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Olympic’s 2012 FASHION GOLD


For all us fashion folk and Gen Xers: As if the all-awaited rumors of the Spice Girls reunion wasn’t enough- we got all the fashion/supermodel bonus!

It was as if the Gods of Fashion, Gays, And Girl Power all came and united- Who doesn’t love Models at a Party???

First- George Michael sings, “FREEDOM”, the 90’s anthem to EVERYONE- just watch the music video- every supermodel from the 90’s was in it!

As the different English bands were featured, all of a sudden, David Bowie’s “FASHION” song came on while HUGE trucks featuring large photos of some of Britain’s iconic models. Then… when all trucks were entered- the photos dropped to reveal the actual models inside, dripping in gold designs!!! Oh LORD- it was AMAZING! First Naomi, then Kate, Stella… it was brilliant.

A Fashionable Olympic Closing Ceremony

Kate Moss of course being my ALL TIME FAVE EVER looked SO F’ING AMAZING, and with her, Naomi Campbell- who (look below- WORKED that walk!!!) ¬†Lily Donaldson, Stella Tenant, Karen Elson, Jourdan Dunn, and the always handsome David Gandy.

The different designers worn were: Alexander McQueen, Vivienne Westwood, Erdem, Burburry, Christopher Kane, and of course our lovely newbie; Victoria Beckham. ūüôā

And now… lets hear it for the Spice Girls!


This moment was THE one I had been waiting for- to see all 5 girls back up there, and of course, KNEW they would sing “Spice up your life”… Brilliant Fun. Of course they all looked great, but because I’m obsessed with Posh, I had to throw in an extra shot of her…


As for the breakdown of who/wore/what:

Posh- Giles Deacon black (duh) dress showing LOTSA LEG!

Ginger- Suzanne Neville red bustier dress (w/ Union Jack of course!)

Baby- Maggie Cooke pink dress with crystal shoulders

Scary- Zuhair Murad sequined bodysuit

Sporty- (unknown sporty jumper)

Needless to say- Best part of the night!!!!



to finish the evening, my ALL TIME FAVE Victoria’s Secret Model ALESSANDRA AMBROSIO stepped out dancing to honor/participate in the passing of the torch to next games city of RIO!!!!!

BET Awards… ( I’ll keep it brief )

Soooo… the BET awards were recently held, and the hip hop community stepped out in all its “Fashionable Glory”.

Seeing as there were too many things to cite, and my disappointment is outweighed by the fact that I DON’T CARE: I will spare you my rants- and keep it to the minimum. The following don’t deserve the attention anyway… sad, but true.

Here are the choice “highlights”:

Alicia Keys, in Dolce & Gabbana…

Now, look at her face-I think she’s confused. ¬†But then again, I WOULD BE TOO if my DIZZY Louboutins matched the DIZZY graphics on the “step and repeat” wall!!! It’s ONE thing to dressACCORDINGLY to an event, but it’s ANOTHER to dress LIKE the event!


Busta Rhymes, in.. ????

The only thing I’m happy about is the YSL belt…. and that his AMAZING RAP is the ONLY thing that makes Chris Brown’s “Look at me now” worth listening to.

Willow Smith, in.. something fished out from the dumpsters?

Here’s what I’m MOST worried about: she’s so frigging young, that i’m giong to have to see YEARS OF THIS… JUST QUIT WHILE YOU’RE AHEAD!!! JUST GO AWAY!

Nicki Minaj, in…. ???

I actually wasted 15 min trying to find out what she wore, (and found nothing)….. which means HORRIBLE NEWS: HER P.R .PEOPLE ARE F***ING STUPID!!! She is probably THE HOTTEST rapper/hip-hop star out there RIGHT NOW, and NOWHERE on the internet has info on WHAT SHE’S WEARING??? ¬†SHE CAN GET ANY DESIGNER!!!! Dear Nicki- I love your STYLE, but not you STYLE-IST… she LIED TO YOU!!! FIRED!!!


Cee- Lo Green, trying to do an impersonation, (sorry, “TRIBUTE”) to Patti LaBelle.



Kerry Washington, in Michael Kors.

Daytime carpet (grass, at that), bright spring dress,… CHECK! Black pointy indoor office secretary pumps??? Really, with a GOWN??? GROSS. “Hey Kerry, FIRE your stylist- they LIED TO YOU!”

Mary J. Blige, in Herve Ledger….

I love Mary, we all do. She is the Queen of feeling “Superwoman Female Empowerment”. However, that “dress” doesn’t look like she’s gonna kick an abusive man’s ass- it looks like she broke free from him tying her up! Strappy dress, strappy shoes…. ¬†STRAP HER BACK UP! Also, side note: “Mary- you’re getting up there in age… time to start dressing a little more appropriate ( INCLUDING the hairstyles – you’re not 25 anymore)”.


