only comes in black.” Customer asks, “you don’t have my size?” Sales associate says, ” I don’t know, you haven’t told me your size.” (THESE “CUSTOMERS” ARE SO STUPID!!!!) Then the customer asks, “well, what size is this?” ¬†The salesperson takes shoe, looks at size, and replies, “It is an 8”. The Customer says, “that’s not my size”. ¬†Associate has to ask, “well, what size do you want?” The customer answers, “I need a 10”. (DUH YOU F***ING IDIOT!!!!!!! JUST TELL THE SALESPERSON WHAT SIZE YOU WANT IN WHAT SHOE!!!!!!!! IT’S ACTUALLY VERY EASY!!!!! ALL THAT STUPID CONVERSATION FOR NOTHING!!!!!)

Woman walks in to luxury store, asks, “Where are your wallets?” Salesperson replies, “They are in all the cases here. Are you looking for a specific color?” Customer answers, “no, just looking…. can I see this black one?” Salesperson shows it to her. Customer asks, “what other colors does it come in?” Salesperson responds, “grey and blue.” The customer asks, “you don’t have it in pink?” (IF SHE HAD IT IN PINK, DON’T YOU THINK SHE WOULD HAVE TOLD YOU??????) Customer then says,” I really want a bright color wallet.” (THEN WHAT ARE YOU DOING LOOKING AT A BLACK WALLET??? THE SALESPERSON ASKED IF YOU WERE LOOKING FOR A PARTICULAR COLOR!!!!)

When people ask, “you don’t have this..?.” , or “you don’t “got” this..?”, (GROSS) or “you don’t carry…?” ALREADY SETS THE TONE in a NEGATIVE manner, and having the salesperson NOT want to help you. (ie: you are “setting self up for confirmation of disappointment and failure”). The correct way to ask for something would be, “DO you have this…?” or, “DO you carry…?” Asking in a positive manner would be more engaging in having the Salesperson WANTING to help you!

PART 3- “Money Can’t Buy You Class”

This last part will probably anger people, but hey- I’m writing what I see and hear.

Recently, during my shopping excursions/outings/researching, I have noticed more and more….how shall I put this…. “conflicting demographics” in luxury stores. ¬†On one side of the boutique is an upscale Jewish family, wife carrying a $12,000 Hermes; while on the other side¬†is a bunch of “rapper wannabes” (Not an actual real successful rapper), with their pants hanging below their butts, underwear in complete exposure, Gucci belt, shoes; and smelling of marijuana. Or a young Korean couple shopping, the lady done up in a Chanel jacket, ¬†jeans, and Louboutins; while a group of Middle Americans, overweight with dyed hair, piercings, (and clearly a decade behind in fashion), wander through the store, saying,” this store is so expensive, look how much this is, lets try things on”.


While there is a part of me that believes, “everyone is created equal”, … that’s where it stops. Created. Everyone WAS created equally- It’s what people have BECOME, what they have MADE OF THEMSELVES, how they REPRESENT THEMSELVES, that make me think they are not “equal”. Imagine you have gone through college, earned degrees, finally made a name for yourself, and can create a lifestyle you can afford. Like the Jewish/Hermes bag-woman, and the Korean couple: they have clearly made their mark, paid their dues, worked hard to get the things they want, or have inheirited a lifestyle that continues to involve themselves in a surrounding they appreciate and respect.

On the other hand, everyone can aspire to be someone, or be a better person, or want the “finer things in life” right? But how are we to take them seriously when they represent themselves in a place where, what they represent, does not in fact, belong? I can imagine a whole bunch of people telling me I’m too judgmental, ¬†racist, stuck up, etc. Try this: the “rapper wannabes” I used for example? When I see this, I think, “What would Barack and Michelle Obama think? Or Oprah? They don’t dress like this. Would they be saddened to see their fellow race representing themselves like this? ¬†Or do you think they would embrace the culture and think nothing of it?” I believe they would feel embarrassed, JUST the SAME way I WOULD , when those “Middle Americans” represent themselves the way they do, and people would think to put ME in that same category.

Luxury isn’t Luxury when the co-habitat of different groups of people are all of a sudden “fish-bowled”. It isn’t meant to be, for these groups to be shopping under the same roof together. Think of their living situations- Do they live in the same neighborhoods? NO. Do they eat at the same restaurants? NO.

Luxury is not luxury when anyone can just go in and buy it. You have to EARN IT, and RESPECT IT.


