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DEATH to those who BUNGEE (jump)

I went to brunch today, and thought my lack of mimosa carafe was making me hallucinate this image.  There, at the table next to us, was a woman who’s purse strap was missing, and IN IT’S PLACE: A F****** BUNGEE CORD. And not just a regular bungee cord, but one with KNOTS IN IT!!!!At first, I thought, “okay, maybe it’s just an ugly purse”…. but no, the BUNGEE CORD was PURPOSELY FIXED onto the missing strap’s rings! The hooks bent arount the rings as to not detatch…. I asked my friends,” please tell me that’s not the purse’s style”, and they confirmed: NOPE. IT WAS A HOME-MADE REPLACEMENT STRAP.

WHYYYYY???? WHO LIED TO YOU??????  What this lady COULD have done, AND SHOULD HAVE DONE, was just leave the original strap off, AND CARRY IT AS A CLUTCH!! 

And I don’t want to hear: “not everyone can just go out and buy a new purse”, “maybe she can’t afford a new one right now”, etc…. BECAUSE WHERE WE ATE BRUNCH, and the PRICE OF A MEAL, SHE COULD EITHER BUY: 3 BAGS at H&M, 2 BAGS at some Melrose store, or 1 bag @ Zara.

SEE?? BETTER OPTIONS THEN A BUNGEE-CORD-WITH-KNOTS-“wow, I made it myself”-PURSE STRAP. (Ugh…………..the disgust………)