Wiz Khalifa, and Amber Rose, wearing…. TRASH.

REALLY ??? For an AWARDS SHOW???? Her VERSACE shoes are THE ONLY THING I LIKE. Grow up people- you’ll never be respected for looking like SH*T.

Big Sean, in… a leftover, re-used carseat found in some junkyard with a belt from an 80’s pawnshop …. DID SOMEONE REALLY SAY, “Hey, you look great!” ??????????


Chris Brown,….

A Message for you: You’re not cool, you’re not a male version of Lady Gaga.. just because you try and dress “weird” ¬†doesn’t make you “edgy”. ¬†You look F***ING STUPID.

And then this outfit to take pics with the Press. A HOODIE, with JEAN SHORTS??????



NYC, Part 2: FUR is FashiON!

So, NYC 2… The “Fashion” Part of my trip: it was ALL ABOUT FUR!!!

Yes, PETA, there is a Santa Clause, and SHE is wearing her FUR!!! Fur is in FULL FORCE this winter, and it makes you think: WHAT recession?? This is the great thing about NYC- even if these New York Women are/were BROKE  (probably not true), or have lost all their money to Madoff (probably half-true), they are still leaving their townhouse/apt/high-rise/mansion in STYLE.



THE FOLLOWING PICS YOU ARE ABOUT TO SEE ARE OF PURE FUR PERFECTION! ( there were so many, I had to edit to my Top 5). ENJOY!

2 friends, just walking the streets of Midtown, a Brown fur on the left, and a White fur on the right….. “another cold day to meet up ¬†for coffee and wear our furs.”

A-Mazing! ¬†A Fur Poncho??? Upper East Side on Madison?! YES PLEASE! ( She was Fabulous, I must say…)

Friends in SoHo, another Monday shopping day…. a Blonde in a White¬†Fur-Trimmed Coat? H.O.T….. and her friend wearing a black fur vest? BFF’S!

Will you look at this one!?! 3/4 length dyed fur coat with a BELT and HOOD! TALK ABOUT EXCESS!?! This is SEXY-YES! Plush, Gorgeous, Full… amazing…

And last, but not least, this lil fur vest, thrown over a simple v-neck, on a cute girl from Chicago…. She’s tan, blonde, got the big “boyfriend watch” on one wrist, and the stacked bangles on the other… Bright red nails to pop…. Loved her ūüôā

AMA’S 2010- the good, bad, & “WHY ARE U HERE?!”

So…. after watching the PAINFULLY slow and sad excuse for “Live on the Red Carpet at the AMA’s”, and even worse, ALLLL the commercial breaks; 20 min in: I DVR’ed it.¬† Thankfully, that led me to breeze on by with the touch of my fast forward (times 5) to get to the good stuff. Surprisingly happy, I found alot of GREAT¬† Red Carpet looks. Of course, there are the usual FUG’s, (like Ke$ha- God, I wish there was a “cent” symbol instead of a “$” symbol), but there were alot of RANDOM’S too…¬† Since there were TOO MANY to count, I will make my rantings brief…. ENJOY!

Avril…. tell me, how would I know if this “look” is from last night, or from 6 years ago? I WOULDN’T. The pink and black streaks, the black and white punk thing, her saying “amazeballs” on television..¬†DAMMIT, JUST GROW UP!

Christina Milian…. here she looks cute¬†(usually HOT)..¬†I always had a slight crush on her. “Say I” video? HOT! “Whatever You Want” video? FINE! But what are you doing here? Why aren’t you up there SINGING? I walked through the mall the other day, and saw her on a Disney Xmas tv movie poster… I WANT MUSIC!

Fergie… she can do NO wrong. She is HOT, has AMAZING LEGS, and no matter WHO tells me they think her face is all worked on, I still think she is FINE!


Heidi…¬†face(hair/makeup) is beautiful. But you RUN a FASHION¬†EMPIRE with clothing line, jewelry, and of course PROJECT RUNWAY. So WLTY and told you this was¬†a good look?? in YOUR own words, ”¬†I’m sorry, YOU’RE OUT!”

¬†Lance… the only way you’re still in the music scene is by being here on this carpet, so¬†make a good impression, and¬†MAKE SURE YOUR F******* TIE IS ON RIGHT!! WTF?

Willow… this is the most EMBARRASING THING I have EVER seen a child “star” (cough, cough) EVER wear in my ENTIRE LIFE. WLTY???? YOUR MOM LET YOU LEAVE THE HOUSE LIKE THIS??? Your 10 YEARS OLD!!!!! I see CAMELTOE! Those BOOTS?!?! from your mom’s closet?? AND THAT YELLOW STRAIGHTJACKET????!¬† This is WORSE THAN ANYTHING Ke$ha has EVER WORN, and she wears GARBAGE!!!