See you in 2012!!!

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Syndey Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 29,000 times in 2011. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 11 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

Happy Merry Christmahanukkwanza? BAH-HUMBUG!!!

DISCLAIMER: The following article is written BY me, FROM me, with MY beliefs. (as are all my articles). However- do not get crazy, do not get pissy- everyone is entitled to their own holiday, based on their own religion. I am not saying any is better, greater, equal, or worse- just my opinion. See?? ¬†Look at the holidays- and how being “P.C.” (politically correct) has ruined CHRISTMAS.

PS: I grew up non denominational, no religious background. I went to church a couple times with a classmate’s family, and it wasn’t for me. But that’s a WHOLE other story.

Here are a few examples of how people being “PC” have done so:

Here is an “info pop-up” on the OnDemand Holiday Hits Music Channel I caught. MALL SANTAS CAN’T SAY “HO, HO, HO???” That’s what Santa’s SUPPOSED TO SAY!!!! Is there anything else he even says???? Whatever Women’s Right’s Group came up with this needs to remove the Giant Coal from their ASS and shove it down their throat!!! (either that, or the women who did complain were hoe’s… and it’s their inner guilt… I mean, have you SEEN what girls wear to the malls these days anyway? HOOKERS!)

And this one…. ¬†REALLY??!?!? WTF is WRONG with PEOPLE???? WHO CARES- It’s a cartoon drawing of Santa- (who DOESNT REALLY EXIST ANYWAY!!! (sorry kids- adult website)). The fact that Coca Cola received letter(S) – meaning MULTIPLE- over this is SO STUPID, it makes me want to find these SAD, INSECURE, P.C. HYPER FREAKS, and WRING their necks!!!!

And then this crap. That we all need to say “HAPPY HOLIDAYS” now, or wear merchandise that covers all bases so that we “don’t OFFEND anyone, or their religion.” JESUS CHRIST!

We live in AMERICA, a country founded on Christianity. And even though the US is a “welcoming melting pot” of all cultures, races, religions, and beliefs- American traditions should be respected. If I am in another country, it is appropriate for me to respect another country’s traditions, no? For example, if I say “Merry Christmas” to someone, and their response is, “I’m Jewish”, then ¬†I’M the insensitive one????? ¬†Be grateful I’m wishing you something nice! Just Smile at least! I have many Jewish friends, (I often feel that sometimes I am even Jewish regarding certain matters ūüôā ) Sometimes I say “Happy Hanakkuh” to them, because I respect them, But if I don’t know your faith, for example Jewish, I just say “Happy Holidays”. ¬†The fact that we are all running around saying “HAPPY HOLIDAYS” just to not “OFFEND” anyone is ridiculous. I GREW up saying “Merry Christmas”, so that’s what I say. It is a RECOGNIZED AMERICAN NATIONAL HOLIDAY. ¬†God forbid I say anything to a Jehova’s Witness.

All I can hope for, is something like this photo a reader sent to me:

YES! Just acknowledgment of fellow man (and to be PC- women), and remember that the Holidays, and CHRISTMAS is about love, and kindness to others.

See this? Forgiveness, and Christmas Spirit.

And this? LOVE and COMPASSION.

Regardless of religion, from me… MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!


Everywhere you go, it’s Christmas. Lights are lit, trees are up, and decorations are hung….

Target Christmas decor - Oct 28

L.A.'s Susina Bakery Christmas tree- Nov 12th

Beverly Center's Ice Palace (Santa's House)

The Grove "Tree Lighting Ceremony"... NOV 13TH!!!!

… And it’s not even Thanksgiving yet.

I’m all for the holidays, but Xmas is ALREADY a MONTH LONG… (Hello..! THAT MUSIC?!?!??) So, can we please NOT have 3 MONTHS of it?

The scariest day of the year, BLACK FRIDAY, is upon us. 2 days away. YET, on my way out of Best Buy today, I see this:

I then read this online:

“Windy Lawrence of Mesquite, Texas made national headlines with her decision to camp out with her family in front of a Best Buy on Nov. 20, far ahead of most other shoppers preparing to wait for Black Friday sales.

“Last year we came and didn’t get anything we wanted,” Lawrence told Fox News. She is staying in the tent with her mother and young daughter, and has stocked up on food, water, sleeping bags and a heater as she waits. “We decided to come early this year so we can be sure to be the first ones to get in the door.”