Ke$ha… what’s scary about this, is that (minus her face and “clutch”) she’s actually “decent”(dare I EVEN say that)! OKAY, we GET IT! You’re “Anti-Establishment”, “F the man”, “Rock, Man!”¬†and all that crap. WHAT’S WITH THE HAIR and MAKEUP? REALLY…. and ALLLLLLLLLLL your songs sound the EXAAAAAAAAAAACT same. God, I’m so SICK of this person!

Katy… BEAUTIFUL!, NOT TACKY or KITSCHY! (But I would have preferred shortening the dress to above the knee). and then… your performance outfit:

¬†“Y” is “YAY” for CAMELTOE!


Nicki… I like her, cuz she’s cuckoo. Her performances, with her bug eyes, when she sings really fast: cuckoo… but I like it.¬† I GET that she wore something crazy, because that’s her “character”.¬†But I thought that Green was a FUR collar for the longest time! My dissapointment came when she was announcing the winner, and she RUDELY yelled out a plug for her album release date… RIGHT BEFORE THE NAME OF THE WINNER. She might as well be Kanye 2.0…..

Justin… you’re not in my demographic, so there’s no reason for me to like you. But your performance last night: GOOD JOB! It was well done, and even a bit touching. Now lets get down to your outfit. You’re NOT Michael Jackson, so the black and white armband shirt?¬† Lose it.. you will never be of¬†that caliber. We know Usher’s your mentor, but you’re white… lose the big necklaces and the big high tops. Be original, not a copycat. We’ve already seen you before, with Justin Timberlake, Nick Carter, Aaron Carter, and all those other teens before.

Miley: Love the Red Carpet look – you’re 18 now, so the shorter the better, and it looks great on you.

Performance outfit? I’ve already seen this, and I have 2 words for you: Stevie Nicks.

Rihanna… sexy, and looking like a WOMAN! You’re giving me¬†a little Toni Braxton, a little Halle Berry. I think this is a GREAT LOOK! Now, about your performance look:

Uh, not so much… I know you were going for a more tribal, Caribbe feel, but this looks like you got the outfit from a thrift store. I JUST BOUGHT YOUR “R” BOOK! With all the FASHION I KNOW YOU FOR IN IT! What is THIS????

John Legend… love the voice, but WTF is with your SHOES!?!?!? Those are not ONLY the FILTHIEST I have ever seen ( U KNOW UR ON A RED CARPET, RIGHT??!?!?) but they are ALSO STEPPING ON YOUR DATE’S BEAUTIFUL DRESS!!!!! THANK GOD for her, because she toook ALLLLL the attention away from YOU!


Jenny… You look great, but what’s the point?

Jessica: you look ok. Boring actually, and you’re a pretty girl. Why were you here? Oh, because you presented (as a¬†plug for your role in the upcoming “Little Fockers” movie). Unfortunately, when the ONE preview showed during a commercial break, you weren’t even in it. So I ask again: what’s the point?

Mandy… you’re a cute girl, and you’re even nice too! I like your films, (in SAVED, “I am FILLED with God’s love!” as you throw the bible… something I still reenact with friends). But Why are you here???? It’s been so long, I forgot you exist!


This is big news people! A marriage is happening here, and I am so HAPPY to spread the JOYOUS news!

My favorite shopping site ever, www.GILT.com, which offers  THE BEST designer deals, the HOTTEST home furnishings, and even AMAZING destinations at FRACTIONS of the cost, is doing something I never dreamed of:

THE SEARCH FOR THE “UGLIEST SHOES IN AMERICA” CONTEST!!!!!! As stated by GILT’s press release: “If it’s true that you can learn alot about a man by his shoes, then America’s men are in a state of crisis”.

I COULDN’T AGREE MORE! Of course I try to find the beauty in everyone; their style, confidence, self expression…. but most often, it’s just TOO DAMN UGLY OUT THERE! It’s like GILT and I just got MARRIED! Oh, the JOY of Loving to hate something ugly…

This is¬†Gilt MAN’s first contest, and is open to EVERYONE for participation! To enter: send a picture of the UGLIEST shoes you can find for a chance to win $1,000 from Gilt MAN to update the wardrobe! Below are some additional details on how the contest works.
FACEBOOK:  http://www.facebook.com/GiltMan?v=app_133498060031497
‚ÄĘWinner Selection Process
Submission Period > Top 50 chosen by the community > Top 10 Chosen by Judges > Top 3 Finalists chosen > Winners Announced
Tyler Thoreson, editorial director, Gilt MAN
Contest Timeline
NOW:    Submission Period
11/8:     Judging Period Starts
11/10:   Voting Period II Starts                                                
11/12:    Winners Announced 

Tyler Thoreson, editorial director of Gilt MAN will be the judge. Thank God it isn’t me, I would deem almost EVERY shoe the Ugliest, and therfore, go BROKE giving away $1,000 to all contenstants!!!!