“Lawrence told reporters she had her eye on a 42-inch television that will cost $199 at Best Buy on Black Friday 2011. By the time Nov. 23 rolled around, countless other consumers had joined her in tents at Mesquite and across America, and the same 42-inch TV has become one of Best Buy’s most anticipated items.”


There is even some sh*t online called “Occupy Best Buy” to “create a movement for all the “amazing deals”.


A week in the cold to get a TV for $199… TRAGIC. SAD. DESPERATE…… GROSS.

Here is an ad from West Elm:

West Elm

Opening at 8am… (wow, an extra 2 hours) before the normal 10am opening time… WHY BOTHER?!

Here is one of my Faves this year. ¬†Nordstrom’s Black Friday advertising was this:

Which is so brilliant, and SO STUPID at the same time. ¬†FIRST: IT AGREES WITH EVERYTHING I’M SAYING!!! ¬†ONE HOLIDAY AT A TIME!!! WOO HOO!!!

BUT THEN….. LOOK AT THE DATE- this years Black Friday is Nov.25th….



6 degrees of Celebrity Halloween!

As you know, Halloween is just around the corner- and everyone’s excited to be somebody else. Recently, at the Michael Jackson Tribute Concert in Wales, Christina Aguilera made headlines- and not in a good way. GONE were the days of “sexy”, “xtina”, “stripped” or “Lady Marmalade”. ¬†She disappointed my entire generation (and repelled our current one) with this HORRIBLE outfit:

This is the reason my site is named what it is… WHO LIED TO YOU? Her Stylist, Manager, Boyfriend, Agent, Hair/Makeup team? NO ONE SAID ANYTHING, and let her go up on stage like this?????

Which got me to thinking- MAYBE Christina is such a HUGE fan of Halloween, that she was dressed up early- as a BLONDE SNOOKI!!!! The body is right- a lil, round meatball!


And then I found this pic of Snooki on the beach, and I know that she is going as LIL KIM for Halloween:

I mean, Snooki nails it! The same family of prints, cutouts, sunglasses, body type….

Which got me to thinking about Lil Kim, and what happened to her. And no, not her image battle between Nicki Minaj:

(Kim, you gotta let it go…there is no need to battle. Yes, Nicki took some risks and imitated you, but u gotta remember- you WERE first! I L.O.V.E.D you in the 90’s, and you will not be forgotten, but it’s time. Where have you been?? Nicki is younger, new, fresh, and… it’s a new era. Just remember: “Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery”.)

So back to Kim, and wondering where she went, I found her and her PSF (plastic surgery face):

Which THEN got me to thinking….. she wants to be Joceyln Wildenstein/The Catwoman for Halloween!

Joceyln must REALLY love Halloween, because her costume is (unfortunately) permanent. She must have LOVED that 80’s CBS show “Beauty & the Beast”… Because Ron Perlman was HER Inspiration!



Amazon.com SHAME: Selling a “Gay Halloween Costume”

WTF is going on here?! ¬†Amazon.com is selling a “Men’s Gay Costume Wig” this Halloween, which shows this cheesy photo version of a guy dressed similar to “The Village People” Cop. The Marketing “genius” that thought this one up is about to get his ass handed to him.

First: Does anyone actually KNOW a gay guy who looks LIKE THIS??? (oh wait, I do… Dumb Straight guys trying to be funny at Halloween parties. We just call them “D-Bags”)

I have lived in LA and West Hollywood for 10 years, and before that, I lived in S.F. ¬†I’ve NEVER seen a gay guy look like this. EVER. Looking at this photo, is this how the world thinks all gays look like? A mustache, glasses, disco shirt, big hair… and TOUCHING HIMSELF?? WHAT GENERATION ARE YOU LIVING IN???? ONLY THE “COP” FROM “THE VILLAGE PEOPLE” from the 70’S looked like this! THIS IS 2011!!!!

So tell me: would it be right that if AMAZON was to sell a “straight guy’s costume”; that it consists of the following???

“Baggy ill-fitting clothes with bbq stains, crocs with socks, oversized cargo shorts, cheap gas station sunglasses, greasy baseball cap to cover the receding hairline/balding combover that comes with a TV remote, six pack of beer, and an attachable “fat belly”???”


This outfit/wig is not GAY, It is UGLY. ¬†And since we all know that gays wouldn’t be caught DEAD with bad hair, then AMAZON SHOULD KNOW that this is NOT GAY HAIR!!!!!!