Bad Fashion goes BILINGUAL!

HOLA! Tengo news that is MUY, MUY MAL!!!

(I have news that is very, very BAD!)

So every culture, every ethnicity, every sex, and every gender are subject to bad fashing “choices”, and this SENOR is NO EXCEPTION!! This was sent to me by a reader who just couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Not only were there slits under the ass of this guy, but THEY WERE INTENTIONALLY PUT THERE!!!

WTF? i need to learn how to say, “who lied to you?” en espanol, because this crime is SOUTH of the BORDER, in MORE WAYS THAN ONE!!!

This in NOT¬†“sexy”. Really?? You left the house wearing these PURPOSELY to¬†feel “CALIENTE?”¬†

This is NOT “cool”.. (well maybe cool, as in a breeze by your HUEVOS) but bad form, senor, BAD FORM! No¬†person wants to see¬†your CULO¬†HANGING OUT!¬†

No mas! No peude mas! MIS OJOS es EN FUEGO!!!


Even though it’s October, and it is still hot as hell, Summer is officially over Los Angeles! We had some great times, and great pool parties! I was fortunate to enjoy a last summer Sunday at one of my favorite pools: Skybar @ The Mondrian.

This place will always be HOT. Hot music, hot crowd, lot’s of flesh. Basically, an upscale LA version of Vegas. So of course, my camera phone gets trigger happy, and “material” just seems to come to me. Below are some high’s and low’s of LA’s Last Summer Weekend. Enjoy!

HOT HOT HOT! This was the first thing I saw when I entered the pool area. First, I love a girl in a bikini and heels, poolside, hotel…. its picture perfect. Now of course it’s NOT ALWAYS practical, blah blah…. obviously not for the local Y or community pool, especially with kids. But in an adult atmosphere: ladies, this is great! Think about it- you’re in barely anything anyway, why not make your butt look tighter and legs look longer, right? The fact that these heels are BLACK and with STUDS and SPIKES: Very LA, Very Mondrian. LOVED this girl.

Then I saw this girl…. (sigh). This is tricky. She is wearing a black bikini, heels, big glasses… and then, a FUR HOODIE VEST-Thing. Now, I’m ALLL about fashion, pushing the envelope, standing out, etc. However, it IS HOT outside, and SUMMER. I’m all for fur (take that PETA) but it IS TOO MUCH. Yeah, she got attention, and looked good, but wrong environment. If it was cooler, fall, and poolside: SURE. If she was Rihanna? GREAT! On Valentino’s yacht in South of France? HOT!¬† But no, just a cute girl who went overboard. Nice try, but no ūüė¶

Sarongs on men. I’m sure you’re all gonna think I hate, but I LIKE. Seeing as my family lives in Hawaii, and have been going there forever, Sarongs are a common thing to wear. Throw on over a swimsuit, and walk around. Done. Plus, this guy is in great shape, and looks like Ricky Martin: he could wear anything. Also, since The Mondrian is VERY Euro, it works. Another reason? It’s the Brazilian flag, he looks Brazilian, it’s the beach life culture. Again, not for the local community pool!But I would def wear this for sure… I do own a few!

When I came back from the bar, I saw THIS. I STILL don’t know if it was a (skirt/shorts)? Something made of denim, and SHREDDED TO HELL. All i can say is FUGLY. This is not attractive, not appropriate, and just a big ol’ NO! What was she thinking? “Hmm, I’m going to The Mondrian, I’m gonna wear that shredded ugly denim thing as a cover up, it’s so edgy”? NO! Put on NORMAL shorts, skirt, ANYTHING! Or better yet, get a Sarong!

Saving the best for last, This woman. She was poolside for what appeared to be a birthday, or some sort of celebration. She was late 40’s(?) and THE BEST DRESSED. PERIOD. Age appropriate length on a fun summer print dress, appropriate oversized creme day clutch, and strappy black heels to ground it. Thank God (or Buddha, or whomever is out there) for blessing me with a positive way to end this post. I’m glad to know that women, no matter what age, put in an effort, and look HOT!!

And here’s a quick pic of me ( in TOM FORD sunglasses, of course). A final thank you LA, Mondrian, and all readers who had a wonderfully Fashion Filled Summer! See you next year poolside!